Are you also cherishing plans for a warm Christmas season with relatives and family? Are you hesitant to buy gifts because your budget is limited – just under $5 or less? Don’t worry – confidently choose some gifts from 27 Secret Santa gifts under 5 dollars and send them to your loved ones.

Christmas is not only an opportunity for us to participate in activities at the synagogue, and amusement parks but also a golden time for us to get closer together and send more love. The recipient will not care what the gift you give. What makes them happy is your heart.

27 Secret Santa Gifts Under 5 Dollars Anyone Will Love

Do you want to celebrate Christmas to express your love and care to your grandparents, parents, and friends but don’t know what to buy? Any gift represents the giver’s own meaning, either as thanks or gratitude, or love. On special occasions, each gift has a different meaning. There are gifts that are purely spiritual. There are gifts that make us happy. There are gifts that warm our hearts. As an annual holiday, “What gift to give Christmas” becomes a difficult problem for many people. Scroll down and find the Secret Santa gifts under $5 you want to give away:

1. Funny Merry Christmas Greeting Card with Envelope

Funny Merry Christmas Greeting Card Secret Santa gifts under $5

This is the simplest Christmas gift you can give and is also an indispensable thing during Christmas. In the card, you will write wishes expressing sincere feelings for the recipient – be it parents, siblings, friends, and, of course, not to mention the person you love. Especially, if your loved one is a cat lover, you can refer to these lovely Christmas cat puns captions to make your gift even more exciting.

Just a card decorated with lovely motifs such as pine trees, snowflakes, Santa Claus, and reindeer, etc … is also extremely meaningful to send to everyone on Christmas.

2. Large Recycled Gifts Bags


Here’s another great Christmas gift idea for you. The pretty printed fabric bags must be a good gift, especially for women. Large Recycled Gifts Bag is not only used to store things when going out, but also becomes a lovely fashion accessory. This will be a big hit on the list of gifts under £5 amazon

3. John Deere JD00002 Jersey Gloves


Like scarves, gloves are also essential items when winter comes. Therefore, a pair of lovely gloves will be a Christmas gift that is both warm and shows care and concern for the recipient. Depending on the preferences of the recipient, you can choose to buy smooth gloves or suitable textures.

4. Retro Blessings “101 Blessings of Grace” Cards – A Box of Blessings


Retro Blessings “101 Blessings of Grace” Cards include inspirational and bible quotes. These are sweet wishes for Christmas. 

It is compactly designed and packed securely. It can easily be put in a bag, backpack, or carried everywhere. Your little gift will be received with smiles and respect for your dedication.

5. Personalized Coaster Rustic Timber Coaster


The coaster has proven its usefulness in preventing drinks from spilling onto the tabletop. It also helps to add aesthetic value to the drink. Your dining table will be more luxurious with the appearance of this elegant wooden coaster.

Not stopping at the function of absorption and aesthetics, the coaster is also a practical gift. Are you looking for a Secret Santa gift under 5 dollar? This coaster is a good idea.

6. American Greetings Gift Card Holder Christmas Card (Dinosaur)


The image of a dinosaur will make the recipient laugh and be happy when receiving it. The American Greetings Gift Card Holder Christmas Card will make recipients touched by meaningful, warm wishes as well as a loving dinosaur.

7. YAZILIND Christmas Tree Breastpin


Christmas would lose its meaning without a Christmas tree. Christmas trees are often displayed in the house. What do you think about the Christmas tree hanging on the shirt? One of cute gifts under £5 for him, right?

8. Santa In The Valley Of Gifts


Holidays are a good chance for all everyone to have fun. From family dinners to parties with friends, there’s plenty to do during the holiday season. It would be boring if the night party lacked some games.

Santa In The Valley Of Gifts is an incredibly fun and possibly addictive game as it offers a lot of fun for people of all ages. This can also be a great gift option on a small budget, namely one of the typical Secret Santa gifts under 5 dollar.

9. Finger Ring Watch for Women & Men


A watch would be a suitable gift for almost any age. They are not only used every day, but are also valued as fashion accessories that express style and caste for the wearer. In particular, giving a watch also shows the meaning of cherishing every moment of joy and happiness.

10. Personalized Christmas Name Gift Tag


The next gift on the list of secret Santa gifts under $5 is the Personalized Christmas Name Gift Tag. It is used as Christmas tree decorations. In addition to decorative accessories such as snowflakes, bells, gift boxes, fences, and stars, Christmas will sparkle much more with these personalized name gift tags.

You can completely reuse it for many years. Very economical, right? There is no need for a gift that is too sophisticated and luxurious but still gives the recipient a cozy space on Christmas day. It’s worth the investment!

11. AhaStyle AirPods Case 


Airpods are designed to be compact. Because of this, any improper usage or habits can damage the headset. A carrying case will be needed. The AhaStyle AirPods Case is designed to be flexible and smart.

This case is made of silicone material with good bearing capacity, helping to protect the headset from bumps and dents. At the same time, this material makes it easier to remove and install AirPods, and easier to clean.

12. ANDALUS Scalp Massager

Scalp Massager Secret Santa gift under 5 dollars

The ANDALUS Scalp Massager has an octopus shape, made of especially flexible stainless steel threads. This is a handheld massage tool that helps stimulate millions of nerves in the scalp. It helps to eliminate stress and improves blood circulation very well.

With its lightweight, it is the ideal item for health care. This is one of the useful Secret Santa gifts under 5 dollars which is affordable. Order now, and the recipient will thank you very much!

13. Carson Dellosa Frog Notepad

Carson Dellosa Frog Notepad 1

This bright and colorful Frog Notepad includes 50 pages for quick notes on class schedules, homework, or classroom decor. Each notepad measures 5,75 inch x 6 inch – the perfect size to put it anywhere, take it anywhere. Simply a small notebook with a funny shape but enough to make the recipient happy all day long. That is enough!

14. VEHHE Metal Straws


Straws account for about 4% of plastic pollution worldwide. Therefore, instead of continuing to use plastic straws, stainless steel straws are most commonly used today. VehHE Metal Straws are really the ideal Secret Santa gift under 5 dollars for your loved ones at Christmas.

First of all, it has an eye-catching, sleek look. It is extremely eco-friendly and easy to carry around. Accompanied by natural brush bristles for cleaning. They are super elegant and perfect for any occasion like a cocktail party or meeting with guests.

15. Carson Dellosa Today’s Plan Notepad


Today’s Plan Notepad is also on the list of the most chosen Christmas gifts, because this notebook does not have much material value, but it helps us to record important things and preserve memories in the past and future.

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16. Cell Phone Stand


Cell Phone Stand is a very convenient technology accessory device and has become extremely popular today. Thanks to it, you can fix the phone without using your hands anywhere, anytime.

You can clip your phone to the holder and do other things like video recording, driving, or exercising at home. What’s more, you can rotate the phone in the direction you want thanks to the versatility and versatility of this device.

17. Book Light Clip-on Magazine Lamp


The small and beautiful Book Light Clip-on Magazine Lamp will be very suitable as a gift for family members. Every night, the lamp will be by your side and take care of the spiritual life of the person you love the most. This gift will be even more meaningful when you choose to buy it yourself!

18. Yexi Xsr 3 Pack Extendable Back Scratcher


You find it annoying to have to ask someone for help when you feel an itchy back. With this 7-tooth Back Scratcher, everything becomes so simple. It is made of premium materials and has a top coat that protects your skin.

At the same time, the handle is covered with soft rubber, so it is easy to grip and does not slip. It is a necessary gift in daily life for men, women, adults, and children. Give it to your friends this Christmas!

19. Stainless Steel Wine Glasses


Stylish, practical, and safe are the words to describe Stainless Steel Wine Glasses. With a well-balanced and convenient design, this steel glass is perfect for holding wine, smoothies, fruit juice, or ice cream.

Instead of spending a fortune on fragile glasses, this glass is non-fragile, stainless and recyclable. A multifunctional cup, right? Give it as a secret Santa gift. The trick is, its price is not even $5.

20. Handmade Bath Bomb Set


A perfect combination of pure essential oils of grapefruit, ylang ylang, and lavender, the Handmade Bath Bomb Set is one of the Secret Santa gifts under 5 dollars you shouldn’t miss.

Work, family, and life make your friends, and relatives stressed? Drop this glamorous bath bomb into your hot tub and relax with a cocktail. We are sure that all the sadness and fatigue will disappear together!

21. Broadway Vita-Lip Clear Lip Gloss


Like jewelry, cosmetics are one of the indispensable items for women. They are effective assistants to help women always be more beautiful and confident. With the current cold and dry Christmas weather, lip balms will be more popular. Broadway Vita-Lip Clear Lip Gloss is really the perfect gift for next Christmas.

22. The Tropics Travel Size Face Mask – Suitable For Women


With main ingredients from pineapple and mango, Tropics Mask is suitable for people with sensitive skin. They help soothe skin, reduce acne, reduce redness, and safely lighten skin.

Masks besides the main use of moisturizing, also have many other benefits such as anti-aging, whitening, and recovery. For women, this will be the perfect choice.

23. Bourbon Lip Balm – Funny Gifts for Men


With only $5, you can own a unique and funny gift. Who says men don’t need lip care? They will be surprised to receive this secret gift!

24. DUDE Wipes Flushable Wipes 48 Count Dispenser


Fragrance-free, alcohol-free, non-irritating and paraben-free – DUDE Wipes are safe for everyone to use. This is a practical and unique gift! No one used wet wipes for gifts before? You are the first to try – it’s fun!

25. Bicycle Jumbo Playing Cards


Bicycle Jumbo Playing Cards are designed according to traditional poker standards. This is a product used by casinos a lot in the US and especially used to perform magic.

These cards are designed in 2 colors blue – red and are produced from recycled paper to help protect the environment. This is a fun game for the holidays – one among the fun Secret Santa gifts under 5 dollars, isn’t it? The recipient will be super excited to receive it.

26. Stylish Hair Clip


Stylish hairpins may seem like a relatively low-cost and cute secret santa gifts under 5. But when you really think about it, it’s the best. Most people throw their manes on an elastic band. But a fancy hairpin will add something extra to the bun. Make them feel special with this inexpensive yet eye-catching gift and watch them hit the next big meeting with their new accessory.

27. AhaStyle AirPods Case


Protect your recipient’s airPods with this aipod case. This super useful and cheap gift will become quickly their favorite item, a true necessity everyone can use every day. One of the best Christmas gifts under £5 you shouldn’t miss!

28. Cute keyring


A cute keyring is the perfect Secret Santa gift for under 5 dollars. It’s small, practical, and adds a touch of personality to your keys, purse, or backpack. You can find keyrings in all sorts of styles and shapes, from funny animals to inspirational quotes to pop culture references. Choose a design that matches your recipient’s interests or personality, or opt for something more generic like a heart or a star.

29. Personalized sleep eye mask


A personalized sleep eye is a perfect gift for anyone who needs a good night’s sleep. The eye mask can be customized with the recipient’s name or initials to make it more special and unique. It can be used at home or while traveling to block out light and promote restful sleep. The mask is made of soft and comfortable material that feels gentle on the skin. This gift is both functional and affordable, making it a great choice for a Secret Santa exchange or as a small present for a friend or coworker.

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A Christmas gift is a message that each person wants to send to their loved ones: “Hey, I still remember, still care and love you so much”. It is a spiritual gift with great meaning expressed in action. Christmas is a holiday of gifts but also a holiday of love. It’s not the expensive gifts that are valuable. The gift, though small, is packed with sincerity, gratitude is a priceless gift. 

Thus, we have come together to go through the list of 25 Secret Santa Gifts Under 5 dollar suitable for each person’s preferences. Christmas is approaching, have you chosen a unique and meaningful gift for your lover, girlfriend, boyfriend, friends, or loved ones? Hopefully, the suggestions above will help your unique ideas for the upcoming holiday! And finally, even though you have given the people you love gifts, don’t forget to give them good wishes. Best wishes are always the most anticipated Christmas gifts. Be sure to visit our website often for cool and unique gift ideas!

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