June is the month of father, check out these Fathers Day craft ideas kids to inspire your kid with a new idea to make a present on that special day. A DIY gift made by his beloved ones is sure to touch his heart.

Father is the one who always provides a feeling of security. He is the person who silently sacrifices his family. Fathers may not show his emotion regularly but from the bottom of his heart, he loves his family most. To say thank you to fathers and express love, children tend to find a special gift for their dads. 

Father’s Day is coming and you want to inspire your kids with a unique present for them to give to their dads. Have you found any interesting ideas? How about crafts ideas for kids to handmade a unique gift? Here, we have a list of 25 Fathers Day craft ideas kids, Father’s Day craft ideas for 9 year olds, Father’s Day craft ideas for 10 year olds, and Fathers Day craft for 4 year olds to consider. Take a look and find out your ideal one. 

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25 Fathers Day Craft Ideas Kids Can Make For Dad

Looking for a unique and personalized gift for Father’s Day this year? Why not try a homemade gift made by your kids? Although it seems difficult, it will be easier if you follow the following instructions for Fathers Day craft ideas kids.

1. Father’s Day Keyring


This is one of the creative Fathers Day craft ideas kids. Now daddy can carry their children’s work of art along. Children can get stuck in designing pictures for this keyring. The idea is to make keyrings from recycled clear plastic. Kids freely create many lovely pictures, put them into the keyrings, and then give them as a present to their father. With this keyring, fathers will never lose their keys again, and is the only keyring in the whole world.

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2. Father’s Day Trophy

Father’s Day Trophy fathers day craft ideas kids

If you’re searching for Fathers Day craft ideas kids, you’ve come to the right place. As we know that, every dad is a hero. Why don’t we make a trophy for his sacrifice? This is an easy-to-make trophy, children just need to prepare a carton of paper, colors, scissors and glue. Sketch the shape of the trophy on the carton, cut it out and paint it attractively. A dad’s trophy on Father’s Day is so meaningful. 

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3. Lollipop Price Ribbon


What’s prettier Fathers Day craft ideas kids than this one? This is an encouraging gift, thank you to your dad for all being there for you. This lollipop ribbon is easy-to-make and sweet to taste. Kids need to prepare any colored paper they like, glue, scissors, and carefully follow the instructions, a spiritual price is done. 

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4. Popcorn Card

Popcorn Card

If your dad is a movie lover, this is the perfect gift for him. To make this popcorn theme card, prepare some colored papers, yellow pom-poms, glue, and paints. When the card is done, children can write love words they want to say to their dad inside. This love card can make Father’s Day more meaningful. 

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5. Lego Building Memories Jar


No gift is more special than a memory throwback. To make this memory jar, take an old glass jar, you can decorate the jar if you like. Then, collect lego pieces, and write your loved memories with your dad on the Lego. This emotional gift can bring tears of joy on Father’s Day.

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6. Father’s Day Bobblehead


We understand that finding Fathers Day craft ideas kids might be stressful. So, we recommend this one to help you have more options. This bobblehead will look like a figure when it is done. This is not only a funny gift but also a decoration. Take a picture of your dad you like most, prepare a dixie cup, colored paper, glue, and decoration items. With a little ingenuity, a funny gift for your beloved dad is done.  

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7. Necktie Bookmark – Father’s Day Craft For 10 Year Olds


If you have a book-lover dad, you can miss this gift for his big day. The idea of this necktie bookmark is based on the origami art of Japan. Prepare a detailed paper, glue, and scissors. Carefully follow the instructions and you can make a necktie bookmark for your book-loving dad. 

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8. Dad Rock Card


A dad rock card is the best way to show your dad how much you love and appreciate him. This is an easy-to-make card, kids can collect little rocks outside, paint them and then arrange the rocks to make them look like people. This personalized gift will increase kids’ creativity and imagination. As one of the best Fathers Day craft ideas kids, this card will surely melt his heart.

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9. Photo Frames


A wooden photo frame can be Fathers Day craft ideas kids if he loves pictures. This photo frame is easy to assemble with popsicles, a glue gun, colors and decoration items. Children can decorate it with any kind of medium like watercolors, markers, or paints. Put the dad’s photo behind the photo frame and decorate the front in any detail. The handmade wooden photo frame increases the kid’s independence and creativity. 

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10. Mustache Mugs – Cute Father’s Day Crafts From Daughter


This is a mug that can be decorated uniquely. Children can design a slip of paper and then put it into the durable plastic snap outside of the mug, or they can use a ceramic mug and design them with a marker. Remember to remove the paper before washing to remain the work of art. Kids will love to decorate a special unique mug for their dad on Father’s Day. 

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11. Build & Paint Your Own Wooden Dad Cars


Looking for fun Fathers Day craft ideas kids? A wooden car decorated by little kids can surprise every dad. This car model is not only unique but also easy-to-make, no tool would be needed so kids can do this independently. Children can build their car model and then paint it creatively to make a special present for their beloved father. 

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12. Washi Tape Crafts Stick Frames


What’s better than this meaningful DUY frames? Let the kids choose their favorite pictures with dad to frame them with craft sticks and colorful tape. It will become an instant memento. These washi tape craft frames are s fun way to bond the fatherhood, With just a few basic supplies, you can make these cute Father’s Day crafts for preschoolers.

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13. Popsicle Father’s Day Card


Show your dad he is coolest the world with these super cure googly eyes popsicles. Use the free template to make a personal popsicle and massage or create this awesome crafe your own for a personalized touch. Dad will be certaintle to know “he is the best”. These cards are so easy to make, so add this idea on your list of Father’s Day crafts for kindergarten.

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14. Make A Wind Chime

Why don’t we make a wind chime for our dads for his big day? This wind chime kit already includes 2 terra-cotta mini pots, filament, cord, one set of chimes, a paintbrush, and one instruction to make an 18 cm in the length wind chime. This kit helps children build and personalized their own wind chime for dad to hang on the window and enjoy the beautiful sound. 

15. Father’s Day Sand Art

Still on the hunt of Fathers Day craft ideas kids? Consider this sand art. Making a sand art sheet may sound strange but the finish is incredible. The sand art picture uses colored sand to decorate, so kids can learn how to mix colors to create a work of art. Decorated with a fully loved sentence like “Best Dad Ever” or “#1 Dad”, kids can express their love through this sand art.

16. Sports Necklace Craft 

Do you think of making a sports necklace? The making process consists of colorful beads, charm, and a satin breakaway. The bead detailed charms include basketball, soccer, football, and baseball. Kids can easily find a sport that best fits their fathers on Father’s day. A necklace made by little angels is nothing can compare. 

17. Mold Your Own Stepping Stones

What about making a handprint stone as a gift on Father’ day. This stepping stone kit includes two blank stones, a handprint stone and other details for your kids to design. Kids can print their dad’s hands on the stone and then color it in a unique way. This handprint stone is not only a meaningful gift but children can also learn color art mixing. It would be a great choice on the list of Fathers Day craft ideas kids.

18. String Art Heart Light

Children can make a heart-shaped light to express love to their father on Father’s day. With a string art heart light-making kit, you have all that is needed to make a heart-shaped light like string, glue, an inflatable heart, and a led light. The string heart light is easy to make and it expresses enormous emotion. This light can be used as a decoration or a bedroom light.

19. Rainbow Waterfall Greeting Card

This seems regular but is the quick and easy Fathers Day crafts to show love. This little rainbow contains fill-in-the-blank lines for children to write about their dad. One heart will be written down one thing kids love about their dad, they can express themselves as much as possible. Prepare some colored papers, scissors, glue, and markers, kids can make a waterfall love letter for their beloved father.

20. Flower Pop Out Cards

A card for children to write everything they want to say to their dad is so meaningful. This 3D pop-out card has a lovely theme, decorate it with the detail you like most and then use it as a letter. Children can write their blessings, things they love about their dad, or simply “I love you, daddy”. Little things can bring a sentimental impact. 

21. Creative Cupcake Party


If making a cupcake is too complicated, kids can use these sweet LEGO dots to make a cupcake. Kiddo can make cupcakes by using the included design ideas to decorate their cupcakes creatively. With colorful details, these beautiful cupcakes are a highlight for a Father’s Day party. 

22. String Arts Board

Kiddo can make an attractive string art board by using this string art kit. Children can learn how to turn a thread into a work of art based on their father’s name or hobbies. and use it as a gift for their beloved father. String arts may sound strange but the making process brings a lot of joy to children. This will increase kids’ creativity and independence.

23. Customized Shirt

Why don’t we decorate a shirt for our father? Children can use Crayola fabric markers and directly design the shirt, or they can draw the sign they like and then print it on their dad’s shirt. Children can also design a shirt, bag, or any fabric materials to make a unique work of art. Let kids use their creativity to make a unique shirt in the world. A shirt decorated by little kids is such a treasure. A great option to the list of Fathers Day craft ideas kids you shouldn’t miss!

24. Paper Bag Puppets Kids Art

Puppets are a kid’s favorite toy but have you ever considered making a puppet as a present for Father’s Day? A puppet-making kit includes colorful paper and an instruction paper to make a beautiful puppet. Kiddo can give this puppet as a gift or they can use their humor to perform a puppet theater for their dad to create a happy atmosphere on Father’s Day.

25. Faber-Castell 3D Sand Painting

For kids who love painting, this 3D sand painting not only satisfies their enthusiasts but also becomes a gift for their father. This sand painting kit includes all you need to make a work of art like 5 different colors of sand paint, 12 watercolors, creation boards, a texture tool, and paintbrush. A meaningful gift comes from children’s creativity and happiness comes from a unique gift.

26. Make Your Dad’s Paracord Wristbands

How about making a bracelet? Kiddo can make paracord bracelets for their dad with a paracord bracelet-making kit. This bracelet-making kit includes bold colors cord suitable for men, bracelet buckles, glue, and easy-to-follow instruction. With a bracelet-making kit, children can make a beautiful accessory for their dad on Father’s Day.

27. Trinket Box

Children can make a treasure box for their dads to keep precious things. This trinket box is made of air-dry clay, so it is easy to decorate by using watercolor, markers, and paints. Young artists can personalize a treasure box creatively and give it as a gift on Father’s Day. The box decorating process helps in developing creativity, self-expression, and independence. 

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28. Father’s Day Tie Template


Father’s Day Tie Template is a great Fathers Day Craft Idea for Kids. This template can be used to create personalized ties that can be given as gifts to fathers or father figures on Father’s Day. With this template, children can create their own unique tie designs, using markers, paints, or other craft materials. The end result is a special and meaningful gift that is sure to bring a smile to any dad’s face.

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29. Scribble Mug


The Scribble Mug is a fun and easy DIY Father’s Day craft idea for kids. This personalized gift will show your dad how much you love and appreciate him. All you need is a plain ceramic mug and some permanent markers. Let your creativity flow and decorate the mug with your dad’s favorite colors, designs, and messages.

Once you’re happy with your design, bake the mug in the oven to set the ink and make it dishwasher safe. Your dad will love drinking his coffee or tea from his one-of-a-kind mug, made with love by his kids.

Final Words

Father’s Day is a special day for you to express how much you love your dad. Find yourself a most lovely gift to do for your beloved father. These Father’s Day crafts for kindergarten are sure to be a hit. Hope with these Fathers Day craft ideas kids from giftOMG, you can have a memorable Father’s Day.

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