Are you looking for the best reality shifting Hogwarts toolkit gift? If you’ve been on TikTok recently, especially among Harry Potter fans, you may have noticed a new trend: reality shifting Hogwarts and the wizarding world.

People who engage in the technique of “shifting,” also known as “reality shifting,” claim to be able to change their awareness from the dismal reality they currently inhabit to a preferred one (i.e. literally whatever they want). It’s crucial to remember that the idea of reality shifting is not a brand-new occurrence, although its acceptance has unquestionably grown recently.

While reality shifting proponents contend you are actually tapping into an alternate reality that exists for real, much like our current reality, skeptics reject it as lucid dreaming. Therefore, why not make the Potterhead in your life a DIY Shifting Toolkit, complete with subliminals, Hogwarts scripts, an overview of procedures, and more, if you’re looking for the coolest, most meaningful DIY gift?

If you’re making this fantastic Hogwarts Shifting gift set for yourself, that’s even better! This tutorial will walk you through every step of the process. Just think of this as a guide to choosing the best reality shifting Hogwarts toolkit gift. We sincerely hope you can use it!

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What Is A Reality Shifting Hogwarts Toolkit Gift?


Though the idea of changing realities is not new, it has recently received much more attention as a result of TikTok, where many users are openly sharing their “shifting” experiences and assisting others in doing the same.

Before you begin making a Hogwarts Shifting kit, whether you want to shift yourself or not, it’s crucial that you comprehend the fundamentals of shifting, especially in reference to Hogwarts.

Reality shifting, in its simplest form, is the act of transferring your consciousness from one reality – typically your Current Reality (CR) – to another, usually your Desired Reality (DR).

The majority of “successful” shifting reports include a combination of the following:

  • Mentally cleansing up while meditating
  • Mearing hidden messages
  • Creating the reality one wants

Therefore, here are some suggestions for things to put in your Shifting kit gift set. This will undoubtedly be one of the nicest presents you could ever buy for a Harry Potter fan, whether it is entirely virtual or if you make a physical replica.

Is Reality Shifting Real?

What To Include In The Reality shifting Hogwarts toolkit gift

Here are some suggestions on what to put in a Hogwarts reality shifting toolbox, whether you’re putting it together as a gift for the die-hard Potterhead in your life or simply seeking for suggestions to make your own shifting trip easier.

1. Hogwarts Subliminals

reality shifting hogwarts toolkit gift

Some Harry Potter subliminal should unquestionably be a part of your reality shifting Hogwarts toolkit gift. Many people believe that subliminal messages can be a powerful instrument for altering reality.

An audio track with subliminal messages intended to help you change encoded in the audio is known as a subliminal. The present-tense affirmations “I am shifting” or “I am in my DR” are typical examples of these subliminal signals.

Most of the time, you won’t be able to hear the subliminal messages clearly or you won’t be able to listen to them at all.

Ambiance noises, white noise, theta waves, calming music, and other sounds may be layered with the subliminal messages. There are both long and short tracks. Many have general aims, while others, like the Hogwarts shift, have specialized objectives.

Many Subliminals are available on YouTube. Even though they are uploaded as videos, keep in mind that the audio is what matters.

They are essentially affirmations about the world you want, sped up (sometimes to the point where they are completely silent to the listener), and then overlaid with things like music and background noise.

It is thought that subliminal messages can successfully influence your subconscious and change your beliefs there.

2. A notebook for scripting


A script is supposedly a means to record specific information about the world you want to create. If you’d like, you can add illustrations, write it down on paper, enter it in your Notes app, or do it however you like.

However, the key objective is to define the specifics of your preferred world. Some people write out their ideal Hogwarts House, talents, backstory, romantic interests, etc.

Others will script more mundane details like the difference in time between your DR and CR, how you return to your CR, the fact that you cannot pass away in your DR, etc.

If you are presenting your Hogwarts shifting kit as a tangible gift, a particular kind touch may be to include a special notebook so they have a lovely designated area to type out their scripts.

If you get to know them well enough, you might even be able to provide them with some of your own Hogwarts script ideas, include:

  • Their Hogwarts house
  • Their age/year
  • Their skills and strengths
  • What languages they speak
  • Their love interests
  • Who they’re friends with
  • Their Patronus
  • Their wand
  • An ability to navigate Hogwarts easily
  • Whether they play Quidditch or not
  • Immortality/inability to die in the DR
  • How they will return to their CR

3. A printout of reality shifting methods


A printout of many common shifting methods can make a wonderful addition to your Hogwarts shifting kit, particularly if the gift recipient is new to reality shifting. Here are some popular methods.

Raven method: The “Raven Method” is one of the most well-known reality-shifting methods that is frequently mentioned on TikTok. This method is lying in a starfish posture on the bed and counting to 100 while typically listening to subliminal music or repeating encouraging statements.

The Alice in Wonderland Method: The Alice in Wonderland Method is another well-liked reality-shifting method. In this method, you meditate, lay on your back, and picture yourself leaning against a tree until someone from your Desired Reality runs past you. Then, you’re expected to chase after them until you “sink down the rabbit hole.” After that, you are expected to discover a key that will open the door to your DR.

Pillow method: Another reality-shifting method that is becoming more and more well-known is the pillow method. This method entails writing affirmations on paper, saying them aloud before bed, and putting the paper under your pillow while you sleep.

Elevator method: Another quite well-liked reality-shifting method is the elevator method. This method entails visualizing oneself in an elevator, your energy levels increase as you pass each floor. Your ideal world will become accessible once your energy reaches the necessary level to shift.

Consider creating a little booklet with these instructions or individual cards with Hogwarts and Harry Potter-themed illustrations.

4. Candles


This section is entirely optional, however, if your budget permits, you might also add some aromatherapy items with a Harry Potter motif.

What better way to ease the transition to Hogwarts than some Hogwarts-smelling candles, considering that meditation is supposed to significantly improve the changing process? Whether they change or not, they will at the very least value this present since they are Potterheads.

5. Visuals that represent Hogwarts


There are many images that depict their preferred (Hogwarts) reality, which is another simple and entertaining item in your Hogwarts changing toolset. You can create a Google Drive, Dropbox, or even a Pinterest board for your online photo collection. In addition, you can create collages, print images, or add adorable stickers.

Where to discover images and photos related to Harry Potter

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Above is our recommendation of what we consider the best reality shifting Hogwarts toolkit gift. Numerous enthusiastic Potterheads are actively attempting to change reality to Hogwarts or their own homes. And because shifters are now openly sharing their experiences with others on platforms like TikTok, there is a thriving community of people willing to try it out, especially in the Harry Potter fandom where many people are trying to shift reality to Hogwarts specifically.

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