The list of 25 DIY gifts for best friends will help you find out the most ideal present for your buddy. 

Through good times and bad, you stayed in touch with your dearest friend. They surely observed the tears as well as the grins. The person who deserves a thoughtful DIY gift the most is, let’s face it, your best buddy. Whether it’s for their birthday, Christmas, or any reason, giving your best friend one of these handcrafted gifts is the perfect way to reward them and let them know how much you care. 

As a surprise for your closest buddy, collect your crafting materials and make one of these Do It Yourself presents. Or, even better, if your best friend also enjoys making things, schedule a night to work on a few of these as you spend time together. These DIY gifts for best friends will fit for any occasion throughout the year. 

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25 DIY Gifts for Best Friends That Have Everything

Your best friend deserves a gift as unique as they are. Whether you’re searching for a sentimental idea or something cute, we’ve got you covered with these unique DIY gifts for best friends — even for the female who has everything.

1. Friendship Tags 


Letters and other designs are punched into the metal during the metal stamping process. This fun activity may be modified by kids to fit their interests. The products also make excellent gifts. If you like working with metal, you’ll have a lot of fun doing this simple craft that honors you and your closest friend. Create these as presents or enjoy working on the project with a friend.

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2. Custom Map Coasters

Custom Map Coasters

Highlight the city or location where you and your closest buddy were born, raised, or attended college. These custom coasters are entertaining. It could be a good idea to create a map of every location you have visited from infancy to maturity. This map will help you both recall the locations of such encounters and bring back pleasant recollections.

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 3. Open When Letters


Sending an open letter to your best friend will meet all of your requirements for a one-of-a-kind, thoughtful present. The finest present you can give your best buddy is an open letter. They make it possible to feel your presence even when you are not there.

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4. Mean Girls Gift Basket


Are Mean Girls movies a favorite of yours and your best friend’s? If so, you’ll like this gift basket with a Mean Girls theme. If you know where to locate everything you need for this Mean Girls gift idea, you can put it together quickly. So let’s get started.

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5. Chocolate Covered Cheesecake


If your best friend is a sweetie, then you can’t miss this gift for her. A chocolate-covered cheesecake will satisfy any sweet tooth. These cakes will be the right DIY gifts for best friends for any celebration and your best friend will surely be delighted.

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6. Wine Glass Charms 


If your bestie adores entertaining and requires a set of adorable charms to keep track of all her guests’ drinks, create these simple wine glass charms for her. This idea is a great method to stop guests from unintentionally exchanging glasses when entertaining at home. It is simple to use, amusing, and suitable for creators of all levels.

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7. DIY Desk Calendar


This wooden desk calendar and pencil holder are the perfect gifts for any celebration. This easy beginner woodworking project is a wonderful handcrafted gift for our best friend. Her closest friend also prepared this desk calendar, which will make it easier for your friend to keep track of upcoming events.

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8. PVC Planters


You may create a potted plant for your closest friend with only a piece of the water pipe and a little creativity. You can simply customize these uncomplicated PVC planters with images of you and your closest friend to make a lovely DIY gift she’ll love. This plant and your friendship will develop over time.

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9. DIY Friendship Kit


With this package, you can keep everything arranged and in its proper place without using safety pins. The clipboard should be filled with beautiful papers that showcase your sense of style. When offering them presents, pick papers that match their preferred shade and add a monogram. Place lovely papers on the clipboard that accurately describe the character of your dearest buddy.

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10. Rosé Wine Gift Basket


If your best friend is crazy about pink or she is a fan of Blackpink member Rosé, then this gift is made for her. This Rosé wine basket will have a pink theme color, you just need to choose the wine bottles and accessories with the required theme color. This gift is very easy to prepare but it will bring great joy.

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11. DIY Macrame Earrings


Boho jewelry is becoming more and more common in jewelry designs. The bohemian aesthetic is ageless, so this shouldn’t be shocking. These charming earrings look wonderful in any season. Make your closest friend a pair of these stunning DIY gifts for best friends.

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12. Keto Chocolate Truffles


Try making these keto chocolate cream cheese truffles for a simple and delectable treat. The best mood booster remains chocolate. The fact that your pals won’t have to worry about gaining weight despite the fact that these chocolates are delectable and low in calories is what makes them more distinctive. Give your closest buddy some of these low-calorie chocolate chips so you can both indulge in their deliciousness.

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13. Home State Washi Tape Wall Art


Try this simple washi tape wall art project to show your bestie how much you care about their home state. You may make artwork for a room in your best friend’s house using a piece of paper, some of her favorite washi tape, and a craft knife. If your friend is planning to move for school or a job, this present will mean more to them. 

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14. DIY Red Clutch Bag


The topic of women’s clothes keeps coming up. Initially, you believed that creating a fashion item would be challenging and beyond your capabilities. Instead, you may make a stylish accessory, more precisely, a clutch for you and your best buddy by following these straightforward instructions. The two of you will be the fashionistas if you give your style-conscious bestie this handcrafted buffalo check clutch purse created from a placemat to flaunt.

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15. DIY Orange Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub


Give your best friend a skincare gift to help her become more beautiful. With easy-to-find natural ingredients, this homemade scrub is not only gentle on the skin but also helps to smooth and whiten skin. Gifts are simply small things but contain the great love you have for your friend.

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16. Resin Keychain


The most gorgeous present ever would be a resin keychain, and making one is simple. You will be able to easily create a unique keychain for his closest buddy if he practices using dried flowers as decorations. Your best buddy will love this customized resin keychain that was fun to produce.

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17. Pressed Flower Bookmarks


The procedure of pressing flowers is easy and fun. Flowers may be saved from a specific event, such as a wedding, baby shower, or birthday, or they may be discovered blooming naturally in the wild, purchased from a store, or even conserved. Just follow our detailed directions to find out how to create pressed flower bookmarks. These instructions may enable you to create the most exquisite dried flower bookmarks.

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18. Aromatherapy Bracelet


Give your buddy one of these stunning braided leather essential oil diffuser bracelets so she can take her favorite smells with her wherever she goes. If your friend wears a bracelet that exudes her favorite smell, she’ll feel more assured everywhere she goes. This bracelet not only looks great, but it’s also really easy to construct, and the scent it produces will have you feeling great all day.

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19. Dried Flower Candles


If your best friend enjoys plants and having a fragrant home, this project is perfect for her. A calming candle can make you feel less exhausted after a long day. It is much preferable if you can alter the smell and design of the handmade scented candle to match your best friend’s preferences.

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20. DIY Farmhouse Wreath


If your best friend loves decorations, then make this gift for her. A completely handmade wreath makes a unique gift for any festive season. You can decorate it with your friend’s name, or a meaningful word that your friend likes to create a decoration that she likes best. This handmade wreath is one of the best DIY gifts for best friends

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21. Classy DIY Mason Jar Luminaires


Yet another easy-to-make decoration. This mason jar is so easy to make with easy-to-find ingredients, it only takes a little time and diligence to make a unique decoration for your beloved best friend. This mason jar can also become a night light at night, making your best friend’s bedroom warmer with fuzzy light.

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22. DIY Stamped Clay Magnet


This clay stamp or perhaps a stylish magnet from the clay series is ideal if your best friend wants to keep a bullet journal. Speaking of magnets, air dry clay and stamps may be used to create these adorable little gems. Consider the possibilities for this, even if you weren’t interested in creating a magnet. 

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23. DIY Floral Wall Hanging


The idea of today’s do-it-yourself project is to add a touch of springtime joy to your bestie’s home. The same is true for fall, although summer continues here a bit longer, through October. This is the ideal transitional piece, easily adaptable to add some fun farmhouse-boho decoration to your bestie’s home. It takes approximately an hour to finish, it is beautiful, simple, and affordable to make this floral wall hanging.

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24. Etched Glass Water Bottle


You may transform an empty water glass bottle into a stunning work of art by following these guidelines. By following the directions, you may make a beautiful, etched glass bottle out of a glass water bottle that would otherwise be thrown away. Give your closest friends this wonderful etched glass water bottle to remind them to drink enough water every day.

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25. DIY Lavender Soap


The best gifts are ones that the receiver has created themselves and This handcrafted lavender soap is no exception. A homemade gift has a special appeal since it was made with love. Whether you make this lavender soap for yourself or your best friends, the shea butter and lavender will feel good on your skin and even have a calming effect. 

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Final Thought

The importance of our closest buddy cannot be overstated. They are your first point of contact whenever you have a fascinating tale to tell or some rumors to disseminate. Whether you are happy or sad, excited or worried, furious or glad, they are always there for you. Simply because they are amazing, choosing a gift for them may be difficult. giftOMG hope these DIY gifts for best friends ideas can help you find the most suitable gift for your bestie. 

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