This post is for you if you’re looking for fantastic secret Santa gifts for your boss with extremely unique ideas. These presents will undoubtedly stand out and help you make a great impression on your boss.

You are having trouble deciding what to get your boss for Christmas, especially those who are fans of Santa Claus. Luckily, there are more than enough excellent and inexpensive Santa Secret ideas on our list for your boss. It will convey your sincere sympathies to him/her.

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30 Secret Santa Gifts For Your Boss You Don’t Want To Miss

The most personalized and meaningful gifts will be on this list. These presents include adorable clothing, accessories, and decor items. Explore this list of secret Santa gifts for your boss with GiftOMG. You will undoubtedly pick a present that is appropriate for your boss.

1. Crazy Hats Santa Pants


This present is intended for a humorous man boss. He’ll be astonished beyond imagination and like this clever gift. The Santa headgear, which has upside-down slacks, little Santa boots, and a sparkling belt buckle, is quite funny. Due to how adorable and humorous this gift is, he will be grinning the entire time. This will be a pretty audacious recommendation for you.

2. Santa Claus Costume


This shirt was created using a highly original Santa Claus illustration. The well-known belt design is the shirt’s best feature. The standard color of the Santa Claus outfit is a red shirt. It has a unisex pattern and is made entirely of cotton. It will make your boss feel at ease and confident when he/she wears it.

3. Natural Kraft from Santa Claus Stickers


These Santa Claus stickers have a beautiful appearance thanks to their high-grade kraft paper. This card can be annotated by the boss with a pen, pencil, or marker. Because it may be utilized repeatedly, stacking benefits greatly from it. You may give your boss one of these charming small presents to cheer them up.

4. Rubie’s Bright Red Flannel Santa Suit with Gloves


Give this gift as surprise secret Santa gifts for your boss so that he may become the actual Santa. The bright red flannel Santa Claus costume is made entirely of polyester. It comprises a pullover covered in white faux fur that matches pullovers made to slip into boots or matches traditional Santa boot and hat outfits. White gloves, a black vinyl belt with a metal clasp, and a vinyl boot are also included.

5. Stone Resin Greek Santa Figurine


Stone resin that has been expertly crafted. Your boss will receive a very special present from Santa. It is carefully made to be on display in every detail. The stone resin sculpture will be hand-painted with facial characteristics. It may make for quite a striking decor. The Parthenon is shown on the staff that the Italian Santa is holding, along with a charming view of the Santorini coast.

6. 12 Pack of Santa Claus Suit Christmas Bags


Your boss will be surprised when you give him or her Christmas bags with Santa Claus on them. These gift bags won’t need to be wrapped or adhered to; they’ll be a present all on their own! This bag is practical and has plenty of storage space. They can use it to bring anything they want to the office throughout the holiday season. This is the simplest and most convenient gift on the list of secret Santa gifts for your boss.

7. Battery Operated Climbing Santa with Light Music and Sound

secret santa gifts for your boss

In the Santa Claus present collection, this item is special. Santa Claus can go up and down a three-foot chain while music is playing! Your boss can watch it and feel happy. It may be hung over an unlit fireplace, on a stairway, or from a Christmas tree! This present also includes highly entertaining sounds and creates a joyous holiday atmosphere.

8. Christmas Gift Bags Drawstring


The white Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas tree, and snowflakes are part of the holiday-themed design of this gift bag. Red and white make up the bulk of this bag’s coloring. It has a large capacity. Your boss will absolutely adore it due to how adorable and useful it is. Instead of utilizing paper bags, this present can assist them in protecting the environment.

9. Velvet Santa’s Gift Sack with Cord Drawstring


Your boss may become Santa Claus with the aid of these secret Santa gifts for your boss. It can carry a lot of items because of its size, which is fairly enormous. Because of how strong its design is, it may be used for many years. Put more gifts inside if you want to surprise your boss even more, so they may excitedly explore the secret treasure sack.

10. Santa’s Underwear Hardcover – Picture Book


This present will be really enjoyable. When your boss hears this amusing tale, he’ll chuckle. The most intriguing and entertaining present will be this. Santa is busy getting ready for the big night on Christmas Eve. However, he was unable to locate his underpants… You and your boss are waiting to learn what will happen next. Own it and discover it now!

11. Forum Novelties Women’s Adult Christmas Socks


These warm pairs of socks are not a bad choice when you are choosing a gift for your boss, especially a female boss. The Santa Claus design on the socks is incredibly beautiful and eye-catching. Red serves as the socks’ primary color and is a matching color to Santa’s shirt, giving them a stylish appearance. Because it is made entirely of polyester, it can keep your boss warm quite effectively. Add these Christmas shocks on your basket gift this year.

12. Santa Multicolor 3-D Figural Mugs 


These porcelain mugs hold up very well over time. In a dazzling manner, Santa Claus is depicted on the cup. Because of its functionality and attractiveness, your boss will love it. They can use it to sip tea or water while they’re at work. The carving of Santa Claus is incredibly adorable and accurate. This is the most uniquely designed gift in the list of secret Santa gifts for your boss.

13. Enesco Jim Shore Heartwood Creek British Santa


The first thing you choose when you want to give someone a present is a statue of Santa Claus. That includes your boss as well. This Santa Claus monument in England is well crafted. A British Santa holds a staff from the Tower of London while having tea. The Santa Claus cape is hand-carved with the royal insignia and the iconic London skyline. This is a present that should be on the list of secret Santa gifts for your boss.

14. Forum Novelties Men’s Deluxe Adult Santa Belt Costume Accessory


This is the perfect gift if you want to give your boss something simple yet really useful. This belt is the best choice. In addition to using them as costumes during the Christmas season, they may also be accessorized for informal gatherings. It is entirely constructed of other fibers. It’s a deluxe black belt for Santa costumes, with a wide width and a shiny gold buckle.

15. Winter Season Dishware Holiday Baking Santa


This ceramic plate has the ideal balance of upscale and trendy design. Santa Claus is the inspiration for the colors and design elements. A charming image of Santa Claus and the phrase “Cookies for Santa” are engraved on the plate’s surface. Giving your boss this plate will allow them to exhibit and embellish appealing foods on Christmas Eve. This present is quite interesting.

16. Primitives by Kathy Vintage Christmas Wood Gifts Tags


What could be more wonderful than these amazing presents? This set of six retro-styled wood gift tags is available. The six designs on these nostalgic Santa Claus gift tags are diverse. Your boss may use it to make red ribbon attachments and glitter decorations. It makes heartwarming, humorous, and snarky Christmas decorations and gifts.

17. MDLG Vintage Santa Claus Christmas Gift Custom Made


You may send your boss this special present as a holiday greeting. They may use it to memorialize their experiences during the joyous Christmas season. Additionally, because this is a personalized present, you may ask to have your boss’s name engraved on it to add your own personal touch. Your inventiveness will wow your boss. Add this one to your list of secret Santa gifts for your boss.

18. Santa Multicolor 3-D Handle Mugs

secret santa gifts for your boss

Use of these adorable ceramic drains is safe for your boss. The best Christmas present would be one of these vibrant mugs. The cup’s body is embellished with several striking styled phrases. This mug’s handle is its most intriguing highlight. The idea of Santa Claus hanging out of a mug is really humorous. This cup is appropriate for a dynamic and cheerful female boss.

19. Beistle 1-Pack Plush Santa Chimney Hat


This hat features an absurd Santa Claus pattern. It absolutely matches your hilarious boss. When they get this special present, they’ll be giddy with excitement. It is composed of the best materials and is entirely made of fabric. Can you imagine how funny your boss will look wearing it? Wow, awesome.

20. Santa Chef with Wine Resin Ornament


This gift is excellent if your boss enjoys food, loves to cook, or works as a chef. It is quite classy to give a chef the role of Santa Claus as a present. This present is constructed from resin and fabmache. Your boss will enjoy receiving the Santa Chef with Wine Resin Ornament. Also, you can use it as decor for your house. It’s cute and cheap, so add this to your secret Santa gifts for your boss list!

21. Santa Claus is Back in Town Penguin


It’s difficult to think of another combination design like this. The way you thought about this present might surprise your boss. The combination of a penguin and Santa Claus in this gift is quite crazy. Any space is filled with festive pleasure when a plush penguin plays “Santa Claus is Back in Town” and dances. It has an extremely comical appearance, wearing a red Elvis-style shirt, cape, Santa belt, and sunglasses.

22. Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus

Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus

One of the greatest leadership books for learning how to be a strong leader at all levels is The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus. This is a fast, entertaining one-hour read written by Eric Harvey in the voice of Santa Claus. If you give your boss a copy of this book, you’ll be a clever person. This book will motivate them to take the reins and make them better leaders.

23. Santa Cruz Men’s Classic Dot Long Shoreman Beanie


This Santa Cruz Men’s Classic Dot Long Shoreman Beanie comes in black and has a unisex style. The words “Santa Cruz” are written in a logo on it. It is ideally suited to people who have undergone a personality and street style makeover. Try giving them this present if your boss is active and has this style. It will significantly highlight how unique their personality is.

24. Mrs Claus Santa Velvet Hooded Dress Christmas Costume with Belt

secret santa gifts for your boss

Since you have wonderful fashion, Santa can pardon you. When you give this present to a female boss, you will be a bit naughty. This velvet dress has an enormous belt and a beautiful hood with faux fur trim. With this A-line, curvy dress in silky, flexible velvet, Mrs. Santa will seem more sexy. She will certainly like it, I guarantee.

25. Cosmos Gifts Santa’s Village Ceramic Teapot 


This secret present will astonish your boss. It is unimaginably generous in every way. This teapot’s design is very distinctive, making it difficult to compare to other teapots. Products with electrical plugs are made with American consumers in mind. It makes it easier for your supervisor to swiftly and effectively heat the tea.

26. Air Blown Santa with Gift and Candy Cane


Air Blown Your boss must be taken aback. They are able to utilize it both inside and outside. It won’t take long because it’s incredibly simple to set up. They can take pleasure in it and appreciate it. The Santa Claus picture is quite adorable and is simple to keep.

27. Forum Novelties Women’s Simply Mrs. Santa Costume


This outfit for the female boss is extremely reasonable. Mrs. Santa’s costume is styled and made in a simple but cutting-edge manner. A hat is also supplied to add flair to the outfit. It is also composed entirely of polyester, making it quite comfortable to wear. It will be much appreciated by your boss.

28. Christmas Santa Boot Covers


Another suggestion for your present is a pair of Santa boot covers. Your boss’s feet may fit in it. They may use this present to participate in the festive Santa Claus outfits. With soft white accents on top, it has a black tone that looks like leather. It has a plastic cover made of cover materials and a band with elastic below that fastens to the bottom of your shoe to hold it in place.

29. Mr. Christmas Cycling Santa Holiday Decoration


This gift must be on the list of secret Santa gifts for your boss. Santa Claus in an animation is riding a bike while on vacation. This Christmas, he is riding his green bicycle while dressed in a red cloth outfit with white trim. This is a preferred decorative gift. Your boss will undoubtedly be delighted with this adorable present.

30. Swarovski Santa Claus with Gift Bag Red One Size


The image of Santa Claus is made to resemble an expensive glass block. This design still sports the well-known Santa Claus appearance, but this design brings a modern look. It will be well-liked by your boss. If this product is used to embellish a space with lots of light, it will add glitz and glamor. Products with electrical plugs are designed for American consumers. Before giving it to your boss, make sure it is suitable.


GiftOMG has sent you an extremely interesting list of secret Santa gifts for your boss. You are free to select from the presents on this list, which include both items for men and women. I hope this list proves to be useful to you and your boss will love the present from Santa Claus.

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