Cottagecore style is becoming more and more popular. Check out this list of 25 cottagecore jewelry to bring the breath of the countryside to the city.

Teenagers and young adults have made the cottagecore fashion aesthetic, which celebrates an idealized rural lifestyle popular. It was made in the 2010s, but it wasn’t until 2018 on Tumblr that it received the name “cottagecore.” Traditionally, it has emphasized rural life in Europe and England. Cottagecore’s tenets might help supporters escape from various forms of stress and trauma and give them “an idealistic sort of nostalgia.”

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, the rural atmosphere is like a door to peace. Take a look at the cottagecore jewelry list below and see which is your door to peace. And especially, if there is an important woman in your life who loves cottagecore style, you can refer to our suggestion to find a perfect gift for her on special occasions such as birthdays, Mother’s Day, etc.

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Incredible Cottagecore Jewelry Ideas For Rural Lifestyle 

Cottagecore-Jewelry Take these lovely ideas into consideration to achieve the most impressive cottagecore style!

1. Woven Mixed Multi-Colored Bead Flower Heart Illusion Necklace


This gorgeous floral heart necklace features magnificent flowers, exquisite stone embellishments, colorful faceted beads, and an illusion heart. A lobster clasp secures the gold-tone metal necklace.

This colorful, whimsical, and lovely necklace is ideal for the holiday season. This necklace seems to be made from a fragrant flower garden, bringing a poetic feeling to the city.

This is a dynamic and youthful gift that is very suitable for 19-year-old girls!!!    

2. Flower Rectangle Stone Drop Earrings


You will become a muse when wearing a pair of earrings with flowers. A set of drop earrings with iridescent rectangle-shaped stones are embellished with a flower and a cluster of mixed stones.

The fish hook-style earrings have a rose gold-toned metal construction. The white flower in the middle will be the highlight for the whole face, bringing the freshness of the countryside.


3. Multi Lucite Heart Drop Earrings


A translucent lucite heart drop and a bow-shaped dangle earring with a delicate chain are both featured. Lever back earrings with a setting made of metal in a pale copper tone. A metal frame with a light copper tone has glass and resin put to it.

With a transparent heart shape, the decorative color beads attached to the heart will stand out the most. This is a beautiful pair of earrings for dreamy ladies.


4. Pressed Flower Circle Drop Earrings


The ladies will like having a flower garden on their ears if using these earrings. These eye-catching, spherical, transparent drop earrings with sterling silver settings feature real dried flowers in vibrant colors preserved in resin.

Genuine flowers’ organic characteristics offer each product a unique look. The image’s composition and color may differ slightly from those of the actual flowers.


5. Butterfly Drop Earrings


The butterfly has become a metaphor for transformation and hope. Drop earrings with a little white bloom, a pearl accent, and a gorgeous white butterfly with pave stones at the wings.

Lever backs secure the earrings, which are made of metal with a rose gold tone. The glass, enamel, and plastic components of the rose gold-toned metal stud earrings. 


6. Pressed Flower Teardrop Earrings


A pair of teardrop-shaped earrings decorated with dried real flowers will attract all eyes. These earrings are made of resin, so we can see the dried flowers decorating the inside.

A pair of earrings made from real flowers will create a feeling of being close to nature like you are lost in a flower field in the peaceful countryside.


7. Rose Dangle Earring


Rose is a flower that symbolizes the pride and beauty of women. Beautiful mixed stones and iridescent stones are used to decorate these glitzy earrings, which include a pink rose drop and a long ear wire.

Shepherds’ hooks secure the gold-toned metal earring posts. A pair of rose-shaped earrings is not only a cottagecore jewelry but also a symbol of beauty for ladies.


8. Pressed Flower Pendant Necklace


Genuine dried flowers preserved in resin are a part of this stunning translucent teardrop-shaped necklace, which is encircled by settings made of gold over sterling silver. The organic qualities of real flowers give each product a distinctive appearance.

The composition and color of the photograph could differ somewhat from those of genuine flowers.


9. Carved Flower Medallion & Crystal Gem Drop Earrings


Intricate drop earrings with a carving of a purple rose, little stone embellishments, and delicate pearls are also included. earrings with a gold-tone metal mounting and a lever back. Glass and metal in a gold tone make up these earrings.


10. Genuine Green Jade Turtle Pendant Necklace


Rural life is not only about flora and fauna, but also lovely animals. This is a pendant necklace made of sterling silver that is 18k yellow gold-plated and a genuine green jade shell in a cage are also included. This necklace will be suitable for girls who love rural life and above all love animals.


11. Celestial Moon & Star Drop Earrings


The mismatched earrings have celestial stars and a crescent moon on them, and are embellished with crystal, blue-toned colored stone, textured, and accent decorations. The post-back earrings have a setting and are constructed of metal in a gold tone.

This gold-tone metal with glass earrings like the moon and the star in the peaceful countryside, so bright and so gorgeous.


12. Crystal Flower Stud Earrings


This is exactly the cottagecore jewelry for girls who like simplicity. A beautiful piece of diamond gem floral stud earrings with a textured core material.

The post-back earrings are set and formed of metal with a rose gold-tone. The white color of the stone will brighten the wearer’s face and bring the feeling of purity.


13. Glitter Rose Frontal Necklace


Roses represent the pride and beauty of a woman. A necklace decorated with roses further enhances the beauty of its wearer. The necklace’s front is covered with pink glitter blooms that are adorned with tiny stones of various colors.

The gold-tone metal necklace is fastened with a lobster clasp. This gold-tone metal with glass and plastic will bring you to a stunning rose garden. 


14. CZ & Butterfly Double Mismatch Drop Earring


The butterfly has become a metaphor for transformation and hope and purple stands for wisdom and spirituality. A mismatched set of drop earrings with a purple CZ heart stone, a butterfly, and little blue stones.

Hematite-tone metal earrings with a lever back. A butterfly earring with purple theme color will bring a lot of meanings to its owner. 


15. Gold Butterfly Y-Shaped Necklace


Y-shaped necklace with a pink ombre butterfly and lovely chain fringe adorned with colorful stones. The gold-tone metal necklace is fastened with a lobster clasp.

With a gentle design with attractive rose gold color, the main butterfly-shaped necklace will bring the feeling of a poetic lady lost in a wonderland. 


16. Spider Non-Matching Drop Earrings


The image of the spider will no longer be scary when you see these earrings. The mismatched earrings with spider drops are embellished with a variety of colorful stones, delicate crystal embellishments, and softly textured designs along the legs.

The post-back earrings have a setting and are constructed of metal in a gold tone. Earrings decorated with colorful spiders will be a highlight for girls who love to be different.


17. Purple Butterfly Stud Earrings


These earrings will create the feeling of a butterfly gently perching on the ear of a beautiful lady. This is a set of purple butterfly-shaped earrings with blue-toned pave stones and textured heart designs inside the wings.

The post-back earrings have a setting and are constructed of metal in a gold tone. This pair of earrings is the door to the peaceful countryside when it gives you a gentle feeling like entering a fairy flower garden.


18. Mismatch Stud Earrings


The rose is already beautiful and it will be more beautiful when the flower is in full bloom. These earrings are set with stunning pearls and jewels and mismatched pink glitter rose buttons.

Inspired by the beauty of roses when they are in full bloom, these earrings will help the owner to shine and be beautiful amidst the hustle and bustle of city life.


19. Pave Crystal Snake Front & Back Linear Earrings


You will change your mind about snakes when you see these earrings. This is a pair of earrings designed in the shape of snakes, but it will not be scary but cute when these snakes are studded with colorful stones to create an eye-catching feeling. This gold-tone metal with glass earring set is different from other cottagecore jewelry themes. 


20. Trilogy Jewelry Pewter Fairy Celestial


A pendant shaped like a fairy sitting on a crescent moon is so poetic. This silver pendant can be worn with many different straps to create a necklace that suits you best. This pendant is like a magic wing to help you go to the fairy world. 


21. Flower Front Back Earrings-Jackets


A beautiful little flower when worn on the ear will create a gentle and classic feeling. These earrings with a little flower stud in the front and smooth leaves and stems at the back.

Post-back earrings in a rose gold-tone metal are embellished with tiny stones. Girls will become nature-loving country girls when wearing these pretty little flower earrings.


22. Bumble Bee & Mixed Flower Hinged Bangle Bracelet


Bees are insects that help flowers pollinate and bloom. It can be said that bees play a very important role in creating a dreamy flower world. A bracelet with bangles that are hinged and have beautiful stone bumble bees and flowers on them.

Beautiful pave stone embellishments and striped details adorn Bumble Bee. The bracelet has a hinge fastening and is constructed of gold-tone metal.


23. 3 Sided Flower Spinner Locket Pendant Necklace


A necklace that is designed with a spin pendant is so unique. This is a necklace with three locket windows and a rotating pendant featuring flowery patterns in a vintage style. The silver color will brighten its owner and attract all eyes. 


24. Glass Vial Pendant necklace pendant


You can get a country feel by owning a flower pendant. This is a round cylindrical pendant that is transparent and engraved with beautiful flowers. You can combine this pendant with any type of strap to create the necklace you like best.


25. Dragonfly Vintage Gears on Heart Necklace


Dragonflies are one of the most common insects found in grasslands in rural areas. Some people believe that dragonflies can predict the weather. Therefore, owning a necklace with a pendant engraved with a dragonfly is the easiest way to create a country feel.

This necklace is suitable for many seasons of the year so you can freely mix it with your favorite outfits.


To Sum Up

The cottagecore style is suitable for many people of all ages. This is the style that pursues the peace of rural life. Choose for yourself a cottagecore jewelry that suits you best and enjoy the fresh air in the countryside.
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