When being invited to a friend’s baby on the way, the perfect baby shower gifts for dad are indispensable to celebrate that special event. But it may be challenging to find something that’s meaningful to send greetings to the new baby and express joyfulness to his or her dad.

Becoming a dad is a great and remarkable milestone that any man should cherish. From now on, they will take a new responsibility for caring and raising their baby, along with his wife. For his wife, the father’s sharing in the care of the child will help her feel more comfortable, while with the child, he will be an important part of shaping the child’s personality and character later on. Therefore, dad plays a significant role in a babies’ life, especially at the very first stage of growth, so he deserves to receive dad baby shower gifts as an encouragement source. 

If you’re going to attend a couple’s baby shower or just simply want to make dad-to-be people a present, these following ideas may inspire you to find the perfect gift. We are always willing to help you find your pleased presents whether you’ve ever bought baby shower gifts for dads or not. In this list, you can find the dad gift ideas that are unique for both male favorites and male who’ve been through the newborn stage. Because we also scoured list after list to explore more interesting and unique baby shower gifts for dad, we assure that you will not be disappointed at all.

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30+ Great Baby Shower Gifts For Dad Are The Most Chosen

Don’t know what you should get him? Don’t worry, because after checking out these baby shower gifts for dad, you’ll have the perfect present that no one else thought of.

1. Dada Bear Mug


A lovely mug with a DaDa Bear image that a big bear holding a small bear is like a father’s loving protection for his child would be a gift that can touch any dad’s heart at the first sight. With high quality ceramic material, gentle color, adorable image and two choices of size, safety dishwasher and microwave, he can use it for both daily life and decoration purposes. So isn’t this a great baby shower gift for dad?

2. Being A Dad Is An Honor Being A Papa Is Priceless Shirt


This shirt is always priority when it comes to baby shower gifts for dad. Being a dad is one of the most precious things in men’s life, so to make him smile and happy with this tee is absolutely wonderful. This T-shirt has meaningful features of baby’s hand and daddy’s hand with the firm statement “Being Dad Is Honor Being Papa Priceless”. Besides, 100% cotton material, direct-to-garment printing, eco-friendly inks and available full size and color make it a stylish and comfy shirt to wear daily.

3. Personalized Daddy Mug – Daddy Baby Shower Gifts


A lovely and cute feature of baby bump and quote “Dear Daddy This Christmas I’m Snuggled Warm & Safe In Mommy’s Tummy But Next Christmas I’ll Be Snuggled In Your Arms. Merry 1st Christmas Daddy! Love, Kiss And Kick” may be the best gift to celebrate the amazing moments for your friend in his becoming-new-dad event. This mug can make him smile happily every time looking at. Just click to see how sweet it is and decide soon!

4. Dear Daddy From Baby Bump New Dad Mug


Another adorable suitable mug for a new dad that you can consider. This stunning mug is the sweetest message from an unborn baby sent to her or his daddy: “Dear daddy, This Father’s Day I’m snuggled warm and safe in mommy’s tummy. But next Father’s day, I’ll be snuggled in your arms. I can’t wait to meet you, daddy! Love, kisses, and kicks from baby bump.” One of the thoughtful and heartfelt baby shower gifts dad to make his day great and happy.

5. Dad and Baby Matching Set: Brew Dad & Micro Brew Men’s T-shirt


Just imagine how sweet your friend and his little angel are in this dad and baby matching set together. That would be a wonderful moment. It builds stronger and solid family bonds to make a sweet home for their baby’s development. If you are interested in this lovely set, add it to your cart as a great gift for a new dad in his baby shower party soon!

6. Wish Bracelet – A Little Wish For A New Dad


A wish bracelet with the message “A Little Wish For a New Dad” is a lovable gift to give that is sure to put a happy smile on the recipient’s face. In particular, you can select an Enamel heart charm or Tibetan silver charm with a choice of cotton cord in 15 colors. Just note your delivery message to the seller, we are sure that our recommendations will satisfy you.

7. Baby Scan Ultrasound Personalized Photo Keyring


A perfect keepsake present for a new dad would be surprising and meaningful to cheer up and welcome the baby on the way. It’s also a lovely remembrance of the moment the child comes to his or her parents in the years to come. Your friend can take it along anywhere he goes to remind his family and his baby. So this is a suggestion of baby shower gifts for dad that you can carefully consider.

8. Big Dot of Happiness Daddy’s Diaper Duty Device


Daddy’s Diaper Duty Device contains plastic tongs, diapers and wipes, safety glass and travel-size products for babies, all tucked into a funny apron tool belt along with a funny poem for a new dad. With this item, mom will always be assured that her baby will always be well taken care of by daddy in public. It is essential and practical baby shower gifts for dad to take care of his baby better in the future.

9. Pregnancy Announcement, Baby Announcement Glass


This is one of the funny baby shower gifts for dad you shouldn’t miss. It’s not only a normal glass but also a marker of the most special historic event in one’s life when his descendant is on the way. Each glass is hand produced for the best quality with the permanently etched design for years to come. You can choose beautiful and meaningful quotes to engrave on the glass. Such a lovely thing for a lovely occasion.

10. New Parents Decision Coin


Being a parent is a beautiful time but also a tough one, typically when it comes to making hard decisions such as who’s going to change the next baby’s napkin or get up at midnight. However, let’s make some fun and take all the stress out of the situation by a parent decision coin for the couple that you love. Just flip the coin for their fate and enjoy it!

11. A Special Picture Book – Why a Daughter Needs a Dad


A sweet and adorable picture book recapitulating all the ways a father will help his daughter grow would be a great gift in the baby shower party, wouldn’t it?

It can help prepare himself to mature and teach his little princess to become a brave and beautiful queen and remind her to be artistic, smart, honest and true to herself and her dad is always here for her.

12. A Heartwarming Picture Book- Why a Son Needs a Dad


In the life of every boy, the father always plays a very important role that the mother cannot replace. Father is not only a caregiver and protector but also a hero and a model for the boys to follow. Therefore, it would be wonderful to give your friend the book Why a Son Needs a Dad to better understand his own importance in his son’s life and help strengthen this sacred fatherhood relationship. What a precious and wonderful gift!

13. Premium Gift Basket for New Parents


A gift basket of a couple of mugs for parents and a bib and a pair of socks for their baby whether a boy or girl could light up happiness for the new parents when you give this gift to them. Neutral and cute color with high quality material and the cute sayings will be the perfect choice not only for new dad but also for baby shower hostess gift.

14. Pearhead Dad & Baby Matching Sock Set


Awesome gift for new and exciting dads to have some creative photos to capture the special bond between him and his baby for social media sharing or keepsake frame purposes. With extremely soft and breathable material of 100% cotton and cute pizza slides graphic in each pair of shocks, it would make him feel on cloud nine whenever he and his baby wear them.

15. Safety 1st Deluxe 25-Piece Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit


The Safety 1st Deluxe Healthcare and Grooming Kit including 25 essential items for babies when traveling or on the go is the perfect and sentimental gift that you can give a new dad as encouragement. This is one of the best baby shower gifts for dad ever as it is compact, convenient, and small enough to carry out to reduce worry and awkwardness for new parents and enjoy more family joyful moments.

16. Baby Handprint and Footprint Makers Kit Keepsake


What could be cuter than a picture of a father’s baby’s adorable face with her or his tiny hand and footprints to decorate his favorite corners? That’s why a maker kit keepsake of baby hand and footprint is the best choice for a baby shower gift to celebrate with your friend – a newcomer dad in this special and meaningful event.

17. Daddy Baby Matching Shirt –  Leveled Up To Daddy and Player 2 Has Entered The Game


A personalized custom for your friend and his baby is a perfect gift to cheer their love up and build a stronger family bond. This funny matching outfit also surprises his beloved for such a special day. Made from 100% cotton, durable color and humor printing and sayings, various sizes, we are completely certain that you can be satisfied with this unique present. Don’t miss this one if you’re looking for perfect baby shower gifts for dad.

18. 6 Beer Bottle Label Stickers and 1 Carrier – Big Dot of Happiness Daddy’s First Milestones


Being a first time dad can be both worthwhile and difficult so let your friend crack open a cold one to make the most of those first with Daddy’s First Milestones Beer Bottle Labels. These special beer bottle labels are the best way to cheer for the new dad and give him optimism to overcome all sweet but tough times with his baby.

19. Custom Name Bracelet – Best Baby Shower Gifts For Dad


A sentimental bracelet and constant would be a suitable gift for a new dad who is alway putting his family first and taking care of them. Also this handcrafted is just a little and inexpensive gift but is meaningful and heartfelt as its sterling silver beads bear the names of his children and his wife that you can give him on the baby shower occasion.

20. Ergobaby Omni Breeze Baby Carrier


Baby carrier is an item that makes holding a baby easier for any first-time dad, even the clumsiest. Ergobaby Omni Breeze is designed to help dad and his baby company with each other in any adventure. With the best breathable fabric, up to 45 pounds of accommodation, and the ergonomic support it provides wearers, baby carriers are not only suitable for new dads but also lovely baby shower gifts for dad.

21. Tactical Diaper Bag Combo Kit


Let’s make your friend ready for the hard assignment of changing the baby’s diaper in public places by preparing the Tactical Diaper bag combo kit as baby shower gifts for dad. This kit is perfect to keep all the required items for this noble mission anywhere and anytime. Plus, this sturdy 600D tactical polyester bag has enough pockets, pouches, etc. with various styles and water-resistant and cleaning-easy ability. Diapers, drinks, snacks and any necessities can be stored effortlessly and readily for a new dad.

22. Fred’s Lil’ Lager Baby Bottle – Baby Shower Gifts For Dad


If you want something special and funny, the genuine Lil Lager Baby Bottle of Fred is a hilarious but still useful gift idea for a humor dad in his baby shower. Its uniqueness can make any dads-to-be and expecting parents laugh out loud whenever they feed their child and enjoy happy moments together. This beer-inspired baby bottle is constructed from phthalate-free, BPA-free plastic with 10 fluid ounces of capacity and easy cleaning by hand or dishwasher.

23. Invisible Magnetic Cabinet Locks Child Safety Kit


Items around the house can always be hidden dangers that are unsafe for children, thus child safety kits would be sentimental ones not only for men but also for bridal shower hostess gifts. Installing them reduces the harmfulness of corners and edges and sets the parents’ minds at rest as well. Therefore, we are assured that these baby shower gifts for dad will be appreciated by your friends and feel grateful for your thoughtfulness from the bottom of their hearts. 

24. Baby Daddy Humor Unisex T-Shirt


Again T-shirt for new dad but basic and unique design suitable for daily wearing. Although the saying “Baby Daddy” is simple, it recalls the babbling voices of a baby when communicating with his or her father to build family bonds. This present is less of a garment product but more of a memorable one for the occasional party of a baby shower. In addition, 90% cotton and 10% polyester material creates high quality, anti-faded printing, and soft and comfortable clothing.

25. Tilt Smart Security Camera for Baby Monitor


A baby monitor is a useful gear for a new dad to take care of his baby and keep the baby safe 24/24. With this gift, you can help your friend feel profitable in many ways. The Nanit Pro comes with a clear HD vision and sound, in-depth analytics, and tips to improve baby’s good sleep. Moreover, in the case of cooking, showering, exercising or whatever parents do while the baby is sleeping, they can still supervise the baby and be able to perform other tasks.

26. STAR WARS Men’s Officially Licensed Tees for Dad “Best Dad In The Galaxy”


Another funny baby gifts for dad, the t-shirt with the quote “Best Dad in the Galaxy” is great for graduation. Because it is both an affirmation and an encouragement for your friend to do well as a father. Become a cosmic hero in their child’s life inspired by characters from the famous Star Wall movie. If you also have the same thought about this meaningful shirt as us, add it to your cart now!

27. Acorn Men’s Moc Slippers


Designed with moisture-wicking linings and skid-resistant outsoles but comfort and silence due to cloud cushion technology for every cloud-like step, these slippers can help clumsy dads get around without waking their babies. Convenience and helpfulness for both indoor and outdoor, couch and hammock, fireplace and fire pit will be the right gift for your friend in his baby shower. It would be a big hit on the list of baby shower gifts for daddy.

28. Dear Daddy To Be Baby’s Sonogram Picture Tumbler Mug


Have some coffee, tea, juice, or any kind of favorite drink contained in a lovely mug for a new father. Made of 18/8 food grade stainless steel and printed with the highest quality inks and techniques to ensure durability with a super cute note for dad. Dear Daddy To Be Baby’s Sonogram Picture Tumbler mug is the perfect gift for a baby shower if you want your friend to be happy every day with this handle product.

29. Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure


A meaningful sculptural statue of a dad holding a newborn baby captures a moment in time and is the best gift to remind us of fatherhood year after year. With vividly sculpted images, and harmonious colors, this will be an object that your friend can display on his desk, bedroom, or baby’s room so that he always feels joy and close connection. This gift may not have great material value but is rich in spiritual meaning that is perfectly suitable for the baby shower.

30. The Ultimate Baby Book for New Dads: 100 Ways to Care for Your Baby in Their First Year


Discovering more than 100 things that a dad can do to care for his baby is essential for a first-time dad of any man. This book is written to deliver up-to-date recommendations by an experienced pediatrician to guide the best direction for a new father. It makes it simple for dad-to-be to find out what he needs to do at each stage of the baby’s development with an optimistic outlook. So it’s an extremely sentimental gift that you can give a new dad.

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31. Herschel Strand Tote


On the collection of baby shower gifts for dad, it will not perfect without this tote. Now, he can put everything in this bag. All dads need their own version of diaper bags to take with them on adventures with their kids. The Herschel Strand Tote has a masculine aesthetic with its black color, and it can be worn over the shoulder or attached to a stroller. It comes with a changing pad and multiple storage pockets to hold all your baby’s supplies.

32. Portable Changing Pad

Portable Changing Pad

You never know when someone will need you for diaper duty. The baby’s natural call can be heard anywhere, whether you are in a shopping center or on the beach. It is therefore essential to carry everything you need to change a baby’s diaper with you at all times.

And for that, a portable changing pad comes in handy. You may even use it to change the baby’s diaper outside on the sidewalk. It folds up to look like a typical bag, but when opened, it features side pockets for additional goods. Of course the future father should be ready for the worst. Such a great baby shower gift for dad!

33. Digital Camera – for Memory Making


Let’s agree that a person’s child being born is the best thing that can happen to them. And in order to occasionally recall the feelings associated with them, we all wish to record those special moments in life. And a digital camera is used for just that. Even if it’s not a tiny gift to trade at a baby shower, if the recipient doesn’t have a good camera and you take care of the child just like the father does, it’ll be the ideal present.

34. Toilet Timer (Dad)


You will not have time to surf the Internet or doom-scrolling Instagram more. Once you become a Dad, you really need to get the shit done fast, and this Toilet Timer will solve this. It is a hilarious little toilet time management trick to get off the toilet in five minutes. It will also make for a great funny baby shower gift for dad.

35. All New Dad Jokes


Once a person becomes a dad, they are forced to tell the worst jokes—known as dad jokes – that anyone has ever heard. They will undoubtedly find this copy of All New Dad Jokes useful as they get ready for this responsibility. The jokes are assembled via a well-known Instagram profile with 1 million followers, so they are undoubtedly funny or at the very least ridiculous enough to make someone chuckle. One of the best funny baby shower gifts for dad you shouldn’t skip.


Baby shower gifts for dad for your friend to mark such a special occasion and celebrate his newborn child is indispensable. It is an event where you can express your carefulness and thoroughness to your close friend. Just keep his hobbies and interests in your mind, you can find awesome gifts for a new dad for sure. Know that whatever you prepared for him will be appreciated because it’s thoughtful and heartfelt. 

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