About Us

I’m Celina Richard – author of giftOMG. I also own a small craft shop that specializes in gifts for holidays and special days such as birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, housewarming gifts, wedding gifts and so on. With many years experience making handmade gifts and great passion for writing, I want to bring all of these into my blog and share them to everyone.

For my blog, I want to give you the ideas of what you will expect to see here. My topics are very varied, from beauty and makeup, tips and tricks in all things gardening, fashion and style ideas, and so on. My purpose for this blog is for all of my readers to find useful advice, unique inspiration, and some new favorite goods. I would like to write my content like I’m talking with my pals, always keeping it helpful, real and to the point.

There are lots of reasons in my life that point to blogging. Being able to share ideas, my experiences and connect with new friends through blogging is exciting and fun for me. I’ve shared a lot of my life through social media, and now with this site I have one place to put it all together.

Finally I just want to say thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading my posts. I’m really grateful to my readers and hope you stay tuned! Please leave me any ideas or things you’d like to see here! Thanks again, friends!


We would be happy to listen to your views about our website and our privacy policy. If you would like to reach us with any queries or comments please send an email to [email protected].