Valentine is coming, don’t know what gift to choose for your girlfriend? What to do to celebrate 2 years of love? How to make a surprise love gift? What should you give your girlfriend’s birthday this year to create something new and different? There are countless questions asked before each holiday that make men frown. Why don’t you try your hand at making your girlfriend a creative and pretty gift? Take a look at our 25+ best and cute DIY gifts for girlfriends in the article below!

25 Easy DIY Gifts For Girlfriends You Can Make At Home

DIY gifts require you to spend time and creative effort to make the finished product, so it will contain your love and respect. She will surely be touched to know that you spent hours or even months making a gift yourself. Don’t worry if you’re not a handyman. With instructions fom giftOMG, everything is a piece of cake!

1. DIY Flowers For Lover 

Flowers are a very special gift for Valentine’s Day, birthday or any other special occasion. However, fresh flowers have gradually been replaced by other more durable and fancy flowers. These are wax flowers, confetti, fabric flowers, dried flowers, even gilded flowers. If you want your gift to always be kept by your girlfriend for a long time, instead of choosing fresh flowers, you can make beautiful flower bouquets yourself by following the instructions on youtube. Homemade flowers won’t wilt, so your girlfriend will keep the gift for longer.

2. Chocolate 

Next on the list of DIY gifts for girlfriends is chocolate. Besides flowers, chocolate makes a great idea when giving a gift to your girlfriend. Prepare chocolate ingredients by hand and create eye-catching shapes according to her preferences. Well, that’s interesting! You don’t have to be skillful or a professional chef, you just need to make a gift for your girlfriend with your full sincerity. This will make her happy and cheerful all day.

3. Lovely DIY Card

Valentine’s Day this year is coming very close, why don’t you try to make a lovely card by yourself to surprise your beautiful girl? In addition to buying ready-made cards, you can design your own unique and fancy cards to express your sincere heart. Some of the materials you need to prepare are cardboard, thin colored paper, ribbon, paper scissors, glue and a ruler. And certainly, the card should contain the words of love you want to send to your girlfriend on this special day. Your lover will surely be touched by that.

4. Picture

For boys who have the ability to paint, drawing a lover’s portrait or sketching a couple as a DIY gift for your girlfriend is a very easy way and also shows their talent. If your forte is not portraits, you can paint a colorful landscape painting, she will surely love it too. Remember, frame your picture neatly and subtly to highlight the gift and make the picture more beautiful. A little tip for you, if you don’t have the ability to paint, you can still practice drawing from tutorials on Youtube.

5. Teddy Bear DIY

It can be seen that any girl loves teddy bears. Beautiful handmade teddy bears with many funny expressions, cute faces and smooth materials will be one of the most loved DIY gifts for girlfriends. How to make a handmade teddy bear is not too difficult, you can buy the ingredients and follow the instructions below. You will immediately have a lovely and meaningful gift for your girlfriend without spending too much effort and time.

6. Bracelet

A bracelet is a gift that is relatively easy to make and is very popular today. Instead of a bracelet bought from a store, a DIY bracelet makes your girlfriend feel much more touched. Choose the materials to make a handmade bracelet according to your girlfriend’s personality and style. You can make your own bracelets with some easy-to-find materials such as leather straps, fabric straps, wood beads, pearls, etc. No need to be too fussy, just a bracelet made by yourself and put all your love into it – it will be a unique gift for her, right?

7. Wool Scarf

Guys who are skillful and have patience, DIY wool scarves are probably a great choice for girls with birthdays in the winter. Winter won’t be cold anymore if the girlfriend receives a wool scarf knitted by her boyfriend, right? You can ask your mother, or sister to teach you how to knit to create this warm gift. Or watch our video tutorials. Let the wool scarf keep her warm in the cold winter.

8. Wool Socks

There is nothing more wonderful in these cold winter days than sitting in a chair, holding a hot cup of tea, reading a book and relaxing in your home. You will love the feeling of putting your feet in a pair of thick socks, and forget all the troubles out there. These days, if you spend a little time, you can completely make your girlfriend warm socks. This pretty little gift is enough to show your concern for your lover and make her very happy.

9. Wool Hat

When the monsoon comes, woolen hats are always loved by girls wholeheartedly. So why don’t you give your girlfriend this useful but extremely meaningful item on the upcoming Christmas day? Believe that, your girlfriend will love this gift because it shows your care, concern and affection for her. Giving a beanie as a DIY gift for your girlfriend is really a great idea. If you are a beginner, knitting a complete beanie will be quite difficult. However, it’s easier than you think. With a few instructions included, you can crochet a pretty, unique beanie.

10. Paper Heart Love Message

The heart is a symbol of love, an expression of love for someone. So when giving gifts to the one they love, people always choose heart-shaped gifts. This mini heart will definitely be a gift that touches your girlfriend’s feelings and makes her flutter. It is made from very simple materials such as colored paper, markers, glue and paper scissors. Any gift you give your girlfriend is loved, but it will be even more precious to know that the gift is from your boyfriend’s hand, right?

11. DIY Scrapbook

Continuing on the list of DIY gifts for girlfriends is a DIY Scrapbook. It’s great to store the memories of two people in a beautiful little album. The photo album will be decorated with vivid, ingenious motifs, bringing the personality of the maker. When the girlfriend receives this gift, she will surely be surprised and extremely touched. The video below will detail how to make a meaningful love anniversary photo album.

12. Birthday Cake

On the right day of your birthday, what could be happier than receiving a birthday cake made by your lover? Show that you are a caring and very warm guy, by spending time learning how to make a unique cake for your girlfriend. How to make a birthday cake is not too difficult, although it takes some time and effort, in return you will complete a cake that matches your intentions and suits the party owner. You need to prepare all ingredients such as flour, eggs, butter, milk, sugar, vanilla, fruit and some other decorations. This is one of the right DIY gifts for your girlfriend.

13. Prepare A Romantic Dinner

Believe us, not only boys but girls are easily swayed by good food. A romantic dinner with wine on Valentine’s Day will be a meaningful gift for your girlfriend. The meal just needs to be delicious and beautiful to make your girl fall in love right away. Surely, this special dinner will surprise her with sophistication and thoughtfulness. Not too ostentatious or flashy, but still make your lover feel the love you contain for her. That’s a good idea!

14. Making Cookies

Besides decorations, giving food is a practical idea. Crispy and delicious cookies are always a favorite of many people. Instead of buying boxes of cookies at supermarkets and stores, now you can make your own at home. In addition to the traditional butter flavor, there are now a variety of cookies such as chocolate, green tea, almond, fruit jam, etc. The following recipe is quite simple and easier to succeed than other recipes. Check it out and let’s get started! Whether the cake is ugly or beautiful, the person you love will still be “fallen in love” by your thoughtfulness and cuteness.

 15. Romantic Memory Jar

Couples who love each other always want to keep their beautiful memories. There is nothing more interesting than when those memories are stored in a jar. The romantic memory jar will be a souvenir to prove the love of the two of you. The memory jar has an extremely simple way that any man can do it himself. First you need to prepare materials such as a glass jar, seashells, a picture of the two of you, a string of pearls, and a glue gun. There are detailed instructions in the video below.

16. Wooden Night Light

A night light is an essential item to aid sleep. The light of the nightlight is usually softer than the fluorescent light, so it brings a feeling of relaxation, making it easy to fall asleep. A DIY night light will be a lovely gift for you to give your girlfriend on a special occasion. It is made from the following items: wooden sticks, glue sticks, glue guns, cardboard, scissors, rulers, pens and light bulbs. For details on how to do this, please refer to the following video. Show your great care and love to your lover with this meaningful gift!

17. DIY Couple Pillow

Double pillow is also a good DIY gift for your girlfriend. Start visualizing and imagining a pillow that you and your girlfriend will like. What color will the pillow be? Small or big size? The extra detail on the pillow? What kind of fabric is used? After you have answered the above questions, learn how to do it. With a little patience, you can turn ordinary pieces of fabric into meaningful items. It will be a pillow that she really appreciates because you worked so hard to make it yourself, along with the sincere love you put into it. Wish you success!

18. Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher is a gift imported from America, specifically the Ojibwa Chippewa tribe. In the language of this tribe, the dreamcatcher is “asabikeshiinh” – meaning spider web. This is a symbol of protection, protection and comfort, helping to ward off bad dreams. Therefore, the dreamcatcher is not only a decoration but also a feng shui gift with a good meaning. Dreamcatchers come in a variety of sizes, colors and trims. How to make this girlfriend gift is also quite simple. You can buy a ready-made package of tools to make your own gift!

19. Lovely Couple Keychain

On special days like birthdays or Valentine’s Day, boyfriends are wondering if they should go to the store to buy gifts? But that would lose value. Another easy DIY gift for your girlfriend is keychains. These items are easy to buy everywhere, but it makes more sense if you make them yourself. You can create your own pair of keychains from felt, clay, or wool, drawing paper,… With a little meticulousness and ingenuity, lovely handmade keychains have been created. Your lover will surely love it.

20. A DIY Comic Book

No no! Don’t think of a comic book bought at a bookstore. We had a friend and every year, for his lover’s birthday, he would print out some text message conversations and turn it into a comic book as a girlfriend gift. As a result, his girlfriend was completely surprised. How is it possible to find something so special in the store? You try it out. Try telling your lover with a DIY Comic Book of the two of you. Outlining your entire relationship in this way is also a unique idea.

21. Beautiful Potted Plants

With just a few simple ingredients such as porcelain cups, plastic bottles, glass jars, cement, sand, or dust, water, ropes, paints, brushes, wool yarn,… you can feel free to create funny potted plants to embellish your girlfriend’s living space. If she is a person who is often exposed to electronic devices, having a tree next to her will be very good because it helps to purify the atmosphere. The steps are quite few and simple, hope you will enjoy and implement this idea right after watching the instructions. Now let’s find out some of the pots below that you can easily make from readily available materials.

 22. DIY Wallet

Wallet is an item that helps people keep money and important papers in an orderly manner. So, it can be said that no one does not need a wallet. If your girlfriend is stylish and loves fashion, she will appreciate the handcrafted and meticulous purse. It is also a way to make her look more charming when going out on the street. In addition, more specifically, you can engrave your own name, anniversaries or special symbols to mark her ownership belongs only to you.

23. Make Your Own Commemorative Video

Besides giving fresh flower bouquets and gift boxes containing sweet feelings, you can make your own love video for your lover. Combine your dating photos and videos into a unique video that will surely surprise your girlfriend with your abilities. And, she will also feel happy when looking back on the good memories of the two of you. Today, technology is very developed, so you can completely search for video editing applications and add shimmer effects to make your video more beautiful and attractive.

24. DIY Mini House Model Set

You can use your patience to create a house model according to your ideas and wishes for a warm big house for both of you in the future. This is an extremely meaningful gift, especially for girls who love sophistication and love assembled models. It can be implied that this gift is like a promise to build a happy home with her. It is a very meaningful DIY gift for your girlfriend.

25. Scented Candles

Scented candle is a name that is no longer strange in today’s modern society. Now, scented candles are not only used to light up or decorate a space, but it also brings many benefits to life such as improving sleep, changing mood, creating a feeling of comfort, stimulating the ability to concentrate,… Therefore, giving your girlfriend a few jars of scented candles is a very meaningful thing. Have you ever thought about making your own scented candles to give to your loved ones? If so, we’ll show you how to make a super easy scented candle at home that you’ll probably want to do right away!


Girls often like cute and small gifts, so DIY gifts for girlfriends is a right choice. Hope the boys have drawn in their heads some unique handmade gift ideas for girlfriends. Do not hesitate any longer, shake hands immediately with a homemade gift for your lover because sincerely giving love will always receive what is from the other’s heart. Remember to regularly follow our new articles for unique ideas!

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