Buying memorable first birthday gifts for a toddler is really hard because they can’t say what they like and moreover they grow up so fast. The best option is to choose items that can be used for a long time, attractive books or toys that never get boring. Below we have carefully selected items that meet criteria such as durability, beauty and creativity to make a one-year anniversary gift. Check it out now.

Personal Items For Memorable First Birthday Gifts

Pick the most memorable first birthday gifts for your lovely babies by taking one among the 40 first birthday gifts below into consideration!

  1. Baby Booties
  2. Swaddle Blanket
  3. Bibs
  4. Diaper Bag
  5. Kid Armchair
  6. Baby Chick Nightlight
  7. Toddler Towel
  8. Personalized Bracelet
  9. Baby Animal Sunhat
  10. and 31 more…

1. Baby Booties

Baby booties memorable first birthday gifts

Keep your baby’s feet warm with a pair of baby booties. Made of 100%, these cute shoes are designed for warmth and comfort. These lovely gifts will be memorable first birthday gifts that make the baby fall in love.

2. Swaddle Blanket

Swaddle blanket

A warm and fluffy blanket would be a great gift for memorable first birthday gift ideas. Each set will have 4 rolls of cotton blankets, soft and extremely sweat-absorbent. Moreover, our company has 33 samples for you to choose freely.

3. Bibs

bibs memorable first birthday gift

Luvable Friends’ soft and absorbent drool bib is the perfect value pack to meet all your bib needs. Our bibs are made of super soft cotton blend on the front and have a waterproof back to help protect your baby’s clothes from excessive drool.

Our bibs have a hook and loop closure at the back of the neck for easy removal. With a variety of quotes and characters, you’ll find the perfect bib to mix and match with any outfit. That’s why we chose it as a first birthday gift for baby boy.

4. Diaper Bag

Diaper bag memorable first birthday gifts

If you have just become a grandparent and are still struggling to find a 1st birthday gift for niece. We recommend this versatile diaper bag as one of memorable first birthday gifts from grandparents.

It includes a dozen added outer, side and interior pockets for storage and easy access, including an insulated bottle pocket to keep milk, snacks and more at the right temperature.

5. Kid Armchair

Kid armchair memorable first birthday gifts

We are sure that these stunning chairs are first birthday memorable gifts that every baby will love. This plush baby chair by Soft Landing is the perfect place to read, relax or cuddle. It’s cushioned but still lightweight, meaning you can move it to any room in the house.

6. Baby Chick Nightlight

Baby chick nightlight memorable first birthday gifts

These unique 1st birthday gifts girl are not only adorable but also super practical. Simply pat the chick’s head to adjust the brightness for activities like nursing or sleeping.

7. Toddler Towel

Toddler towel memorable first birthday gifts

There are quite a few options for headscarves on the market, but Hudson’s towels are always the top choice for how spacious and cute it is.

After hours of bathing or swimming, these animal-shaped towels are perfect for drying and keeping the baby warm. We guarantee that the towel is made entirely of cotton and can completely cover the baby.

8. Personalized Bracelet

Personalized bracelet memorable first birthday gifts

You shouldn’t miss luxury 1st birthday gifts for your beloved kidWhole family will love these adorable custom bracelets for kids personalized with their name. Made of sterling silver, gold or rose gold options, these adorable personalized children’s bracelets are safe for sensitive skin.

9. Baby Animal Sunhat

Baby animal sunhat memorable first birthday gifts

This protective and breathable cotton baby boy’s sun hat is super cute, and we even wanted to shrink it so we could fit this super cute hat. What a nice first birthday gift for baby boy!

10. Fleece Trapper Hat

Fleece trapper hat memorable first birthday gifts

When the snow starts to fall, be sure to have a warm Zutano hat ready. Crafted from super soft fleece with a fleece inner lining for extra warmth, this toddler winter hat provides secure coverage for hyperactive babies, with fitted ear lobes.

Tight under the chin with Velcro fasteners. This selection is available in a variety of colors and sizes up to 1T.

11. Stray Faces Custom Dog Photo Baby Jumper

Stray Faces Custom Dog Photo Baby Jumper

This genius Etsy seller makes personalized baby coats with the baby’s pet’s name on it — plus the dog’s real face! We think they are fun and memorable first birthday gift ideas.

12. Personalized Pillow

Personalized pillow memorable first birthday gifts

A super soft pillow, extremely good sweat absorption will be a good choice for personalized first birthday gifts. Children can use it at home or bring it to class.

13. Personalized Wooden Set Of Dishes

Personalized wooden set of dishes

Parents always want the best for their children, so this personalized set of dishes are the best first birthday memorable gifts.

They will make your baby more excited about the meal. Because it is made of wood, it will be extremely clean and avoid breakage that can cause injury to your baby.

14. RiadCo Kids Gender Neutral Baby Gift Set Box

RiadCo kids gender neutral baby gift set box

Maybe you want to give a set such as memorable first birthday gifts. These gift sets are definitely not a bad choice, they contain a pair of 0 to 6 year old sports shoes, a scarf and a buckled bib. Besides, you can send a handwritten message attached.

15. Play Mat

Play mat memorable first birthday gifts

Designed to double the choice of stylish, baby-safe floor coverings, our reversible play mat goes from kid-friendly colorful textures to page textures.

Modern decor to have two styles in one. Completely PVC-free, the easy-care foam rug provides a plus-sized play space that works equally well in the living room or playroom. Simply roll it up for convenient transport and storage.

16. Eye – Catching Backpack

Eye – catching backpack memorable first birthday gifts

Eye-catching shaped backpack that the baby always carries with it can hold several sets of clothes, handkerchiefs, bottles of water and snacks. Would you choose it for memorable first birthday gifts?

17. Safety Play Center

Safety play center

If you need to create a play area for children in your home, then this play center with interchangeable panels is the perfect solution. One of these panels acts as a locking gate so you can get in and out easily.

18. Toilet Training Seat

Toilet training seat

If you are looking for a practical 1st birthday gift for niece, this regular toilet-fit potty chair is a great choice. Non-toxic and durable, your lovely grandchild will feel like an adult and confidently sit in a bright, non-slip chair.

19. Watch Me Now Personalized Canva Print

Watch me now personalizes canva print

A present for a 1-year-old doesn’t have to be a toy – sometimes it’s nice to give something they can look back on years later. These personalized height charts are just such gifts.

Available in blue, pink, or fawn, these canvas charts range in size from 24” to 57” and make beautiful keepsake 1st birthday gift girl as they grow older.

20. Keepsake Box

Keepsake box memorable first birthday gifts

A keepsake box is a great place to keep small things for your child like the first baby tooth, pictures or clumsy pictures your child draws.

21. “The Day You Were Born” Personalized Baby Picture

“The Day You Were Born” Personalized Baby Picture

This attractive picture covers all the details of a baby’s first day of life. Personalize it with his/her parents’ name, date of birth, birth location, time of birth, name and weight.

It gives full detail as their star signs, birth flowers, birthstones and other. What amazing personalized first birthday gifts!

Books For Memorable First Birthday Gifts

22. Book With Teddy Bear

Book with teddy bear

This classical book celebrates the affluent love parents have for their children. Accompanying the book is a cute teddy bear that will stay with babies forever, these sweet sets of pictures are  the unique 1st birthday gifts girl show to your little ones how much they are loved.

23. My First 100 Words Book

My first 100 words book

The little book helps your child supplement vocabulary with funny pictures, the introduced words are easy to read and remember.

24. Where Is The Baby’s Belly Button

Where is the baby's belly button

Searching for memorable first birthday gifts can recognize body parts for your baby. Bring your baby this engaging book and teach him/her about body parts starting with the question “Where’s your eyes?”

25. Press Here Book

Press here book memorable first birthday gifts

There are many surprises inside this simple yet delightful picture book, which invites readers to tap the dots, tilt, and shake the pages to change the illustration right in front of their eyes. How amazing!

Toys For Memorable First Birthday Gifts

26. Ball Pit

Ball pit memorable first birthday gifts

If you’re trapped inside when you’re looking for fun gifts for the kids they’ll play with every day, look no further than a ball pit. We love the soft organic fabric and its neutral color scheme (you can choose a shade!), so it doesn’t look completely out of place in your living room.

27. Battat Wooden Cube

Battan wooden cube memorable first birthday gifts

Featuring five faces of gyros, doors, puzzles, beads and more, this wooden activity block helps little ones learn cause and effect. Plus, it’s made of solid wood and is very durable for many years.

28. Emergency Vehicle Set

Emergency vehicle set memorable first birthday gifts

Vehicles are one of the best toys for both toddler boys and girls, as they provide loads of fun as they “drive” these toys around and imagine other play scenarios. together.

This gathering of emergency vehicle sets provides additional knowledge, as it gives you and your child the opportunity to discuss the importance of these useful professions.

29. Safety Elephant Teether

Safety elephant teether

This little elephant is perfectly designed to soothe sore gums. The neck is long enough to reach the molars being cut (but thanks to the top plate, it’s not so long that it’s choking or gagging) and the body is easy for little fingers to grasp and hold.

30. Tricycle

Tricycle memorable first birthday gifts

Before buying a bike for your baby, practice balancing with a tricycle. Your baby will definitely enjoy playing with it.

31. Wooden Rainbow Stack

Wooden rainbow stack memorable first birthday gifts

These rainbow blocks are a favorite for expanding creative thinking – they stack up in any way to boost your baby’s problem-solving abilities.

32. Push And Pull Toy

Push and pull toy memorable first birthday gifts

Anything with wheels is fun to push as it moves, and it is also memorable first birthday gifts from grandparents. Your toddler can pull this little elephant with its leash or drive it like a toy car.

33. Ball-Popping Toys

Ball-popping toys memorable first birthday gifts

This ball-popping toy for babies and children 9 months and up can help your baby practice fine motor skills with the ball. This toy elephant includes 4 balls that are easy to hold and can also play 6 fun tunes. Your baby just needs to press the button and the colorful balls will fly out.

34. Three Sea Animal Suction Rattle Toys

Three sea animal suction rattle toys

Baby rattles play set is made up of three stunning and colorful sea creatures. Children will enjoy playing with octopuses, turtles and whales. Each rattle makes a unique sound when shaken. Amazon customers say it’s a great first birthday gift ideas girl.

35. Wooden Packing Garage

Wooden packing garage

The car is the right size for small hands. With a variety of colors, the board is numbered from 1 to 10, the toy is an interesting way for children to learn to count.

36. Ramp Toy

Ramp toy memorable first birthday gifts

The ramps are amazing and they really never go out of style. They are the perfect quiet toy and little ones will sit and play for hours with these simple ramps.

37. Stacking Bucket

Stacking bucket memorable first birthday gifts

Beautifully decorated buckets help kids to enhance their creativity, these buckets are stackable, can be built into different shapes or hold other items.

38. Play Tent

Play tent memorable first birthday gifts

What kid doesn’t love having a kingdom of their own. So purchase your baby an amazing  play tent, he will have a private space to play or read books. This tent fits any room and also folds flat easily.

39. Plush

Plush memorable first birthday gifts

Soft and cuddly, the fluffy brown bear with its super cute long arms is a must-have for a keepsake 1st birthday gift girl. Your princess will have a cute companion to spend countless hugs, bed with or play with throughout the day.

40. Mega Bloks Building Bag

Mega Bloks building bag

Mega blocks are toys that never get bored. With 80 perfectly sized puzzle pieces designed for kids, your junior architect can create weird and wonderful pieces in a rainbow of colors, then separate them out and redo it all.

41. Push And Ride Scooter


Skip Hop’s adorable and vibrant Ride-On Toy, which is made to grow with your child for three stages of enjoyment, provides an enjoyable approach to promote the growth of motor skills, balance, and coordination while playing. I adore its incredibly straightforward style, and I adore the durability that will last for future generations as well as for upcoming siblings. On your list of memorable first birthday gifts, don’t forget to add this one.

42. My First Read And Learn Bible


This is a great first Bible for a toddler. Baby’s First Read and Learn Bible features eight timeless stories from the Old and New Testament including: the Creation, The Story of Noah, The Nativity, and Jesus and the Children. Illustrated in full color, this is a perfect introduction to the Bible for the youngest of children. This is really one of the most meaningful gifts for one year old ever.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, after carefully reading the gift guide that we give, you have found a satisfactory item for your baby. Believe that no matter what you choose for memorable first birthday gifts, that gift will also express the boundless love you have for your baby.

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