The Legend of Zelda game is consistently rated by experts and players around the globe as one of the best titles of all time. It has many beautiful fantasy lands, charismatic characters, and a deep plot. The monsters in this game bring extremely memorable battles. Besides, the elemental power system in the game also makes many players cheerful. That’s why the series has been out for 36 years but is still loved by fans.

Through 19 attractive game parts, the series has won love from all ages. And surely countless players have been craving the desserts cooked by Link in the series game. So today we – giftOMG have rounded up the simple Zelda cake DIY tutorial here, from royal fruit cake to the crunchy fried banana cake. Get to work right now.

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Step By Step How To Make Zelda Cake DIY Tutorial

Legend of Zelda is a great addition to the series and you can discover a lot of stuff in the game. This post will show you how to make Zelda cake DIY tutorial.

1. Royal fruit cake

The recipe we snuck into the Hyrule royal library (it’s a bit risky). If you don’t want to take the risk like us, you can check out the flavors we offer. A yummy cake with a base made from fluffy vanilla chiffon. It was topped with a thick layer of sweet meringue cream and combined with all the fruits.

2. Swift carrot cake

Next comes the Swift carrot cake. This soft, moist, and flavorful cake will help you increase your fighting power. Its ingredients are quite simple, including flour, butter, sugar, eggs, cream cheese, and carrots. Of course, you don’t have to go to Kakariko village to find Swift carrots, you can use ordinary carrots from your garden or buy them at the supermarket.

3. Apple pie

The third is apple pie with a crispy crust and sweet and sour apple filling with cinnamon aroma. Below, we will introduce you to the oldest Zelda cake DIY tutorial. The thin crust is fragrant with butter, and the mixture of two types of apples and warm spices creates the most attractive flavor. You should serve this apple pie with cream, fresh cream, or Cheddar cheese.

4. Nut cake

How can a holiday in the kingdom of Hyrule be complete without a delicious nut loaf? The recipe is made from nuts and dried fruits. This Zelda cake DIY tutorial is easy to follow, you can choose any nuts and dried fruit you want. Its pleasant texture and mild sweetness make you float in the air. Let’s prepare a cup of hot tea and indulge in the deliciousness of each slice of cake.

5. Pumpkin pie

This is a popular Thanksgiving cake and so simple that you can make it at home. The filling is made from pumpkin puree, eggs, cream, sugar, and spices typical for autumn. Everything is mixed together and poured into a pie crust. The cake is greasy and has a moderate sweetness to help balance the heat from the spices. Unlike the game, we need to put it in the oven instead of pouring it all into one pot.

6. Egg tart

Egg tart with a crispy crust and greasy inside is a favorite of many people. This egg tart requires no expensive ingredients, just a little patience. Let’s go to the kitchen and make delicious egg tarts that are not inferior to Chef. This Zelda cake DIY tutorial will help you make the perfect cake.

7. Egg pudding

This cake’s ingredients are very basic, including sugar, eggs, and fresh milk. The fragrant egg puddings with the smell of custard, greasy taste, and soft texture like melting right in the mouth will make you ecstatic. 

8. Monster Cake

The special cake of the Hyrule kingdom is here, its sweet taste and the characteristic scent of durian make you feel like you are on cloud nine. Legend has it that the elegant cake was served only twice: once to give it to Gotter, and the other time to give it to Hunnie to heal. Today, you can make this stimulant cake for yourself. This is also the perfect idea for Halloween.

9. Crepe

A crepe is a very thin cake made on a pan. Cakes are made from simple ingredients such as flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and milk. The crust is fragrant with butter and can combine many types of fillings from sweet to salty. This cake will be a great choice to help your kids learn to cook.

10. Fried bananas

The fried banana cake has a crispy crust wrapped in a sweet banana filling that makes you keen on it. The secret to delicious crispy cakes not soaked in oil is that you should heat the oil to 350F and then drop the bananas, and if you want to be more delicious, add a little coconut milk.

11. Hot buttered apple

The next dish is a hot buttered apple that is perfect for cold winter days. This recipe is extremely simple, you just need to cut a hole in the apple and stuff in brown sugar, butter, and warm spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and pepper. Bake it for 30 minutes then remove to cool. If the apples are a bit stiffer, you can slice them thinly and let the sauce drip out into pieces. If your dish is softer, just use a spoon.

12. Wildberry crepe

The thin, delicious crepes have been modified for an attractive part. They are sprinkled with a layer of sweet and sour raspberry jam and a thick layer of whipped cream. They are perfect for a delicious and nutritious breakfast.

13. Honey crepe

Honey crepe is an extremely attractive dish, not only children but even many adults are also attracted to it. The pleasant sweetness and characteristic aroma of honey are very suitable as an ingredient in cakes such as honey crepes. The crust is soft, the inside is a layer of cool sweet cream with a layer of chocolate and sweet honey. Have a good time and successful crepe making!

14. Wheat bread

Here’s a staple for a healthy breakfast: wheat bread. This cake is high in nutrients and fiber. After just 5 easy steps, you have a soft cotton cake loaf with butter or ingredients to make a delicious sandwich.

15. Fish pie

The last recipe we want to introduce to you is fish pie. This easy fish pie recipe is the perfect pleasant food any time of year. Fatty smoked fish pieces, rich creamy sauce and rich potato toppings make this a family favorite.

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Hope you’ve tried all the Zelda cake DIY tutorials. All of the above cakes are simple and do not take too much time. So, what are you waiting for, go to the kitchen and make delicious cakes right away? The flavors of these cakes are perfect for any holiday, birthday party, wedding reception, or simply a delightful snack.

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