Everyone loves receiving lovely gifts on their birthday. You can surprise beloved sisters, brothers, cousins, children or friends and express your love and appreciation to them through adorable and thoughtful 24th birthday gifts. 

The 24th birthday is an important milestone in the life of everyone. Many things get better with age. When a man or woman turns 24, they are more mature and stronger. But some also struggle with pressures from work, social life, and high expectations after graduation. Just encourage them with a mindful and heartful gift.

The most vital element to choose the best birthday gift for the beloved is mutual understanding. You should know what the receiver really likes and wants and which present can surprise them when they open the wrap. It can be a vibrant dress or personalized mug, T-shirt, or gift card with his/her name printed on the item. 

The cost of the item is not the core element. Cheap but nice 24th birthday gift ideas sometimes are better than luxurious items. For example, dad and moms can encourage their 24-year-old girl to pursue her sport passion by a pair of good shoes. Or else, your 24-year-old girlfriend will be happier when receiving a bunch of her favorite flowers with a sweet message from the bottom of your heart written on a simple card. Check out these best ideas of birthday gifts for the beloved 24-year-old person.

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Great 24th birthday gift ideas that will surprise recipients

  1. Funny 24th Birthday T-Shirt
  2. Custom 24th B-Day Mug
  3. 24th B-Day Necklace
  4. 24th Birthday Mug
  5. Necklace For Daughter
  6. I Can’t Act My Age Mug
  7. Personalize 24th Birthday Card
  8. Level 24 Unlocked Mug
  9. Being Awesome Shirt
  10. and 16 more…

1. Funny 24th Birthday T-Shirt


This stylistic T-shirt is made from cotton and Polyester mixed in different ratios based on the color selection. For example, T-shirts with solid colors are made from 100% cotton. Funny 24th Birthday T-Shirt is also safe to use in the washing machine. 

It’s a perfect humorous gag joke B-day present for both brother, sister, childrens, and friends that is light, comfortable, baggy, and suitable for everyone. Choose the favorite color and the right size for the receiver. The shirt is cheap and affordable, so don’t forget to add it on the list of 24th birthday gifts.

2. Custom 24th B-Day Mug


A customized 24th B-Day mug is one of the best birthday gifts which is cheap but perfect to surprise your friends and beloved ones. This high-quality ceramic mug has a nice capacity of 11 fluid ounces. 

Moreover, the printed quote of ‘it’s a crime to look this good at 24’ will never fade or blur no matter how many times you wash it. Moreover, it’s safe to use this mug in the microwave and dishwasher.

 3. 24th B-Day Necklace


This stunning necklace is one of the best 24th birthday ideas for a 24-year-old sister, daughter, and girlfriend. It’s a high-quality handmade item with Love Knot design. Your beloved girls will definitely love it at first sight. 

The sparkling and shining necklace is made from stainless steel with a 14k white gold cover. In addition, it has a 6mm round cubic zirconia stone in the center of the love knot. 

4. 24th Birthday MugFunny 24th birthday gifts


Another personalized ceramic 24th Birthday mug has two sizes, including 11oz and 

15oz. Besides, there are six accent colors, including red, black, light pink, light green, light orange and light blue. 

It’s a perfect gift for brothers, sisters, and friends, especially fans of coffee, tea, and hot drinks because this handmade ceramic cup can keep their beverage warm. You can also have some sweet or funny messages to the gift receiver printed on the mug by leaving an order.

5. Necklace For Daughter


You can surprise your beloved daughter on her 24th with a gorgeous gift. The knot in the necklace is a symbol of an unbreakable bond between you and her. It’s one of the best 24th birthday ideas for dads and moms to show how much they love their little daughter.

The stunning jewelry is made from stainless steel gilded with brilliant 14k white gold. Moreover, its cable chain makes this necklace fit anyone.

6. I Can’t Act My Age Mug


This high-quality ceramic mug has only one size of 11 fluid ounces. It’s one of the best 24th birthday gifts for both men and women with a white enamel and a funny quote – “I can’t act my age, I have never been 24 before”.

Moreover, you can use it to drink water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and any beverage you love. You can also put it in the microwave to heat the drink, and wash it in the dishwasher safely.

7. Personalize 24th Birthday Card


One of the most meaningful gifts on birthdays is the gift card, especially a handmade paper gift card. You can have the name of the recipient printed on the cover of the birthday card by leaving a message for the seller.

It’s made from lightly textured cardstock which weighs only 300gsm. Moreover, it comes with a high-quality envelope. You can write a sweet message on the blank space inside the card and send him/her your love.

8. Level 24 Unlocked Mug


This black mug is totally different from three previous mugs in this list with a black color and a gaming controller. It’s one of the best gifts for game lovers.

There are two sizes of capacity you can choose, including 11oz and 15oz. The professional vibrant prints on the mug make it a nice and impressive decorating item. Besides, it will never fade even when you wash the mug frequently in the dishwasher or use it in the microwave.

9. Being Awesome Shirt


The 24 Years of Being Awesome T-shirts are another great 24th birthday gifts for anyone. That motivating quote can touch the recipient’s heart and encourage him/her a lot. This comfortable shirt is made from cotton.

Type the name of the recipient in the box of the Personalization option, then it will be printed on the back side of the shirt. Moreover, it varies in color and size, so you have more options.

10. Novelty Hilarious Toilet Paper


The high-quality 3-ply toilet paper with the printed words “Holy…You’re 24” is a super hilarious birthday gift for your friend. It can make your friends laugh out loud when they open the wraps. 

Moreover, this eco-friendly toilet paper is made from biodegradable wood pulp. Moreover, the ink of the printing is totally safe and quality. They can also use it as a decorating item in their birthday party to make everyone laugh.

11. 24th Birthday Keychain


A high-quality BEKECH birthday keychain made from stainless steel is an amazing gift for your friends, brothers, sisters, or anyone on their 24th birthday.

There are three components on the keychain, including a round disk with inspirational words, a nice and sophisticatedly made birthday cake charm, and a 24 number charm. The keychain is packaged inside an elegant and beautiful velvet cloth jewelry pouch.

12. Women Girls Bracelet


This stainless steel bracelet for adults is one of the best 24th birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend, sister, daughter, niece, and friends. Besides, the size is adjustable to fit anyone. 

There are many bracelet charms, including a crown, crystal, birthday cake, the lucky number 24, elephant charm, and a round disk. Besides, its color never changes throughout the time.

13. Aromatherapy Soy Candle


Your daughter, wife, girlfriend, or sister will love this aromatherapy soy candle. There are many styles with different scents, including Gardenia, Jasmine, Magnolia, Mixed Berry Rose, Paris Garden, Plum Blossom, and Rose Jasmine.

Not only the aroma but the appearance of these candles are very attractive and excellent. She will feel really relaxed when using these candles to relieve stress. Moreover, this product is very safe and non-toxic. Add this one on your list of 24th birthday gift ideas for her.

14. Birthday Spoon & Fork


Spoon and fork are two daily essential kitchen tools for eating and mixing things like salad, cereal, beverages, etc. A set of 24th birthday spoons and forks is one of the best 24th birthday gifts for food lovers.

The Happy 24th Birthday wish and signature patterns like birthday cake, ribbons, and balloons are clearly and beautifully engraved on the stainless steel spoon and fork by laser. Besides, water and moisture won’t make it rusted and corroded.

15. Flower Rose Light


A stunning rose light in the glass dorm can surprise any woman on her 24th birthdayValentine’s DayChristmas, and Women’s Day. When she turns on the light, the LED Strip light around the rose flower inside the glass dorm will light up brilliantly and beautifully.

This warm rainbow color light can be a charming and romantic art of decor on the makeup table or bedroom. Moreover, it costs only $32.99 no matter what color you choose.

16. Whiskey Glass and Stones


A box of Whiskey Glass and chilling stones is an amazing gift for men, especially fans of whiskey. This gift box has a glass and four chilling rocks. The premium cup is made from high-quality crystal glass with stunning vintage style and impressive printing. 

Besides, well-polished chilling stones won’t dilute the wine while they still chill it to make the whiskey taste better. It’s better to use these smooth chilling stones than using ice cubes.

17. Vintage 1998 Beer Can Pint Glass


Another ideal gift for men is a vintage beer can pint glass with a 16oz capacity size. You can also make your girlfriend, wife, daughter, or sister happy and surprised with this unique 24th birthday gift

It’s a nice and great daily item that can be used in the dishwasher. Besides, the text on the glass was engraved by hand and the etching technique in Colorado. It’s guaranteed that the printing will never fade. 

18. Handmade Cutting Board


A personalized cutting board is one of the best 24th birthday gifts for cooking lovers and passionate chefs. The cutting board is made from maple wood, so you can smell a relaxing woody scent.

In addition, there are three woody colors, including maple, walnut, and hardwood. Moreover, you can have the recipient’s name engraved on the board clearly and beautifully. This small board can be a piece of artwork for kitchen decoration.

19. 24 is the New Notebook


The Notebook ‘24 is the New…’ can motivate your daughter, friend, sister, and beloved girls a lot on the first day of the 24th year in her life. She can write down her story of the 24th year in this notebook and have a new start. 

Your girls will love the design of this funny awesome notebook and record her fun and emotion when turning 24 years old to remind or show someone in the future.

20. Ceramic Jewelry Tray


Giving the jewelry as 24th birthday gifts is alway appreciated. The jewelry tray is an indispensable item on any girl’s dressing table, especially young ladies who own big collections of jewelry. This square fashionable tray is made from high-quality ceramic. And the premium ink makes the printing never wear off.

Besides, the white golden colors make the tray look elegant and stylistic. It will be packaged inside a decent gift box with styrofoam before being delivered to your address to ensure that the gift won’t be broken.

21. Happy 24th Birthday Cake Topper


Instead of normal candles, you can surprise your beloved girls with a unique happy 24th birthday cake topper with rose gold glitter color. It sparkles and makes the cake look more vibrant and special at her birthday party.

Moreover, this cake topper is very easy to use. Just open the package and stick it on the cake. You can also combine it with a small candle for the 24th-year-old girl to blow like in traditional birthday parties.

 22. Happy 24th Birthday Banner


It’s a great room decor item for anyone who turns 24th this year. They can hang it on the wall in their private rooms and celebrate a new age for the whole year. This 6x4ft banner is made from polyester fiber and decorated with vibrant silver patterns and vivid designs.

23. Rustic Wooden Mug & Glass Hanger


This stylistic rustic mug-glass hanger is an ideal 24th birthday gift for women. It has two sturdy hooks for coffee and tea mugs and two gaps to hang her glass of wine. This unique and fashionable wall decor is a perfect gift for wine lovers.

It’s made from high-quality wood and decent hooks. Its rustic style makes her pantry look more amazing and artistic. But the gift box does not include mugs and glasses.

24. Level 24 Unlocked Throw Pillow


It’s another ideal 24th B-day gift for game lovers. This soft and comfortable throw pillow has two sizes, including 18×18 and 16×16. It’s made from spun-polyester fabric and filled with polyester before being sewn closed.

It’s only safe for spot clean or dry clean. So, don’t throw it into the washing machine or soak it in water to wash. This funny 24th birthday gift has black color and printings on both sides.

25. Gold White Opal Necklace


This is one of the most luxurious 24th birthday gifts for women that you can buy for your beloved daughter, sister, or friend. The chain is made from solid 14k gold with a pear-shaped opal gemstone.

This eye-catching necklace can make your loved woman’s eyes sparkle upon opening the box. The classic elegant gemstone looks like a secret treasure hidden inside the black jewelry box. More especially, it’s crafted by skillful Israeli artisans.

26. AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro 24th birthday gifts

If your giftee is a technology lover, this Airpod Pro is a great choice. With the AirPods Pro, which include active noise reduction, they will appreciate it. Put these lovelies on your birthday wishlist if you want the newest Apple products but don’t want to pay the newest costs. It is really one of the best 24th birthday ideas for him you shouldn’t miss.

27. 24th Birthday Crystal Set


Your birtday wishlist will be perfect with this 24th birthday crystal set. Each stone will have a different meaning. Also, crystals can be used for Chakra & Reiki Healing Treatment. On their birthday, give them this stones as meaningful 24th birthday gifts and make them happy.

28. 24th Birthday Sweatshirt


One of the best 24th birthday present ideas, this sweetshirt is for 24 year olds only. It features the year of the year of 24: “1999”. Everyone need a sweetshirt, so give them this gift to add their favorite collection. Whether they’re girl or boy, they will appreciate this.

29. Personalized 24th Birthday Travel Mug


Giving your 24 year-old much mug as a present symbolized friendship or love. They can use it throughout the day and miss to you. Personalize your gift by custom the giftee’s name. Giving someone a personalized mug with their name printed or engraved is sure to make a 24th birthday present even more meaningful.

30. Personalized Record Display – Best 24 Year Old Birthday Gift Ideas


Something personal to you or a special someone, like your first dance or a music that always makes you happy. You’ve come to the right place if you’re wanting to buy something for yourself or your significant other as a token of your love. It’s time to start considering your favorite song—the one that has the most significance for you.

Every time you listen to or listen to this one-of-a-kind present, the song will bring back wonderful memories of an important event, person, or time period.

31. 24th Birthday 1999 Personalised Polished Coin Keyring


The ideal keepsake for a close friend or family member. Keychains that are handmade and polished and customized for various events. The keyring comes with an organza gift bag. Such a cute gift for birthday or any occasion.

32. 24th Birthday 8oz. Soy Candle


Why don’t you give a candle that is only for 24th birthday? Candle gift sets uphold the sentimental concept of gifting. Candle gift sets are straightforward, kind, and intentional, and recipients would sincerely appreciate them as birthday or anniversary presents. Moreover, you can customize it by add the name of the birthday’s person. Consider this one if you’re still seeking for the 24 gifts for 24th birthday.

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Those are the top 24th birthday gifts you should consider and choose based on your gadget and recipient’s taste. It can be funny or meaningful, inspirational or touching. Just make the 24th milestone of their lives a memorable moment that never fades in their memories. And unique birthday presents can help them record that special moment of turning 24. Hope this list can help you choose the best gift for your loved ones.

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