Traditionally, secret Santa gifts under 10 can be both a blessing and a curse. You should give these presents to your loved ones during Christmas in order to make them happy and bring fortune into their lives.

The top last-minute presents come in all different sizes and forms, and everything on the list below can be delivered in time for Christmas and costs $10 or less. Remember this maxim before you start stressing about your holiday shopping this year: more costly doesn’t automatically equate to better. Shop for meaningful yet affordable presents, let’s face it.

To assist you, we’ve prepared a list of the best Santa gifts under ten dollars. If this list can show you anything, it’s that unique, reasonably priced gifts do exist and can be tailored to each personality on your gift list. Check out this list of 30 Santa presents under $10 to purchase comfortably over the Christmas season. This holiday season, it will ensure that everyone in your life experiences a little bit of joy.

But, wait! We have some other ideas for you. Take a look at our Secret Santa Gifts Under $5 and Funny Santa Gifts for more inspiration.

Secret Santa Gifts Under 10 That Won’t Break The Bank

Christmas is coming! Find inexpensive secret Santa gifts under 10, including practical items to sentimental items below:

1. Hallmark Reversible Christmas Wrapping Paper


The Santa Claus-themed Christmas gift wrapping paper rolls make useful presents for your loved ones to use to regale their surroundings. For anybody who wishes to decorate and wrap gifts for the Christmas season, this simple yet necessary gift is a must. You don’t need to be concerned too much about how much it will cost you to get it because it is just under $10.

2. Large Christmas Gift Bag with Tissue Paper


This bag can meet your needs if you’re seeking inexpensive Christmas presents for your kids. The Christmas gift bag has a lovely Santa Claus face with googly eyes. It also contains a white gift card and a red wire handle. Users may feel comfortable using it because it is made of high-quality paper and is highly ecologically friendly. This is a gift that should be on the list of Santa gifts under $10 because it is so cute and useful.

3. Funny Novelty Santa Hat


This Santa hat features a creative and distinct design. It has unusual design elements including upside-down pants, little Santa boots, and a dazzling belt buckle. For Christmas, this present is ideal for those with a humorous and upbeat disposition. When they get this present, they’ll chuckle a lot. It will surely be a big hit on the list of funny secret santa gifts you shouldn’t miss.

4. LessMo Christmas Santa Sack


A lovely and useful Santa bag that is also quite reasonably priced. It is practical to use, prevents stuff from dropping out, and keeps dust out thanks to the drawstring’s simple design. The bag features a variety of cozy Christmas-inspired designs. The maker has also provided a space in front of the bag for you to put Christmas wishes for your family or friends, so you may personalize it or write something on it. This gift will have greater significance than before.

5. Santa Hat


Adult Christmas hats make fantastic presents for loved ones on Christmas, so they may dress up as Santa Claus in style. The greatest stitching technique was used to create this Christmas hat, which doesn’t shed and is ideal for prolonged usage. They will experience warmth and joy in the days leading up to Christmas. Additionally, this is one of the secret Santa gifts under 10 that beautifully accessorized their party attire to foster a joyful and energetic ambiance.

6. Santa’s Belt Wired Christmas Ribbon


The Santa Claus belt design on the ribbon is highly artistic. Give it to your loved ones so they can express their creativity with it. It offers several tips on how to stand out, including how to decorate Christmas gift baskets, railings, tables, chairs, and more. Christmas becomes more appealing and closer simply by seeing this Santa Claus belt.

7. Large Christmas Plastic Gift Bags


Christmas gift bags are a well-known present that lots of your loved ones appreciate because they are a necessary Christmas tree side decorating item. It is composed of sturdy, reusable, high-quality plastic bags, and the edges are fused using cutting-edge technology to prevent cracking. The huge holiday bag features a lovely Santa Claus pattern that is printed and colored with the help of cutting-edge technology, maintaining its vibrant color for an extended period of time.

8. Christmas Santa Claus Stickers Self Adhesive Christmas Tag


These premium coated paper Christmas labels are ideal for children or anybody who enjoys adorable images. Santa Claus is shown in a highly precise, close-up, and amiable manner. People may utilize it to make a room or anything more lovely. They may put it anywhere they desire. As they are self-adhesive, Santa Claus stickers may be removed without the need for tape, and they are simple to take off.

9. Personalized Santa Tags


A wonderful gift suggestion for a loved one on a special occasion would be a personalized item. These Santa Claus tags have a special layout that allows for customization. The relevant details can be customized, and the seller will deal with the rest. Although the price is high, the present is incredibly wonderful. Your loved ones will be overjoyed as you save money on gifts.

10. Vintage Santa Claus Christmas Gift Seal Stamp

Vintage Santa Claus Christmas Gift Seal Stamp -secret santa gifts under 10

To leave a lasting Christmas impression on a loved one, give them this really distinctive present. They can use this stamp to identify presents or certain Christmas decorations inside the home. Your loved one may create something even more memorable with the aid of this amazingly inventive Santa design. This present comes with an invitation letter, a rosewood stamp, a picture, and a logo.

11. Santa Claws Beach Theme Crab


This holiday season, these distinctive Christmas decorations will undoubtedly spice up loved ones’ lives and lift their spirits. Giving them this hand towel will make it easier for them to hang them in their kitchen, bathroom, bathtub, on the table, or wherever else they like. They’ll giggle at your funny Santa Claus pictures and remember you.

12. Kurt S. Adler Coca Cola Santa Train Christmas Tree Ornament


The Coca-Cola train with Santa Claus on it is a very clever concept. On the list of secret Santa gifts under 10, it could be the most remarkable present. It is expertly crafted from resin and mica or paint. This is the Christmas present that you should offer your loved ones because it is inexpensive and has a unique design.

13. Hallmark Cleveland Browns Santa Football Sled Christmas Ornament

Hallmark Cleveland Browns Santa Football Sled Christmas Ornament

This is the ideal gift if you’re looking for something special and fascinating to offer your loved ones for Christmas instead of the usual presents. This gift’s stylized design portrays Santa Claus riding in a ball-shaped sleigh with the team insignia on it while donning club colors. Based on a fantastic Christmas present suggestion for Cleveland Browns and NFL football enthusiasts, it was made. Your loved ones will undoubtedly appreciate this unique present.

14. 60 Pcs from Santa Tag Stickers Christmas Gift


For people who like charming and beautiful things, Santa Claus stickers will make a wonderful present. The stickers include joyful images of Santa Claus that are very finely crafted. These are the images that your loved one wishes to see and decorate with on the occasion of Christmas. Everyone wants to get this present since it is so adorable and reasonably priced.

15. Blank Personalized Santa Sack Large Bag


Because you may print your name or any other information you want to share with your loved ones, this personalized bag is really precious. Your drawstring bag with a holiday theme will enhance the festive holiday mood. Gift wrap, Santa Claus bags, and more will all look fantastic hanging over the fireplace or below the Christmas tree. It is really big and can contain a lot of items. It may be used every day to carry the required items when you go out, in addition to serving as decoration.

16. Fun Express Santa Clause Suit Medium Gift Bags


These paper bags with the highly distinctive Santa Claus pattern will make thoughtful Christmas presents for loved ones. It can store a lot of ornaments and stuff under the Christmas tree. The Santa Claus-like style and predominantly red color palette help them stick out even more. Additionally, it is now on sale for less than $10 and is available for purchase.

17. Kurt S. Adler Santa Weightlifter Ornament


Your recipent love sport, give this gift. A particularly imaginative present is the illustration of Santa Claus working out. You recently gave your loved one an intriguing present and encouraged them to work out diligently to keep their health. This gift’s meaning is more significant than its actual cash value. Get it now if you’re shopping for secret Santa gifts for him

18. Santa Present Bag with Gift Tags and Strings Giant


This enormous Santa Claus gift bag has a lot of space for storage and may be used as holiday decor. The red Santa Claus, blue snowman, gingerbread guy on a green backdrop, Christmas tree, and Christmas snowflake on a red background are among the four enormous Christmas gift bag templates. With this range, the Christmas season will transform your home into something very special, exceptional, and amazing. The usefulness of this present will particularly be valued by the receivers.

19. North Pole Letters Personalized Nice List Certificate from Santa Claus


This certificate will make your child, grandchild, or younger sibling shout with excitement if you wish to make a surprise present for them. This certificate from Santa himself is highly customized. The youngster will be overjoyed to get a certificate from Santa and will have a memorable experience for years. To make this certificate more genuine and wonderful for the youngster, you only need to fill in their details.

20. Christmas Ornaments for Christmas Tree Funny Red and White Santa Claus


These statues have imaginative, distinctive, and captivating designs. The forthcoming holiday season and the fantastic occasion to produce it were the inspirations for this present. Your loved ones can use this present to adorn their indoor or outdoor Christmas tree to share their wish for a memorable year filled with a special gift being given to everyone by a masked Santa. A new future and a stop to this craziness will be brought by Santa.

21. Falaza Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles


These kid-friendly puzzles can add enjoyment and interest to their Christmas. For young children who are eager to learn, this present is both spectacular and profoundly important. The smallest hidden details and vibrant imagery are brought to life, and they can experience the excitement! The “Christmas Reindeer” in this present design are taking Santa on the trip, and you may finish it by yourself or with family and friends. Children can solve puzzles and form the perfect picture.

22. Riegelein Solid Santa’s in Gift Box


The candies in this gift box make the most delicious holiday present. Ten candies make up the Riegelein Chocolate Condensed Santa Claus. It is made of the best milk chocolate and is foil-wrapped. Additionally, the outside is decked out in the most adorable and stylish Santa Claus clothing. To make this Christmas even sweeter, add it to your list of secret Santa gifts under 10.

23. Christmas Candy Bag Red Wine Bag Creative Santa Pants Style


This black vinyl belt and fake fur cuffs on a red felt outfit result in a bag with a highly unusual design. This Christmas, you may offer this present to someone who has a quirky personality and a sense of style. It can carry a lot of stuff that fits well, making it the ideal present for Christmas celebrations. This is the most unique gift in the list of secret Santa presents under 10.

24. 120 Pieces Christmas Tags from Santa Claus Name


With these really basic Santa Claus ornaments, you can still make your loved ones happy while giving them secret Santa gifts under 10. A total of three pieces of linen rope and 120 handmade paper cards in six distinct patterns are included. Each style contains 20 pieces, so there is a sufficient number and diversity to suit everyone’s Christmas decorating and replacement needs. 

25. Santa Claus Snowman Penguin Paper Cards for Christmas Lollipop Sugar


Christmas lollipop cards provide unusual, non-toxic, safe, delicate, and long-lasting gifts. Santa Claus and penguins clutching lollipops are shown in really adorable and appealing ways. Many kids eagerly anticipate receiving this present for Christmas this year. The youngsters will be overjoyed to get this humorous present.

26. Bas Relief Ceramic Mug


This gift has a large image of Rudolph and Santa Claus along with the words “Ready Rudolph” on a red backdrop. Give your loved ones this mug for Christmas so they can enjoy their coffee or other favorite beverages. It’s so cute, perfect for secret Santa gifts for her.

27. Christmas Paper Gift Bag


During Christmas, many people embellish these paper bags with a really charming image of Santa Claus. Giving this present to a loved one is a very practical way to convey your sincerity and well-wishes as well as to spread joy among your friends and family. These bags can contain relatively few objects well and are composed of materials of excellent quality, making them quite durable.

28. 24 Pcs Santa Tags Xmas Gift Tags


There are many people who would appreciate these Santa Claus Christmas gift cards. It is crafted of sturdy, difficult-to-break 350gsm white cardboard that is smooth to the touch. This present works well for “Secret Santa Claus” gifts, gift baskets, favor boxes, gift bags, and holiday gift giving. The receiver is free to use their imagination to adorn it anywhere in the house for a variety of purposes. These are really practical secret Santa gifts under 10.

29. Christmas Ribbon for Crafts Decoration Bows


The satin ribbon is ideal for Christmas decorating. Along the ribbon, there are designs featuring the Jolly Old Santa Claus. It is composed of high-quality fabric that won’t tear or break in any place. Satin Ribbon is sold in a plastic spool that may be conveniently kept and utilized to wrap presents or create the ideal holiday setting.

30. Winter Warm Lattice Large Scarf


Looking for funny secret santa gifts for work colleagues, this scarf is the best choice. It comes in 20 colors to complement their outfit. It’s not only a fashionable but it also protect them from the cold. Spice up their wardrobe with this present and they will appreciate it.

31. Cooling Eye Mask


Aimed at soothing puffy eyes, dark circles and migraines, this cooling mask mask is made of “medical grade PVC on one side and soft fabric on the other side to make sure optimal safety as you sleep. Along with having an adjustable strap, it can be cooled or heated for comfort. These masks will be perfect secret Santa ideas for work.


The list of ideas for secret Santa gifts under 10 above has been provided by giftOMG. These gifts all have distinctive designs and are reasonably priced. They will allow you to reveal your heart and soul. To make sure that your loved ones have a happy Christmas, pick presents that they will like.

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