Valentine’s Day is coming! Are you looking for long distance Valentines day dates, here they are! 

Valentine’s Day is an exceptional opportunity to celebrate love and affection between couples. However, when distance separates two individuals, making the day feel as memorable as being together physically can be challenging. Luckily, with a little creativity and thoughtfulness, long-distance couples can still create meaningful and unforgettable Valentine’s Day experiences.

In this post, we will discover some exciting ideas for long distance Valentines Day dates that can bridge the gap and strengthen the bond between partners, regardless of the physical distance. Whether it’s through virtual experiences, surprise gestures, or heartfelt gestures, these ideas will inspire you to celebrate love in a unique and unforgettable way, proving that distance can never diminish the power of love.

20 Unique Ideas For Long Distance Valentines Day Dates For Couples

Celebrate love across miles with creative long distance Valentines Day dates. Discover virtual experiences, surprise gestures, and heartfelt activities to bridge the distance and make your love shine bright. Get inspired and plan a memorable and meaningful celebration with your partner, proving that distance can never diminish the power of love.

1. Virtual Movie Night


One of the classic long-distance date ideas is enjoying a movie night together, even when you’re far apart. Choose a romantic movie that both of you have been wanting to watch and synchronize the start time. You can use video call platforms to see each other’s reactions and chat throughout the movie, creating a shared experience that simulates being in the same room. To add an extra touch of magic, consider sending your partner a care package beforehand, including their favorite movie snacks and cozy blankets, so they can feel your presence even more.

2. Candlelit Dinner via Video Call


Recreate the intimacy of a candlelit dinner by setting up a romantic atmosphere on both ends of the video call. Prepare your favorite meal or order food from your partner’s favorite restaurant. Set the table, light some candles, and dress up as if you were going out on a date. Enjoy the meal together while exchanging loving conversations and toasting to your love. To make the experience even more special, consider surprising your partner with a delivery of their favorite flowers or a handwritten love letter expressing your feelings and appreciation.

3. DIY Craft Projects


Don’t know how to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Get your creative juices flowing by engaging in DIY craft projects that you can do together. Choose a project that reflects your shared interests or something that symbolizes your relationship. It could be painting pottery, creating personalized photo albums, or even making matching bracelets. Set a date and time to start the project simultaneously, sharing your progress and ideas along the way. The process of creating something together will not only strengthen your bond but also result in a tangible memento of your love.

4. Love Letters and Care Packages


Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to express your deepest feelings through heartfelt love letters. Take some time to write a thoughtful and genuine letter to your partner, reminiscing about your favorite memories, and expressing your love and admiration. Pour your heart onto the paper and let your words bring comfort and reassurance. To make it even more special, consider sending a care package filled with their favorite treats, small gifts, and personalized mementos that remind them of your shared experiences. Opening this package will feel like unwrapping your love, filling their hearts with warmth and affection.

5. Online Games and Challenges


For couples who enjoy a bit of friendly competition, engaging in online games and challenges can be a fun way for long distance Valentines Day dates. Whether it’s playing multiplayer video games, solving puzzles together, or even engaging in virtual escape rooms, these activities can bring out your playful side while fostering a sense of teamwork and togetherness. Choose games that both of you enjoy or explore new ones to keep the excitement alive. The laughter and shared victories will strengthen your connection and create lasting memories.

6. Virtual Dance Party


Get dressed up and have your very own virtual dance party with your significant other. Create a romantic playlist or hire a virtual DJ to set the mood. Clear some space in your living room and dance together, allowing the music to connect your hearts despite the distance. Let yourselves be carried away by the melodies, sharing tender moments and joyful laughter. It’s a wonderful way to have fun and let loose, all while creating beautiful memories.

7. Virtual Spa Day 


Indulge in a relaxing and rejuvenating virtual spa day as long distance Valentines Day dates. Plan ahead by sending each other spa kits filled with bath bombs, scented candles, face masks, and other pampering essentials. Schedule a video call and create a spa-like atmosphere in your own home. Start with a warm bath or shower, followed by applying face masks and giving each other virtual massages with simple techniques you can learn online. This intimate experience will help you both unwind and feel connected through self-care.

8. Virtual Experiences and Adventures


Thanks to technology, you can embark on virtual adventures together, exploring new places and creating shared memories. Take a virtual tour of a museum or a historical site, allowing you to admire art, culture, and history while discussing your favorite pieces. You can also plan a virtual hike or nature walk, where you both connect with nature through live video streams or pre-recorded videos. Share the beauty of the outdoors, exchange stories, and feel the serenity of being in nature together, even if you’re in different locations.

9. Surprise Delivery

Surprise Delivery long distance valentines day dates

Surprise your partner with a special delivery on Valentine’s Day. It could be a bouquet of their favorite flowers, a box of gourmet chocolates, or a thoughtful gift that holds sentimental value. Coordinate with a local florist or gift shop to arrange the surprise delivery at a specific time. The element of surprise and thoughtfulness behind the gesture will make your partner feel cherished and loved.

10. Virtual Book Club 


When it comes to long distance Valentines Day dates, don’t miss this one. Choose a book that you both have been wanting to read and start your own virtual book club. Set a reading schedule and discuss the chapters or themes together. Plan virtual book discussions where you can share your thoughts, insights, and emotions about the story. This activity not only deepens your connection but also sparks intellectual conversations and allows you to discover new perspectives together.

11. Open When Letters


Create a series of “Open When” letters for your partner to open at different moments or emotions. Write letters for various occasions or feelings like “Open When You’re Feeling Sad,” “Open When You Miss Me,” or “Open When You Need a Laugh.” Fill these letters with encouraging words, memories, and even small surprises like photos or little trinkets. Your partner will appreciate having these letters as a source of comfort and a reminder of your love, especially during moments when they long for your presence.

12. Plan a Future Visit


Searching for long distance Valentines Day dates? Try this idea. Use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to plan and discuss your future visit together. Research and explore potential travel destinations, activities, and experiences you would like to share when you finally reunite. Planning for the future not only gives you something to look forward to but also reinforces your commitment and shared dreams. 

13. Collaborative Playlist


Create a collaborative playlist with your partner on a music streaming platform. Each of you can add songs that hold special meaning in your relationship or that remind you of each other. Take turns listening to the playlist and share your thoughts and feelings about each song. This activity allows you to explore each other’s musical tastes and deepen your emotional connection through the power of music.

14. Virtual Wine or Coffee Tasting


Arrange a virtual wine or coffee tasting experience with your partner. Select a few different bottles of wine or types of coffee and have them delivered to each other’s locations. Schedule a video call and have a sommelier or coffee expert guide you through the tasting process. Explore the flavors, aromas, and complexities together, and discuss your preferences. It’s a sensory experience that allows you to indulge in the finer things in life while enjoying each other’s company. Consider this one if you’re looking for long distance Valentines day dates. 

15. Online Cooking Class


Sign up for an online cooking class together and learn to prepare a romantic meal from the comfort of your own kitchens. Choose a cuisine that you both enjoy or want to explore. Follow the instructions of a professional chef as they guide you through the cooking process. Interact with the instructor and each other during the class, sharing laughs and creating delicious memories. Once the meal is ready, sit down together for a virtual dinner date, savoring the fruits of your labor.

16. Create a Digital Scrapbook


One of the fun ideas for long distance Valentines day dates. Compile your favorite memories, photos, and mementos into a digital scrapbook. Use online tools or software to create a visually appealing collection of your journey together. Include photos from trips, special occasions, and everyday moments that hold significance to your relationship. Add captions, quotes, and personal notes to enhance the sentimental value. Sharing this digital scrapbook with your partner on Valentine’s Day will evoke nostalgia and remind you both of the beautiful moments you’ve shared. 

17. Love Language Quiz and Discussion


Take the love language quiz together to better understand each other’s emotional needs and how you can fulfill them even from a distance. Discuss your results and find creative ways to express love and affection according to each other’s love languages. Whether it’s through words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, physical touch (within the boundaries of virtual interactions), or receiving gifts, finding ways to cater to each other’s love languages will help strengthen your emotional connection.

18. Plan a Surprise Virtual Date Night


Take turns planning surprise virtual date nights for each other as a ideas of long distance Valentines day dates. Set a specific date and time for the surprise, and each of you takes turns organizing a virtual date experience. It could be a themed dinner, a game night, a virtual concert or performance, or even a surprise virtual trip where you explore a new city or tourist attraction online together. The element of surprise and the effort put into planning these dates will keep the spark alive and create anticipation and excitement throughout the year. 

19. Virtual Sunrise or Sunset Date – Nice Virtual Valentine’s Day ideas


Plan a virtual sunrise or sunset date where you both wake up early or stay up late to witness the beauty of nature together. Set up a video call and find a location with a view of the sunrise or sunset. Watch in awe as the sky transforms with vibrant colors and share the moment with your partner. It’s a serene and romantic experience that reminds you of the beauty in the world and the love you share.

20. Write and Perform a Song or Poem


Tap into your creative side by writing and performing a song or poem dedicated to your partner. Express your deepest feelings and emotions through heartfelt lyrics or verses. You can record a video of yourself singing or reciting the piece and send it to your partner as a surprise. The personal touch and effort put into creating something unique will touch their heart and demonstrate your love in a truly artistic way.

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Final Thoughts

Being physically apart on Valentine’s Day can be challenging, but with a little creativity and effort, you can create beautiful and memorable experiences that strengthen your love and connection. Whether it’s through virtual experiences, surprise gestures, or heartfelt gestures, long-distance couples can celebrate love and make their partners feel cherished and appreciated.

Remember, the distance may be temporary, but the love you share is enduring. Embrace these ideas of long distance Valentines day dates and let them serve as a reminder that love knows no boundaries, and together, you can overcome any distance that separates you.

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