Choosing the perfect gifts for your loved ones is so great but the impressive wrapping is important as well. If you’re sincerely aiming to amaze someone, you need these fantastic ideas for wrapping gift cards in your arsenal. 

There are so many creative and lovely ideas for gift wrapping and in case you want to look for the best ones, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered together a handy list of the best and most interesting wrapping gift ideas for you. 

With these awesome ideas for wrapping gift cards, your gift will certainly stand out from the crowd when you head to a party or give a present to special ones. Hopefully, you are going to fall in love with all of these ideas. Enjoy! 

Incredible Ideas For Wrapping Gift Cards

Below you are going to discover a wide range of awesome ideas for wrapping gift cards. Whether you’re searching gift card wrapping ideas Christmas or how to wrap a gift card for birthday, we can help. Pick up the one you like best to surprise your loved ones!

1. Handmade Real Pressed Flowers Paper Card


If you like the idea of ​​combining real flowers and cards, you should definitely refer to this card. It is decorated with natural pressed flowers, so it keeps the original bright color of the flower.

Moreover, it is also very creative when combining a variety of flowers and leaves to create wonderful works that anyone would be delighted to receive as a gift.

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2. Cotton Candy Card


Looking for ideas for wrapping gift cards? Your gift will become more wonderful and sweet than ever thanks to this unique multicolor cotton candy decorated card. With a cute decoration, a coordinating envelope decorated with eye-catching colors.

It will make the recipient feel like on cloud nine when seeing it. Very sensible for birthday or celebration gifts for girls like nieces, daughters or friends. 

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3. Explosion Greetings Card 


Cards using pop-up techniques are always impressive when anyone receives them. With a simple message as a greeting celebration but a special design featuring funny decorations and streamers popup, there is also a blank space for you to write your own words inside to your favorite one.

With this exciting and sincere card, you can perfectly send your wish to others for any occasion of celebration. 

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4. Magical Unicorn Card


Let’s take your recipient back to the time of childhood with this adorable magical unicorn card. Cover features a crafted unicorn attachment embellished stick on a shimmery streamer paper, this cute card when given along with a special gift and good wishes is the perfect way to cheer up your family member, friends or coworker on their birthdays. 

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5. Captain America Card


Such a usually fun design that is really awesome and great for giving to somebody who has just done or accomplished something mighty. 

It is a lovely choice to give to coworkers, children, friends, etc. anyone loves Captain and it is always well received.

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6. For Him Card 


If you are seeking a really great card for your husband or boyfriend, then we recommend you definitely check out this meaningful card. It’s one of the greatest ideas for wrapping gift cards. 

There’s nothing more worthy for him than knowing to you he means the world and you love him, which is all expressed in the decorative motifs on this card. It can celebrate all the things in your durable relationship without any luxurious or gorgeous things. 

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7. Cup Of Coffee Gift Card For Mom


Mothers are interested in coffee, aren’t they? So giving a coffee gift card is undoubtedly the easiest and most suitably loved gift.

However, this card holder is not a normal and boring one but it is dressed up and updated to look a little cuter with a warm heart, which can show her how much you love her. What a creative and sentimental gift card!

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8. Leather Gift Card Holder


A leather gift card is a fantastic choice gift if you wanna do something that’s special and unique for someone.

With durable leather material, this card will become more different than other traditional paper cards because it is more sturdy so it can go over the years with the recipient without any concern. This is one of the best ideas for wrapping gift cards that you can find.

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9. Paper Craft Flowers Bouquet Card


What’s better ideas for wrapping gift cards than this one?Delight your mom on Mother’s Day this year with a special card featuring a 3D display of lovely colorful paper flowers.

The indelible confetti will symbolize your eternal gratitude and unchanging love for your mom, which your mom will want to display long after that special event is over. We firmly assume that she can burst with joy and love your sentimental gift card a lot. 

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10. Funny Taco Card


Give someone the gift of extra excitement with this funny taco gift card holder. It will make the recipient burst into laughter with this unique card. Decorated very cute and pretty, taco cards will make people love their life and be happier.

Great options for colleagues, friends, family members or anyone special is interested in tacos on their birthday. 

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11. Candle Birthday Card 


A candle bundle card is a very cute and interesting idea for a birthday gift. From the design to the color and the meaningful message inside all show how much you care.

Bright colors candles with a dozen of love have generated a wonderful birthday card gift. We recommend that you should save this idea to use later. 

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12. Exploding Card


What do you think when you receive a card that when opened will make you both surprised and startled but also excited? That is the feeling that the exploding card brings.

With a simple but smart design, it will be like mini confetti that pops out when you open the card. What a unique and interesting card idea, isn’t it?

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13. Cupcake Liner Cactus Card


An impressive card featuring a display of a cactus blooming colorful flowers to brighten up someone’s day and space without any absolutely watering at all. Interestingly, you can salvage cupcake bases to make this card, a great eco-friendly recycling act.

Thus, this special card not only brings joy to the recipient but it also shows your interest and love, perfect card for many occasions.

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14. Voice Record Greeting Card 


This card, in addition to meticulous craftsmanship, also requires a little understanding of electrical engineering, so it may not be easy for many people. However, the results received are extremely worthy and unique.

You can record your own mixtape message for the special people in your life to express how much they mean to you. With a classic vintage style, this customized gift card is a unique alternative to a standard musical birthday card.

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15. Dried Flower Greeting Card 


Flowers and cards are always two things that go hand in hand, so what about the idea of ​​combining flowers and cards? Small, beautiful dried natural flower branches are attached to the outside of the card to create a very special and impressive highlight.

A beautiful card for birthdays, retirements, bridal showers, baby showers, graduations, etc. Real flower handmade cards may be old fashion making card way but yet unique and modern look.

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16. DIY String Heart Yarn Card


Have you ever thought that yarns can be used to make a handmade gift card? This idea is super awesome, right?

Just with colorful yarns, a blank card, and some support tools, you can effortlessly make a fantastic gift card for giving in a short time without any complexity. Take some thread to stitch a heart on the front of the card filled with a lovely note inside. 

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17. Celebratory Ensemble Card


If you’re on the hunt for ideas for wrapping gift cards, consider this beautiful one. Send best wishes with a card featuring a gift bag, a pennant, and a card. It’s a perfect option for Father’s Day, but it would also work well for a birthday or even a graduation gift.

Covered with lovely items of a celebratory ensemble, the card brings uniqueness, and impression and shows the giver’s heart full of respect and love to the recipient on a special day. 

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18. Customized Photo Card


Anyone would be delighted to receive a card with a lovely picture on it. A photo of you and him or her together would be the best choice for this idea. This unique and unusual gift card holder can bring happiness and warmth to being cared for and loved.

Once a card has been personalized,  It will be more appreciated and preserved by the recipient over the years.

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19. Gatefold Card 


Gatefold is a design idea that seems to be mostly used in invitation cards, so if taken as a gift card idea, it is also an extremely creative one.

With a delicate paper-cut pattern design, graceful colors and beautiful ribbon, all have created an extremely gentle and harmonious card. What a card could not be more suitable for the elderly or for formal occasions such as weddings!

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20. Embroidered Card 


A card seems to be nothing too outstanding, but it is a sophisticated and meticulous work with the cover embroidered on the paper with vivid images of whatever you like.

Besides, you can also write very meaningful and warm quotes. It is sure that the recipient will be as surprised and delighted as you – receiving this very special card.

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21. Underwater Scene Seascape Card


If you want to give a gift to a child or a marine biologist, perhaps this gift card about seascape will make them jump for joy.

It features vibrant colors and shimmering foil accents of a seahorse, fish, coralline, etc. So it can make your gift even more meaningful with the love messages for them on this card. 

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22. Ribbon Gift Card 


Decorating gift cards with lovely ribbon bows is never an outdated idea. You can unleash your creativity to design very beautiful cards with this ribbon or you can also follow existing designs if you are not too skillful.

However, we are still assured that you will be rewarded with the happiness and gratitude of the recipient when putting effort into making this card.

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23. Wood Signature Card


A wooden greeting card will be one of the worthy ideas for wrapping gift cards if you wanna something long-lasting for keeping throughout the years. It will be more difficult to implement than other ordinary cards but if you can, consider this interesting idea thought

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24. Paper Purse DIY Gift Card


Want to find fun ways to wrap gift cards for Christmas? Consider this one. Make your special person’s birthday different this year with this iconic paper purse card. With just a little ingenuity and meticulousness, you can completely make this adorable priceless card for your loved ones on special occasions.

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25. Personalized Video Birthday Card


If you are good at IT skills, why not try this extremely new and unique way of making cards. You just need to prepare any video showing the messages sent to that person and convert them into a QR code.

After that, print this code on the card for the recipient to scan the QR code and go to the video you prepared for them. This excellent idea will surely surprise, and delight them. 

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26. Cheers Beer Card Holder


Cheer beer card holder, a super-suitable card for men that they are 100% sure to enjoy receiving. You can give them to any man or anyone who loves this drink on meaningful occasions with them like birthdays, baby showers, and groom showers. They will surely laugh out loud when seeing it, we certainly. 

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27. Snoopy Dog Origami Card 


A card-shaped emulating Snoopy dog ​​will make children or those who are fans of this dog exclaim in admiration and joy. With its super eye-catching design and cute images, this card can be suitable for so many special occasions that you can use.

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28. Burger Surprise


Create a mock burger package using a small cardboard box or a burger wrapper. Place the gift card inside a folded piece of paper or a small envelope to resemble a patty. Add some tissue paper or crumpled foil to mimic lettuce and cheese. Close the package as you would with a real burger, and watch the recipient’s reaction when they discover their “burger” holds a gift card instead! It would be one of the funny gift card wrapping ideas everyone will love.

29. Money Piñata


Create a mini piñata by filling a small cardboard box with confetti, small candies, and, of course, the gift card. Seal the box securely and cover it with colorful crepe paper or tissue paper. Attach strings to the box, and the recipient can enjoy the excitement of breaking open the piñata to reveal their surprise. Try this one if you’re still hunting for ideas for wrapping gift cards.


Finally, as you can see, there are endless ideas for wrapping gift cards when it comes to us. Also, remember that it’s always more fun if both the giver and receiver feel a lot more interesting. Try to have some fun creating based on the recipient’s hobby and we promise that the result will be rewarding. Enjoy your pleasurable time and we are always here to give you brilliant and excellent ideas for wrapping gift cards

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