If you are looking for the best star wars gifts for women, then you come to the right place. Here GiftOMG has prepared some interesting, incredible gift ideas that certainly get you covered. Regardless if you don’t have a good knowledge of this movie, or even have never seen Star Wars before, this list can still help you to pick out some of the choices for a perfect gift.

From fun wall decals to practical t-shirts and bags, We’re sure to bring you proper suggestions for every budget range. Keep reading and find out a few Star Wars gifts for your women.

25 Best Star Wars Gifts For Women Who Has Everything

Women in the Star Wars galaxy have something very inspirational – and we’re excited to announce that there’s an array of amazing gifts to give the special woman who loves Star Wars in your life!

1. Star Wars Women’s 5 Pack


These pairs of sock feature Star Wars characters which can satisfy every big fan of Star Wars. That’s why this item is on top of our collection of best star wars gifts for women. The socks come with detailed graphics of the characters in the movie. Since they are made from high quality, breathable fabric, you can feel comfortable wearing them to work, exercise, or anything else. With those interesting, decent features, those socks should be a perfect gift for women who are die-hard fans of Star Wars.

2. Silver Buffalo Coffee Mug

Silver Buffalo Coffee Mug Best Star Wars Gifts For Women

The 20-ounce ceramic coffee mug can hold hot and cold coffee, cappuccino, and latte which can ensure you a full-energy morning. Plus, this can be used as a paperweight or a cup to store pens, erasers, rulers, etc. As it’s well constructed, the mug is durable and sturdy that should be compatible with microwaves, dishwashers, or very high temperatures.

3. Northwest Disney Star Wars Blanket with Sleeves


The blanket is made from fleece, giving users a colorful, vibrant look and a soft, warm feeling. Featuring a hi-fi character in a Star Wars flick that grabs a lot of attention from everyone around you. Especially, this gift comes with oversized but fitting sleeves which allow you to enjoy snacks, read a book, or even work on your laptop.

4. Star Wars Classic Peel and Stick Wall Decals


Decorating the room with some wall decals will make it more interesting and funny. This one features detailed graphics of every character and object in the Star Wars universe. All you need to do is just peel and stick them on any smooth surface. Also, the decal collection let you reposition without residue left.

5. Movie Roaring Chewbacca Wookiee Sounds Mask


With this mask on hand, you have everything of the furry hero Chewbacca but his matted fur. Just apply it to your face and open your mouth widely to make a real sound of the well-known character of Star Wars. Thanks to the authentic Wookiee sound FX equipped in this electronic mask, you can make a true noise of Chewbacca and enjoy a slew of laughing with friends by surprising them with this interesting, funny mask.

6. Martini and Margarita Cocktail Glass


Made from stainless steel and having high-quality insulation, this glass can keep the temperature of your drink up to hours. It can be used for wine, cosmo, yogurt, ice cream, or any cold dessert. Compare to the traditional round-shaped bowl, this glass is more easy-to-hold thanks to a cone shape. Make your mother or girlfriend a cool holiday by giving this perfect gift to them!

7. DC Wonder Woman 1-Cup Coffee Maker with Mug


Do you have a girlfriend or a mother who has a habit of enjoying coffee every morning? Then this coffee maker is the best suggestion if you have no idea of a proper gift for them on a special occasion. With 12-ounce capability, the mug is best for those who are living alone. Plus, on top of this coffee maker also features a line of WONDER WOMAN making this one more stunning and showing everyone you are a true fan of Star Wars.

8. Helmet Hues Tumblers Stemless Glasses


This collection of glasses is a novelty as featuring a lot of Star Wars characters shrouded behind helmets. Those helmet decals are great as it isn’t fade or rubs off on hands during the time. 4,72 inches in height and 3,66 inches in wide, you can enjoy any drink with those interesting, stunning glasses without worrying about spillover.

9. LEGO Flower Bouquet 10280 Building Kit


The lego kit allows you to build a flower bouquet with a variety of colors that bring a vibrant look to your home. The kit includes many flowers like roses, poppies, asters, daisies, etc. You can make it special and unique by customizing elements like making changes to the stem length of flowers or repositioning the leaves and petals. If you take this kit as a gift for those who enjoy floral arrangements, we’re sure you will put a smile on their faces.

10. The Child Animatronic Edition 7.2-Inch-Tall Toy


The toy is so interesting and real as it comes with a sound inspired by The Mandalorian. Just touch the top of its head and the toy will release a variety of sounds including happy, cry, tired, or anything else. Also, this toy is animated as you can control its head up and down, ears back and forth, eyes open or close, and more. Those decent features make this toy a great display at your home or your office.

11. Echo Dot (2nd Generation)


The Echo Dot is a voice-controlled speaker. This one is so useful as you can start/ pause music, make a call, adjust volume, set timers, and more just using your voice. Even if you are 7 far-fields from this device or in a noisy environment, this device can still hear your voice and do things properly depending on your demand.

12. Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy illustrated book


This Star Wars book explores every detail of all women in this movie. It also has over 100 illustrating pictures of those women. So, after reading this book, readers will earn a lot of knowledge about the women character in the film and know a lot of fun facts behind the scenes as well.

13. Simple Modern Star Wars Water Bottle


Those bottles are made from high-quality stainless steel and are finished with a durable coating. Those features give this item a long lifespan ensuring an ability to bring along it anywhere without a little worrying about scratches and damage. Additionally, the bottle come with vacuum insulation which keeps your favorite drink at its original temperature for up to hours. Once searching for wonderful star wars gifts for women, you can’t ignore those bottles.

14. Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Clogs


Whether you are searching for a clog that is suitable for wet or dry weather, this item can still be the one you need. This one has a ventilated upper ensuring a comfortable feeling when wearing in warm weather. Plus, it offers a traction outsole which proves to be a good performer on any wet day. By supporting a backstrap, you have no worry about losing these clogs while on the go.

15. Lunch Cooler Bag – Awesome star wars gifts for women


The bag is made from durable polyester, so you can use it for a very long time. It has isolated sections for hot and cold foods and a full set of eating substances. By using its soft handle or shoulder strap, you can take it anywhere, such as go to work or picnic easily. For those decent features, this bag deserves to be a perfect gift for your loved one.

16. 2-Quart Slow Cooker


If you are imagining enjoying soup while flying far away to the galaxy, then you come to the right place with this cooker. Having a magic graphic on the surface, this item can give you a unique, cool feeling when tasting your favorite appetizers in your own Star Wars cooker. There is a controller below allowing you to set up variable temperatures: high, warm, and low.

17. Star Wars Women’s Juniors T-Shirt


This T-shirt is a combination of fashion and comfort. The item has printed an image of the Chewbacca character on its surface which shows everyone you are a true fan of Star Wars. As come with 100% cotton, the T-shirt won’t make you uncomfortable when wearing it for outdoor activities. Pair this t-shirt with jeans, a skirt, or anything else that can come to your mind for a cool look!

18. Pop Up Musical Birthday Card


If you’re looking for a gift for your woman on her birthday, nothing else to look for but this pop-up card. Made from the high-quality paper of a well-managed forest, the card is so eco-friendly. At first, it comes with a flat card, then when opening, a bump will appear along with a three-dimensional aroma of Wonder Woman. It’s time to wish your dear woman a happy and surprise party with this interesting card.

19. Large Recycled Shopper Tote


The tote is so lightweight and water resistant that gives an ability to go shopping or market with no effort and is safe to hold food. Featuring Star Wars Episode VII with very detailed graphics on its surface, this tote will be appreciated by any true fan of the movie. Those who protect the environment carefully will be satisfied as this item can be reusable.

20. Women of The Galaxy: 100 Collectible Postcards


The set includes 100 dynamic illustrations of women throughout the galaxy of Star Wars. This feature makes the box set an ideal gift for any avid fan of the movie. You can enjoy it by simply watching or hanging it on your home wall as a framing for an incredible display.

21. Star Wars Mug


It will be one of the great star wars gifts for women she will love. The mug proves to be a perfect gift for die-hard fans of Star Wars as featuring magic pictures and interesting scientific phenomena. When pouring hot water into the mug, its lightsabers will appear and change depending on the temperature. It’s so amazing to put your coffee, tea, or any hot drinks. 

22. Star Wars LSW-21CN 2-Slice Toaster


With this toaster, you’re effortless to make toasted bread every morning. Especially, your bread will be toasted with a slight imprint of the Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire icon which gives an interesting and full-energy feeling to start your day. What’s more? The device is compatible with almost all types of bread thanks to its wide slots and self-centering guides.

23. The Making of Star Wars Book


When being a true fan of Star Wars, no matter whether you’re on which side: evil or peace, certainly you will want to explore as many things as possible about this film. So this book with a lot of information about the definitive behind-the-scenes history of the classic, famous film will attract a lot of attention of them. Give the book to your crazy fan of Star Wars to let them know your affection.

24. Star Wars Death Star Wall Clock


The Star Wall clock comes in a basic color – black which will be compatible perfectly with any decorating interior. On the surface of its item are many patterns that remind fans of the movie about the magic galaxy world. Thanks to the non-ticking mechanism, the clock will release no irritating noise which brings an uncomfortable feeling as it used to be on traditional clocks.

25. Star Wars Vintage Classic Tin Lunchbox


The lunchbox has enough dimensions to hold food for one person. Compared to a vinyl box, this one is easier to clean thanks to the tin material. With a good ability to keep the original temperature, you should be amazed at How cold the foods can remain when placing an icepack inside this box. With many decent features as it comes in, it isn’t too much to say this tin lunchbox is one of the best star wars gifts for women of all times.

26. Salt & Pepper Shakers


If you have a woman who both enjoys cooking and Star Wars movie, what’s better than combining the two hobbies for a Star Wars-inspired cooking utensil? There you have it, a salt and pepper shaker with the shape of Darth Vader and a Storm trooper. This one isn’t only a place to hold spices, but also a wonderful decorating item.

After reading this article, have you come to a final decision yet? Above is the list of the great star wars gifts for women with truthful reviews from the giftOMG team. Hope you find this article useful, and if having any questions or inquiries, feel free to drop a comment below to contact us.

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