The kids will love to be creative and they really want to do something for their mother. These Mother’s Day Craft Ideas For Kids will be the best way for them to show their appreciation.

What is the most important for a handmade gift? That is love, any mother is touched when receiving a gift that her child creates. This project will use household items such as paper, acrylic, and food staples. Additionally, simple arts and crafts – such as Shrinky Dink, beads, and fabric – can take their work to the next level.

We’ve rounded up 30 amazing Mother’s Day craft ideas for kids that they can make (and mothers will love) – from super simple projects for preschool to more demanding crafts for older kids. You’ll find some cool ideas like a Shrinky Dink keychain, gem soap, or an adorable tiara she can wear on Mother’s Day

30+ Mother’s Day Craft Ideas For Kids to Make for Mom

While the best gifts come from the heart, it can be difficult for little kids to find a gift of their own on Mother’s Day. So, in this article, giftOMG would like to share the best Mother’s Day craft ideas for kids. They are suitable for even the youngest children and if you are looking for inspiration then you have come to the right place.

1. Coffee filter flower


These vibrant flowers are made from an ingredient that is readily available in your household: a coffee filter. With just a few simple steps, you have a unique flower bouquet for your loved one. This formula can be applied to preschool and beyond.

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2. Hand-printed bouquet


This beautiful hand-printed bouquet will last forever. The “flowers” ​​are created by drawing tiny hands, stamping them on paper, then cutting them out. It has branches from craft sticks and the leaves are cut from green craft paper. This craft idea is easy and fun for kids of all ages. It’s easy to make so it’s perfect Mothers Day crafts for 2-3 year olds.

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3. Pasta card

Pasta card

Dry pasta is an ingredient that you already have in your pantry. The Mother’s Day Craft Ideas For Kids we give you today are stunning cards with dried pasta on them. After performing these simple steps, you have a super creative card. It features a funny sun shape that shines through the pasta rays, in addition to sweet words.

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4. Button bowl


It would be one of the best easy Mothers day crafts. This DIY button bowl is a safe and fun project for kids. All you need are buttons, strong glue, and balloons for the mold. Collect odd buttons in the house or buy a bunch of colorful buttons. The result will be an eye-catching bowl, an ideal place for the mother to keep small objects.

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5. Recycle bird feeders


An attractive gift for moms who love birds. You’ll attract birds to her favorite garden with these bright and colorful bird feeders. This nature-friendly project recycles trash into the bird feeder. Its bright colors and whimsical drawings will give her garden a sense of fun and wonder.

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6. Pom pom curtain


This DIY project at home will only require your creativity and some spare time to bond with your child. No skills or equipment are needed, just buy a few skeins of different colors. Super cute pom balls will be the highlight of mom’s room.

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7. Mother’s Day tiara


The next Mothers day crafts for babies we want to recommend is this cute guide. The queen of the family deserves to wear her holiday headpiece to celebrate the special holiday. But up the emotional element by letting the kids build their own. No matter what the finished product is, she will still wear it on Mother’s Day.

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8. Origami heart bookmark


One of the best Mother’s Day craft ideas for kids, this present would be great for bookworm moms. Now, she won’t have to struggle to find the page she’s reading. This origami heart bookmark will find that page quickly and is a loving reminder of thoughtful kids. The instructions are very detailed so the kids won’t need your help.

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9. Fingerprint magnet


There’s no shortage of fingerprint creations your kids can come up with to surprise mom. And best of all, they’ll look amazing hanging on the fridge. Be careful when letting children use scissors, it is best to let an adult help with this step.

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10. Marble mug


You have old-fashioned nail polish bottles. Don’t throw them away, use them to make fancy marble cups. Your kids are sure to love the mess you set up for them. And to be honest, the results are more than amazing.

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11. Handmade bath bombs


High-quality bath bombs sold in stores are very expensive, so why not make them yourself? They are not as difficult to do as you might imagine. You only need a few easy-to-find ingredients like baking soda, corn starch, citric acid, etc. This is a great thing to do with kids that also teaches them about science. If you’re searching for Mother’s Day crafts for 2 year olds, this guide is a good choice.

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12. Handmade earbud holder


Does your mom like music or podcasts? So, you should create a headphone that stands out from the simplest of materials. It will keep her headphone cords organized and tangle-free. She will appreciate the easy access to all of her headphone cords and will save a lot of time disassembling her headphones.

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13. Handmade fancy bracelet


Add a trendy bracelet to your mom’s jewelry collection. Choose colors and textures that will remind Mom of how well you know her style. These fancy bracelets can be made with any item you find around the house and would make the perfect handmade artistic bracelet for Mother’s Day crafts.

14. Twig planter


Now, you can add a bit of rusticity to your home with a vintage planter made of twigs. This craft project is very simple for you to practice with the kids. First, you need to collect the branches, then clean and cut them to the height of the tree trunk for planting. You can finish the tree branches with paint, varnish, or something like that. Add this one to your list of Mother’s Day Craft Ideas For Kids.

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15. Bottle cap wind chime


This DIY project can be done by children alone. Metal bottle caps make good material for wind chimes. They make soothing and hypnotic sounds with a gentle breeze and come in a variety of colors too! Mom will surely love her garden beautification item.

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16. Fingerprint card


No more searching for the right card — now a truly one-of-a-kind option is at your fingertips. Press your finger into the acrylic color and create cute dots. The final step is finishing with a fine-tipped marker. So you’ve got a creative and special card for mom.

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17. DIY painted plate set


This DIY project helps you upgrade your old plates into a luxury gift for mom. Let the kids get creative by coating them with their favorite colors. Whether it’s dots, lines, or something abstract, their mother will keep them forever. Just make sure to use non-toxic paint, so you can serve her favorite treats on it.

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18. Pop-up tulip card


A pop-up card with a tulip in the center, this project from Easy Peasy and Fun includes cut and paste. There’s even a printable template you can download on which all the shapes are pre-drawn, so you don’t even have the freedom to style your best tulips. This idea is very easy, so add your wishlist of Mother’s Day Craft Ideas For Kids this year.

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19. Heart flower card


Another one from Easy Peasy and Fun channel is a heart flower with a bumblebee. The card is eye-catching and also contains a small surprise. You need to prepare adhesive tape, glue, scissors, and  regular markers. The most important thing is paper and green straws. Again, they provide printable templates.

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20. Pasta necklace


All children love to see their mother using the things they make for her. With this impressive pasta necklace, mom will have an extra cute homemade piece of jewelry to wear for Mother’s Day. If colorful pasta is not available, you can dye plain pasta with vinegar and food coloring.

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21. Homemade canvas


Give her an unforgettable gift, such as a beautiful canvas print that she will cherish for years. Believe that with children’s unlimited imagination, you will have one-of-a-kind pictures. But, we have some suggestions for children to consider.

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22. Gemstone soap

Gemstone soap Mother’s Day craft ideas for kids

You don’t have to spend a fortune to buy these awesome soaps – make your own. All you need is a soap base and liquid colorant to make these beautiful gems. Research mom’s favorite colors and scents to create the perfect gift.

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23. Recycled plastic bottle planter


Turn plastic bottles into a lovely collection of cute planters. You only need twine and glue to make this Mother’s Day gift. Your mom can display her plants on a sunny balcony, desk, or bedside table, and she’ll think of you every time she looks at them.

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24. Egg carton flower


Another Mother’s Day craft ideas for kids we want to recommend is this simple tutorial. You will learn how to make flowers from egg cartons. And the flowers look gorgeous. They make a wonderful Mother’s Day piece. You can make them as canvas or use them to decorate mother’s day cards.

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25. Paper flower Mother Day card


Mother’s Day is the best day of the year for your kids to show off their ingenuity. This simple tutorial will show you how to make beautiful paper flower cards for Mother’s Day. This craft item is a cool project to do in the classroom. Mothers will fall in love with this carefully crafted handmade card.

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26. Easy flower card


If you’re looking for one of the cute Mother’s Day Craft Ideas For Kids, this is one to consider. We think this idea is also perfect for the classroom, easy and quick to make and craft supplies are on hand. Get ready to surprise your loved ones with a cute card made by kids.

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27. Shrinky Dink keychain


Perfect for any forgetful or busy mom, the personalized keychain is necessary for keeping your mom’s keys in one place. This beautiful keychain is made from Shrinky Dink, acrylic paint, markers, and an oven. This eye-catching keychain with a child’s hand will brighten up Mother’s Day.

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28. Handprint flower bookmark


Kids can create these adorable bookmarks just by drawing with their little hands. Handmade bookmarks will make a sweet gift for any mother, especially with Mother’s Day approaching. No mother would refuse a gift made by her own child.

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29. Truffle chocolate – Tasty Mother’s Day craft ideas for kids


Chocolate is a favorite snack of many people, and a thoughtful gift to show love to your mother. Mothers will be very happy to receive sweet chocolates from their children. Don’t forget to put a pretty card in this homemade chocolate box.

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30. Coupon book


A coupon book is a gift that shows a child’s care. The gift only requires a piece of paper, a few pens and tape. The notebook will record things the children can help their mother with, such as hugging, taking care of children, washing dishes, folding clothes, etc.

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31. Painted Kitchen Utensils


Got some old wooden kitchen utensils lying around? Ask the children to draw a portrait of themselves (or their mother) with food-safe paints and markers. They would look so cute on display in the kitchen!

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32. Party Animal Hats


Mother’s Day is a big day, so everyone needs party hats, right? Using our craft paper and party hat pattern, make the cone, then attach feathers for the wings and wire for the beard and make bunny ears from paper and felt.

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33. Egg Carton Wreath


Create flowers out of ordinary paper egg cartons and glue them to a wreath form to make the ideal present for the mother who adores all things floral.

To make: Cut paper egg cartons into individual egg cups. Use scissors to notch and cut decorative edges. Paint or dye cups the appropriate colors. Use hot glue to affix cups and craft paper leaves on a painted craft ring.

34. Flower Petal Change Bowl


We know moms love all things organization, so what’s better than a handmade bowl that she can use to corral loose change. To create your sculpture, use Sculpey (or another oven-baked clay) to form a large flower petal. Form a smaller petal and press it into the center of the larger petal. Place plastic beads in bottom of the bowl. Bake, per package instructions, to melt plastic and harden clay.

Final word

Have you found your favorite Mother’s Day Craft Ideas For Kids on our list? Hope you have found a surprising and touching gift for your mother. And most importantly, consider every day as mother’s day, spend time with your mother a lot, help her with housework whenever possible, and always love her a lot.

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