A list of 30 funny secret Santa gifts for a hilarious and heartwarming holiday is here for you to choose from. 

Discovering the ideal funny secret Santa present requires a special talent. The correct present should be chosen rather than one that suits the recipient’s name, hobbies, activities, and lifestyle. Even if the receiver of your present is unaware that it was you who gave it to them, they still want to feel appreciated. Do you choose a gift that your secret Santa will use, or do you go with something special that they’ll enjoy forever? Perhaps a foolish present is the only thing you want to give your secret Santa. We’re glad to be able to assist, although it’s a delicate act.

We have a ton of suggestions for Secret Santa gifts from Santa gifts under $10 to Santa gifts under $5 that will definitely wow the receiver. Have a look at the list of funny secret Santa gifts below and pick out what your friend, relative, or coworker likes best.

32 Funny Secret Santa Gifts That Your Recipient Actually Wants to Keep

From funny stocking stuffers to gag gifts, we’ve got something for everyone on your list. We guarantee they’ll have a good laugh when they open their presents.

1. Fun Crazy Silly Socks


A pair of socks with a fun pattern will bring a festive season full of laughter and cheer. Although it has a fun design, it is still suitable for everyday use. Bold patterns are now in trend, whether you choose to wear them on shirts, jeans, or coats. Since they add a distinctive punch to any outfit, from fancy suits to casual jeans, colorful socks are not immune to the pattern trend. If you’re looking for the funny secret santa gifts 20, it will be the ideal item. 

2. Men’s Papa Bear Slipper


This is definitely the most suitable gift for fathers in the family. These adorable, cuddly, and warm Papa Bear clog slippers are sure to make anybody smile. If you want to give your deserving feet a little additional comfort, these daily slippers are ideal.

3. Reindeer Snot Fidget Putty Stress Relief


If you start to feel down about Christmas, get out a box of Reindeer Snot Fidget Putty. You’ll right away feel the spirit of the season again. You may relax while you work and squeeze the specially made red putty in your hands. Playing can help you get over the Christmas blues. This amazing slam might bring happiness and relaxation while you play.

4. The Screaming Goat (Book & Figure)


You could use a little fun and joy in your home, workplace, or dorm room. The best present for an animal lover would be this peculiar goat. Standing on a tree stump, your new goat pal is three inches tall. He screams when you lightly brush up against him. A 32-page illustrated pocketbook with humorous facts on everyone’s favorite farm animal is also included in the kit.

5. Handerpants Underpants for Your Hands


It’s exciting to consider hand-specific clothing, often known as handerpants. These fingerless gloves extend to fit most hands thanks to the composition of 95% breathable cotton and 5% spandex. They are great to use with conventional gloves since they may absorb perspiration and lessen chafing when using the equipment. Anyone with a unique hobby would be intrigued by the sight of this pair of handerpants.

6. Funny Cat Themed Mugs

Funny Cat Themed Mugs - Funny Secret Santa Gift

Your favorite cat parent will delight when she receives this adorable stainless steel coffee cup tumbler in the form of a camper. This luxurious 14 oz coffee cup tumbler has vacuum insulation, which makes it ideal for keeping beverages hot or cold for hours. A tumbler that reads “Best cat mom ever” will be perfect funny secret Santa gifts for cat lovers.

7. Inflatable Alpaca


This alpaca, in contrast to other plush animals, is airtight. This is not your typical inflatable; it is a beautiful copy that will amaze everyone. This adorable alpaca is a great party favor, fluffy pillow, home accessory, toy, and birthday gift. This plush version will appeal to everyone who sees it because alpacas are such lovely creatures.

8. Wine Charmers


These handsome males will finish your drinks and guarantee that your evening at home is the best. You would blush if you observed their bicep curling the drink’s stem. Use this humorous gift together with other techniques to make them grin and chuckle.

9. Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy

Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy - Funny Secret Santa Gift

One of the best funny secret santa gifts under £10, a hilarious Xmas gift is too good to compare. This 18-inch waving tube person moves, squirms, and shakes like the real thing thanks to a fan at the bottom. This small creature could make your workplace, dorm, or night a little bit happier. 

10. Bob Ross with Seed Pack


The perfect gift for any budget is a funny chia tree. Chia planters’ ingenious design will appeal to both children and adults. Your chia tree will reach its full potential and provide a lovely green covering in just a few short weeks. Each Chia planter kit comes with a straightforward, six-step care guide that explains how to cultivate your creativity.

11. Coloring Book


The 37 single-sided, exquisitely produced, and distinctive illustrations in this coloring book for adults are all taken from the website that receives millions of views. Color while you express your rage, each page is embellished with lovely swirls, paisleys, mandalas, flower designs, and leaves. Use your favorite coloring method to fill in the lovely irregularities. This gift will be one of the big hit of funny and cheeky secret santa gifts

12. Tech Gear Multi Voice Changer


One of the most funny secret Santa gifts ever is an electronic voice synthesizer. There are ten voice modifiers on this electronic voice synthesizer that you may use to play around with the acoustics. Create a variety of enjoyable sound mashups with this electronic voice synthesizer to feel wonderful.

13. Oven Mitts Bear Hands


You’ll smile while using these amusing oven mitts, which will brighten any kitchen. These oven mitts with insulation have silicone “paw” pads that make it simpler to handle hot things. These typical oven mitts come in a helpful assortment of hand sizes. These mittens are fantastic hostess and housewarming presents.

14. Dancing with Jesus: Bobbling Figurine


This bundle is hilarious since it includes a bobbling Jesus figurine that you can adhere to your dashboard, desk, or pretty much anything else that could need some calm and peace—or just something to make you smile. The package also includes a 48-page illustrated compact book with 10 dance tutorials. Each dance is influenced by Jesus and what he taught. This figure could be the funniest thing you’ve ever seen.

15. STAR WARS Comfy Throw Blanket with Sleeves


This is a wonderful present for Star Wars lovers, especially those who appreciate the action figure, Darth Vander, without a doubt. The sleeves of this colorful blanket, which is cozy and welcoming, are embellished with the well-known sci-fi figure. The soft throw allows your hands and arms to move freely while yet keeping you warm. It is made of plush, silky fleece and has broad, loose sleeves.

16. Japanese Electronic Musical Instrument


This is a perfect present for people who enjoy unique, attractive, and offbeat goods. You may change the sound and pitch of the Otamatone by pushing the middle of it. By angling your finger up and down, you may create higher and lower tones. Not only kids but also adults will definitely love this gift at first sight.

17. Pooping Pooches White Elephant Gag Gift Calendar


Do you know somebody who is obsessed with dogs? This 12-month calendar featuring images of pooping dogs will be the most treasured gift you give this year. What a joy it is to witness another cute puppy heeding the call of nature each month. This year’s edition includes a Dalmatian, Poodle, Portuguese Water Dog, Labradoodle, German Shepherd, Husky, and more! The ultimate practical joke or practical gag gift is the funny Pooping Pooches dog calendar.

18. How Not to Become a Crotchety Old Man


Do your friends yell at the TV? Are they incapable of reading instruction manuals? If they do, they should read this book since they risk developing crotchety old man syndrome. “How to Avoid Getting a Grumpy Old Man” is the ideal gift for any man who wants to avoid becoming grumpy due to the humorous advice it offers.

19. Bonny Boy Liquor Gag Gifts


This funny drink dispenser, which is modeled after the Manneken Pis sculpture fountain in Belgium, is a great addition to any home bar. If you love creating and sipping beverages at home, whether you are a novice mixologist, a wine enthusiast, or anybody else, employ well-designed concepts. These humorous alcohol dispensers will make funny secret Santa gifts for anybody.

20. The Book of Unusual Knowledge


The large hardback book “The Book of Unusual Wisdom”, which has 704 pages, is jam-packed with knowledge. This book is perfect for anybody with a desire to learn and a curious mind. You may read a variety of articles, tales, lists, and activities in this book to kill time and learn more about a wide range of topics, including science, history, sports, the animal kingdom, and the universe.

21. Funny Coffee Mug


This humerus mug bearing the slogan “This Guy is Awesome ” is a wonderful present for any man. It’s more fun to drink coffee or tea every morning when you have a gorgeous cup like this. The inscription on the cup, which is meant as a tribute to your beloved man, will make them happy.

22. Dead Fred Pen Holder


Dead Fred pen holder is an amusing desk organizer for use at home or work. Do you have a  difficult day at work? Before putting your pen into Fred’s chest, take a moment to relax. This unusual piece of furniture is lovely and ideal for setting up a home office. This humorous pen holder can both cheer you up and keep your work organized.

23. Cat Shaped Ice Cube Tray


You’ll have plenty of entertainment for hours with these cat-shaped ice cubes. This tray will appeal to the cat enthusiast in your life since it is both humorous and adorable. In addition to making ice cubes, this tray may also be used to make cocoa, chocolates, jams, soaps, and other pleasures. Consider this tray if you’re wondering about funny secret santa gifts for guys.

24. Classic Beer Holster


For all outdoor activities, the beer holster classic is a multipurpose beverage holder. The beer holster classic will appeal to men of all ages since most guys enjoy a nice beer, doing household chores, and mastering the grill. It is built of sturdy materials, has a water-repellent surface, and fits most belts.

25. American Mullet Socks


We’re done putting up with socks being all business. These socks with faux mullet hair match everything, just like a real mullet. The bulk of the folks on your list for a birthday, Christmas, and other holiday shopping are mullet enthusiasts, so these amusing sports socks are excellent presents.

26. Doody Head Game


I want to tell you about a new novelty item that will give you hours of joy and smiles. The most ridiculous of games has now turned disgusting. Throw the candy in your opponent’s direction to get points. Three snacks, two hats, and game play instructions are included with the playset. These funny secret Santa gifts will brighten your Christmas and are excellent for team-building exercises.

27. Christmas Turkey Hat


Replace your boring Santa hat this year with this hilarious plush turkey helmet for something a bit more distinctive. The battery-operated string lights on this hat will make you the center of attention during the party. This hat is amusing and cozy due to the smooth, soft plush material that resembles a fluffy stuffed animal. Get this hat to spice up the party if you’re seeking the ideal practical joke for a secret Santa or your favorite cook.

28. The Original Toilet Mug


This lovely ceramic mug will be a wonderful gift for any occasion for any salivating coffee or tea drinker. Your coworkers will turn to look at you when they see this ridiculous mug in the form of a toilet. The greatest mug for the office, the finest mug for when you need a chuckle, and beautiful addition to your home coffee cup collection.

29. Palm Tree Head Bopper


This would be a great gift for people who love to travel, especially to Hawaii. A headband with hot tones as the main color will dispel the cold of winter. In addition, decorated with the image of 2 tropical coconut trees, this headband is not only fun but also brings travel excitement to anyone.

30. Grow a Boyfriend Novelty


You want to find the right gift for your single friend. Give them a model boyfriend so they can grow themselves. Although not a real boyfriend, this boyfriend model will be with your lonely friends and it also wishes them to find a boyfriend soon.

31. Natural Silk Sleep Mask


For a hardworking colleague, a hilarious sleep mask that lets them know they’re done for the day. It is cheap and practical so consider this one if you’re looking for the funny secret santa for colleagues.

32. Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things


A funny book will make your day delight. In Furily Happy, a humorous memoir is tinged with tragedy and pathology to make it worthwhile. A book that is both touching and humorous is sure to delight the recipient.

The grandmother, sibling, or pet lover in the family or coworkers will smile when they receive one of these exquisite funny secret Santa gifts from giftOMG. They could even strike up a discussion whenever they see you. 

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