If you are a Slytherin, then this is the list of best Slytherin gifts for you. The following list contains all the best gifts that any Slytherin would love to have.

The Harry Potter series is one of the most popular book series of all time and has captured the imagination of millions of people all over the world. It has inspired many fans to come up with their own creations based on the series and these are some of our favorite fan creations.

Slytherin is the house of the snakes, and it’s also the coolest house of all time. Slytherins are cunning, ambitious, and resourceful, and they will stop at nothing to get what they want. If you’re a Slytherin, then you probably already know how awesome your house is. But if you’re not a Slytherin (and even if you are), here are some gifts that will make you feel like one.

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20 Best Slytherin Gifts – If You Are A Slytherin

If you’re a Slytherin or finding a gift for your Slytherin in your life, these Slytherin gifts will help.

1. The Noble Collection Harry Potter Slytherin Crest Bookmark


The Noble Collection Harry Potter Slytherin Crest Bookmark is made from diecast metal and hand enameled to ensure long lasting quality and durability. The bookmark measures 6 inches in length, making it the perfect size for any book! This is one of the best Slytherin gifts for collectors or any Harry Potter fan.

2. Slytherin Knee High Socks


The best Slytherin gifts are here! Wearing these Slytherin socks with pride! Nothing says you’re a true Slytherin like this set of socks. These black crew socks feature green stripes and the house crest, so everyone will know that you’re a proud member of the Hogwarts house. These socks are soft and comfortable, making them great for everyday wear or even just lounging around the house. 

3. Slytherin House Crest Ceramic Mug

Slytherin-House-Crest-Ceramic-Mug Best Slytherin Gifts

This mug is the perfect way to show your love for one of the most misunderstood houses in Hogwarts. This mug features a wrap around Slytherin crest on the front and back. It holds 14 oz of your favorite beverage and is BPA and toxin free.

4. Slytherin Decorative Goblet Figurine


This Slytherin Decorative Goblet Figurine makes a great addition to your home or office. Display it on a shelf or tabletop, or use it as a paperweight to keep essential documents in place. This item should be gently hand-washed to avoid damage to the resin design.

5. Slytherin Arm Party Bracelet Set


This set of 5 bracelets is the perfect way to show your love for the Slytherin house. There are different designs for each bracelet, including a snake, crest and charm bracelet. This is one of the best Slytherin gifts that you can buy for yourself or even gift someone special on any occasion.

6. Harry Potter Slytherin Shaker Bottle


This shaker bottle from Slytherin is made of stainless steel, so it won’t break or get damaged easily. The bottle features a screw-on lid to create a leak-proof seal and a secure flip cap that easily opens and closes. This classic shaker bottle can be used for many different things, like mixing protein powder, powdered drink mixes and more!

7. Conquest Journals Harry Potter Slytherin Vinyl Stickers


The perfect gift for the Harry Potter fan in your life. This vinyl sticker is made from high-quality vinyl that is waterproof and UV resistant. It can be used outdoors or indoors and will last for years to come!

8. Slytherin Necktie

Slytherin-Necktie Best Slytherin Gifts

This is a tie that is a must have for any Slytherin fan. This tie features the classic green, black and silver colors of the Slytherin house. The tie is made of 100% polyester and has a loop closure at the back of the neck so you can easily put it on. It features an adjustable loop closure and fits most children ages 3-10 years old. This tie is great for any occasion whether going to school or just want to show off pride in for the favorite house.

9. Slytherin Scarf


This Slytherin scarf will be one the best Slytherin gifts for anyone who loves the Harry Potter series or simply wants to show off their favorite house! Made of Ultra Soft, super cozy and warm, this scarf is the best way to stay warm while showing off your favorite Hogwarts house pride.

10. Kids Slytherin Robe Costume


This Slytherin Robe Costume is a must-have for the little witch or wizard. The costume comes with a robe that features a hood, shiny red satin lining and a detailed Gryffindor patch. It is made from polyester. This great costume can be worn for dress-up or as a Halloween costume!

11. Slytherin Crest Racerback Tank and Shorts Pajama Lounge Set


This set of comfortable lounge clothes is made of 100% polyester, so they’re soft and lightweight, yet durable enough to last through many wearings. The tank top has a racerback silhouette with a bold Slytherin crest, while the shorts have an elastic waistband that can be worn high or low on the hips. This lounge set is available in sizes SX, S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

12. Slytherin Shoe Charms


Get your Slytherin swag on with these awesome Crocs shoe charms. These charms are 100% PVC and are perfect for adding a little bit of magic to your shoes. These are great for anyone who loves Harry Potter and wants to show their love for their house. These would make one of the best Slytherin gifts for any fans!

13. Slytherin Woven Tapestry Throw Blanket


This Slytherin woven tapestry throw blanket is the perfect gift for any dark wizard or witch. The woven design features the iconic green and silver snake pattern of Slytherin’s house, as well as the school motto “Don’t mess with us”. This blanket measures 48″W x 60″L and comes with decorative fringes around all edges, made of 100% polyester, making it soft and comfortable enough to use anywhere in your home.

14. Slytherin Faux Leather Mini Backpack


This Slytherin Faux Leather Mini Backpack is the perfect gift for a Harry Potter fan. It’s made of PU leather material and features a fun tassel charm on the front pocket zipper. This backpack is great for holding all of your favorite items, including books and accessories. The zippered main compartment also has an interior organizer with pockets for pens and other small items. This item is ideal for everyday use or as a fun backpack for going to school!

15. Slytherin Breakaway Keychain Lanyard with ID Holder


The lanyard features a 3-D metal house crest charm and a collectible sticker. The lanyard makes it long enough to fit over your head. This breakaway lanyard is great for holding keys, ID cards and more! They’re the best Slytherin gifts for any wizarding fans who want to show off their inner Slytherin while still looking stylish.

16. Playing Cards – Green (Slytherin)


This deck of playing cards has a back design inspired by the Slytherin house crest, with a green and white color scheme. The faces of the cards feature characters from the Harry Potter movies such as Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, etc. These playing cards make the best Slytherin gifts for anyone who loves Harry Potter or even those who simply love card games!

17. Slytherin Hoodies


The best Slytherin gifts are those that do not scream “I’m a Slytherin.” This hoodie features the crest in high-tech printing on the front, along with a subtle snake print on the sleeves. This hoodie is made of 50% cotton and remains polyester. The fabric is soft and comfortable, and it’s perfect for cooler weather.

18. Slytherin Wax Seal


This Slytherin wax seal is a great gift for anyone who loves the House of the Snakes. It is approximately 4″ tall, made of diecast metal and comes with a small amount of wax to get you started. You can use a white candle to melt the wax before sticking it on the letter or to decorate your notebook or journal.

19. Slytherin Headbands


Slytherin Headbands are an excellent gift for your favorite Slytherin and are a great way to show off your house pride. This gorgeous headband is handcrafted with a satin and nylon ribbon liner, which provides a comfortable fit while keeping your hair out of your face. These Slytherin headbands feature a subtle black and green design.

20. Hedwig Interactive Owl


The enchanting Hedwig responds to your touch and recognizes your voice! Get to know Hedwig’s personality by stroking and talking to her in different ways to see how she will react! This Hedwig toy features over 15 sounds and movements to (sort of) bring this beloved companion to life. It would be one of the best Slytherin gifts you shouldn’t miss.

21. Wizarding World of Harry Potter Slytherin Metal Trading Pin


One of the best Slytherin gifts for him, these cool badges will loved and appreciated for Harry Potter fans. It is exclusive item from The Wizarding World, featuring a Slytherin girl’s head pin in the glaze color of the house in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


Here we, giftOMG have list some of the best Slytherin gifts and accessories. If you are a Slytherin and are looking for something inspirational and unique, then go with items that thrill students who fans of the novels or movie. Slytherin is the house with cunning individuals and those cunning supporters of creativity. Hopefully, these can be added to your wish list and you’ll eventually be able bend someone’s ear and get them to buy an item or two that catches your eye.

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