Here is our collection of funny autumn puns jokes. There are some hilarious autumn summertime jokes that no one knows (tell your family and friends) and make them laugh out loud.

If you love a gourd play on words as much as we do, you’ve come to the right place to curate the best jokes. These autumn puns jokes will make you and your loved ones smile. Whether you’re looking to wow your family, or spice up your Instagram feed with a fun caption, you’ll find it all here.

From cute jokes about pumpkins, leaves, pies, pumpkins, and everything in between, these jokes are sure to make your fall season even better. Bonus: Before you make something like a tree and leaf, check out these very fun Dracula puns and pumpkin puns for double the trouble.

Autumn Puns For Instagram That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud


Whether you’re looking for something funny to tell your friends or find something clever to caption your new feed, here are some general autumn puns jokes. They feature descriptive terms for fall, along with seasonal events and items from the fall harvest.

  • Life’s gourd, but then you pie.
  • Summers over? Wow we’ve really come Fall circle this year
  • Fall is coll-arding; it’s time to leave.
  • It’s Fall coming back to me now.
  • I’m scarecrow-ed to ask.
  • Fall arrives, and all hell bakes loose.
  • Although Pumpkins good, you still butternut forget the other squash
  • Summer’s over; it’s time to chill.
  • You’re the pumpkin pie of my eye.
  • I’m totally fall-ing for you.
  • It’s time to turn-ip over another leaf.
  • Colored leaves and warm beverages, please!
  • Felt cute, might de-leaf later
  • All things being equinox …
  • Wow, we’ve come Fall circle this year.
  • Mum’s the word!
  • In one Fall swoop, its autumn again!
  • You butternut forget how much I love this time of year
  • This Autumn foliage really leafts my mood
  • Don’t be acorn-y.
  • You’re looking gourd-geous.
  • Wow, we’ve come Fall circle this year.
  • Leaves are falling and pumpkin-flavored everything is calling
  • Maize I have another serving?
  • I have a har-vested interest in the football game.
  • We are Fall about good times around here!
  • Not sure If I want to make some spiced apple cider, so I’ll just mull over it.
  • You’d better crop around.
  • Bet your Autumn dollar its my favorite season!
  • Time to Fall ass!
  • Autumn is the best time to spice things up a bit.
  • What a wonderFall world!
  • Humpty Dumpty had a great fall — hope you do too!

Cute Fall Puns For Anyone That Leaf You Laughing

The only way to make your family’s autumnal outings, like pumpkin picking and hayrides, even more magical this year? Obviously, by spouting off a few ridiculously merry fall jokes! Whether you would like to wow your family, or spice your social media feed with a witty caption, you and people around you will love autumn puns jokes.

  • I’m falling for you.
  • You really autumn know…
  • Let’s pumpkin spice things up.
  • FALLing in love with autumn.
  • And they lived apple-y ever after.
  • Oh my gourd, I love pumpkin spice.
  • You a-maize me.
  • Pumpkin spice and everything nice.
  • My favorite fall outfit is a har-vest.
  • Fall down once, stand up twice.
  • Have a gourd time!
  • Sorry I’m latte; I had to get my pumpkin spice.
  • Fall down once, stand up twice.
  • Gourd of the Rings.
  • Hello gourdgeous.
  • You’re the (caramel) apple of my eye.
  • You’re the apple of my eye.
  • May the forest be with you.
  • Fall-elujah!
  • Orange you glad it’s autumn?

Leaf Puns For Instagram You Shouldn’t Miss


Speaking of leaves, autumn is the time when the green trees of summer turn to colorful yellow, red, and brown shades. Here are some of the best autumn puns jokes that have to do with fall leaves. They’re great for your Instagram captions this autumn.

  • Oh autumn, please don’t ever leaf me again.
  • Some people are just un-be-leaf-able.
  • Orange you ready to leaf yet?
  • This fall color is un-be-leaf-able!
  • You’re un-be-leaf-able!
  • Autumn leaves a smile on my face.
  • Fall makes me g-leaf-full!
  • Don’t go changing colors to try and please me.
  • Don’t stop be-leafing
  • Don’t leaf me hanging like that.
  • Autumn sure brings re-leaf from that summer heat.
  • I can’t be-leaf my eyes.
  • What did the tree say to autumn? Leaf me alone.
  • You don’t like the outdoors? Unbe-leaf-able.
  • Don’t stop be-leafing!
  • You’re so beautiful, even the leaves fall for you.
  • I’m expecting a de-leaf-ery today!
  • We’ll make you a be-leaf-er!
  • Fall leaf-ts my mood.
  • Let’s breathe a sigh of re-leaf.
  • I can’t be-leaf it!
  • Maybe she’s born with it, maybe its Maple leaves.
  • Seeing is be-leaf-ing!
  • Orange you glad autumn came early this year?
  • Orange you ready to leaf yet?
  • Autumn leaves summer in the dust.
  • Some people are just un-belief-able.
  • Please don’t leaf me behind.

Pie Puns & Wordplay That Will Leaf Your Friends in Stitches


In addition to pumpkins, autumn is also the season of delicious apples. Therefore, this collection of autumn puns jokes wouldn’t be complete without apples. Share these apple puns with your friends this fall and make them chuckle.

  • I’ve got my eyes on the pies
  • I s’pie with my little eye…
  • You’re the candy apple of my eye
  • Beauty is in the pie of the beholder
  • You’re so a-peel-ing
  • You’re the apple of my pie
  • As far as the pie can see…
  • These dessert options will do piesly
  • I literally pecan’t even
  • You’re the pumpkin pie of my eye.
  • Pie beg to differ!
  • I s’pie with my little eye…
  • I only have pies for you, baby.
  • Pie love this time of the year
  • I apple-laud your efforts
  • Go on and bake my day
  • Letting out a Pie of relief
  • Eyes on the pies
  • Apple-y ever after
  • The best that money can pie!
  • Time to bake the world a better place
  • Eyes on the pies, guys!

Autumn Puns Jokes – Autumn Quiz Questions With Answers

autumn puns jokes

If you enjoy quizzing family and friends with riddles that are also puns, you’re sure to get a kick out of this list of silly but funny autumn puns jokes.

  • What did the tree say to autumn? Leaf me alone.
  • What did the turkey say after Thanksgiving dinner? I’m still stuffed.
  • What is a ghost’s favorite fruit flavor? Boo-berry!
  • What kind of parent makes their kids costume from scratch? Mummy of the year.
  • What did the jack-o-lantern say to the psychologist? I’m hollow inside.
  • What did one autumn leaf say to another? I’m falling for you.
  • What’s the best way to avoid eating too many Thanksgiving leftovers? Quit cold turkey.
  • Why couldn’t the neighbors finish their yard work? They had too many rakes and pains.
  • What’s the main course? Oh, it’s fowl.
  • What did the customer say at the farmer’s market? That’s quite a load of crop you’ve got there.
  • How do you tell a vampire to have a good time? Make it fang-tastic!
  • What will fall on the lawn first? An autumn leaf or a Christmas catalog?
  • Why do birds fly south in the Fall? Because it’s too far to walk.
  • Why did you act like that at Thanksgiving dinner? I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam.
  • What kind of vehicle did they use for the hayride? An Autumn-mobile, of course!
  • What’s the best vest to wear in the fall? A har-vest
  • What did the pie crust say to the turkey? I crusted you!
  • Why isn’t your daughter married? Because a gourd man is hard to find.
  • What did the sad ghost say to its friends? I’ve got a case of the boos.
  • If money really did grow on trees, what would be everyone’s favorite season? Fall.
  • How do you like your apple pie? Any way you spice it.
  • Who threw the best Halloween party this year? The ghost-ess with the most-est!
  • What did the customer say at the farmer’s market? That’s quite a load of crop you’ve got there.

Fall Puns Captions

Looking for creative and catchy captions to accompany your autumn-themed posts on social media? Check out our list of “fall puns captions” for some inspiration! These autumn puns jokes and clever wordplay capture the essence of the fall season, from pumpkin spice to changing leaves. Use them to enhance your social media posts and engage with your audience during this colorful and cozy time of year.

  • “Fall” in love with the changing colors
  • The season of pumpkin spice and everything nice
  • Life is gourd when you’re enjoying fall
  • Let’s get “corny” and embrace the season
  • Fall is not just a season, it’s a whole mood.
  • Keep calm and love fall.
  • It’s fall, y’all! Let’s get cozy.
  • Don’t let the autumn leaves you behind.
  • Autumn, the season to fall for everything beautiful.
  • “Autumn” a be better time to enjoy the outdoors.

Take your time to read those autumn puns jokes and riddles where you ask a question with answers, or where the setup is the punchline. We, giftOMG hope you will find these autumn puns funny enough to tell and make people laugh. 

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