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Candy corn is the most popular candy of fall and Halloween. Candy corn is notorious for its polarizing reactions, with articles calling it “Halloween’s most contentious sweet” that people either “love” or “hate”. No matter how you treat these candies, there’s no denying they always bring in the colorful holiday spirit. What’s more, candy corn puns jokes will also entertain everyone.

Best Candy Corn Puns Jokes for Instagram Captions

Candy Corn Puns Jokes

If you love candy corn and want to find some jokes or puns related to them, check out some suggestions of candy corn puns jokes below. Pair them with your candy corn photo or share with your friends.

  • I was candy corn to be wild.
  • If you need me, I’ll be hanging around the Candy corn(er).
  • Hope this isn’t too corny.
  • Yes we candy! Corn.
  • My dog doesn’t eat meat and only eats corn; he is such a corn-ivore!
  • Corn you believe my outfit?
  • I don’t think I take Halloween too seriously, but thank you for your corn-cern.
  • Part white, part orange and sickening in large doses
  • Cheesy costumes are a corn-erstone of my Halloween.
  • I asked for sweet corn, but instead I got sweet nothings. 
  • Hoping your day is fine and candy… corn.
  • Decided to seriously take corn-trol over Halloween this year.
  • Have you corn-sidered eating more candy?
  • Corn you believe my costume?
  • I’d like to think I’m pretty corn-siderate.
  • Feeling a little corny.
  • Donald Trump is the candy corn of politicians
  • I corn-not believe it’s Halloween!

Funny Candy Corn Jokes To Share With Your Friends


Here’re some funny candy corn puns jokes with question and answer. Next Halloween, ask your family or friends about these riddles and see who is the smartest and funniest. 

  • What does that candy corn call its dad? Pop-corn.
  • What do you call someone who can eat candy corn with both hands? Ambidextrose!
  • What do you call candy corn with a positive attitude? Can-do corn.
  • How do programmers like their candy corn? Byte-sized!
  • Why are lonely candy corn’s immortal? They’re unicorns!
  • Why was the candy corn self-conscious? It had a jelly belly!
  • What’s the difference between candy corn and boogers? Kids won’t eat candy corn.
  • Where does the candy man keep his candy corn? The candy man can!
  • Where do candy corn go to have fun? The carnival!
  • Why was the candy corn comedian booed off the stage? All of its jokes were corny!
  • What do you call a candy corn that has just been to the beach? A sandy corn.
  • What parasites do candy corns get? Gummy worms!
  • What do you call a candy corn that’s good with tools? A handy corn.
  • Why was the candy corn hiding under a wrapper? It had a bounty on its head!
  • What do you say to the candy corn graduate? Corngratulations!
  • What do you call a candy corn that loves distilled wine? A brandy corn.
  • What do you get when you cross candy corn and a cow? Corned beef!
  • What do you call candy corn at the beach? Sandy corn!
  • Why didn’t the ghost eat his candy corn? He didn’t have the stomach for it!
  • Where does candy corn go to enjoy rides and fair games? The candy cornival.
  • Where do ghosts buy their candy corn? At the ghostery store!
  • Why was the candy corn such a party animal? It was corn to be wild.
  • Do zombies eat candy corn with their fingers? No, they eat their fingers separately!
  • Whats a vegetarians favourite treat? Candy Quorn!
  • Who’s in charge of all the candy corn? The kernel!
  • What kind of candy has impeccable manners? Kindly corn!
  • What do you get if you cross a werewolf and a candy corn? A corn dog!
  • What kind of corn can you eat but never grows? Candy corn!
  • What do you call someone who’s crazy about corn? A corn-ivore!
  • How do you make sweet corn? You whisper sweet nothings in its ear!

Corny Puns to Get You Giggling All Day


Corn, a versatile year-round vegetable. In the fall, it’s heavily used in mazes of corn, candy corn, decorations, and Thanksgiving dinners. In winter, it is used in the famous corn stew. And in the spring and summer, you can see it at barbeques. So, If you want more puns relating to corn, check out the candy corn puns jokes below. 

  • Careful not to step on corn-flakes, you wouldn’t want to become a cereal-killer.  
  • Stop the popcorn puns, please. They can be hard to digest! 
  • Don’t lose the corn maze map, or else you’ll have to play it by ear. 
  • The corn stalk corn-gratulated the scarecrow for being the longest man standing. 
  • I asked for sweet corn, but instead I got sweet nothings. 
  • Pop the question.
  • The cornstalk no longer wanted to stay in its field, it wanted a new career.
  • Pop, goes the weasel.
  • Don’t eat too much corn, or else you risk getting corn-stipated. 
  • You should never tell your secrets in a corn field because it’s full of ears. 
  • See you a-grain some time soon.
  • Sometimes you just have to grain and bear it.
  • A pirate will never pay more than a buc-can-ear for a corn cob.  
  • This tricky corn maze has got me corn-ered!
  • The corn stalker was finally arrested.
  • Watch out for that corn-ivore or else he may eat all your corn! 
  • I don’t like that earie corn maze; I always feel like I’m being stalked!
  • The kernel of truth is, I think you are a-maize-ing!
  • That husky pirate! He tried to sell me corn for a buccaneer. 
  • No pain no grain.
  • The corn farmer put it all on the line, including his stalk investment.
  • My audio sounds so grainy.
  • It’s a kernel of truth when people say it is hard to chew popcorn. 
  • NOT PLAIN POPCORN! We can do butter than that! 
  • Oh no, my corn on the cob fell! Oh well, I maize-well eat it.

Halloween Candy Jokes You Will Enjoy

These Halloween candy jokes are a great way to get into the festive spirit and add some humor to your Halloween celebrations. Share Halloween puns with your friends and family, or use them to add a playful touch to your social media posts and captions.

  • Why do ghosts like to eat candy bars? It’s the only time they can taste something!
  • What do you call a ghost’s favorite candy? Life Scares!
  • What’s a mummy’s favorite candy? Gummy worms!
  • Why did the candy go to the doctor? It had a wrapper rash!
  • Why did the ghost go into the candy shop? It wanted to stock up on boo-bons!
  • What’s a vampire’s favorite candy? Neck-o-lanterns.
  • What do you get when you cross a snowman and a candy bar? Frostbite!
  • Why do witches love chocolate so much? It’s spell-binding!
  • Why did the M&M go to school? Because it wanted to be a smartie!
  • How do you know if a ghost likes candy? It will have a wrapper stuck to its sheet!
  • Why did the zombie eat candy until it got a stomach ache? Because it wanted a sugar “high”!
  • What do you call a candy that can see into the future? A smartie-pants!
  • Why did the candy corn go to the doctor? Because it wasn’t feeling very sweet!
  • Why did the skeleton refuse to eat any Halloween candy? Because it didn’t have the stomach for it!

Final Words

Let it candy corn puns jokes to make you laugh out loud. Unfortunately, they have come to an end, but these fun candy corn jokes can be passed on to others who want to enjoy sweet corn laughs. The great thing about funny corn is that it can be used anywhere, anytime you want.

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