Looking for some cat puns jokes? We, giftOMG are here to give you the purrrfect cat puns for you!

Well, cats are cute furry balls and often make us laugh with their mischievous antics, so it’s not surprising that there are so many great jokes swirling around them. We’ve compiled a list of 30 of our favorite cat puns jokes that we think are totally hilarious.

Meow, let’s get started! From cute cat puns to cat love puns to clever cat quotes, we’ve got your cat jokes.

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Best Overall Cat Puns Jokes

Cat Puns Jokes

Who doesn’t love good cat puns or even bad cat puns? No matter the occasion, a cat-inspired clever phrase is the perfect addition to everything from birthday cards to Instagram posts to daily dialogue. If you’re searching for cat puns jokes, take a look at these suggestions. 

  • You’re in-fur-rior to me.
  • He’ll go down in hiss-tory.
  • Paw-don me, but are you fur real?!
  • Looking good, feline good
  • My cat is my best fur-end.
  • You’re the cat’s pawjamas
  • Paw-don my language
  • Live long and pawsper
  • Don’t fur-get to buy more catnip.
  • Meow you doin’?
  • My cat should be here any minute meow.
  • You’ve got to be kitten me.
  • I’ve got felines for you 
  • You’re a fur-midable opponent.
  • Best furiends furever 
  • I think we should get meow-rried someday.
  • I’m a total cat purrson
  • I’ve got my thinking cat on.
  • With the right catitude, anything is pawsible
  • You’re a fur-midable opponent.
  • You’re purrfect just the way you are
  • You’re freaking meow-t.
  • You’ve got to be kitten me.
  • So fur, so good
  • You’ve just got to stay paw-sitive
  • Have we met? You look paw-fully furmiliar!
  • When my cat gets allergies, she takes an anti-hiss-tamine.
  • Stop fighting! Hiss and make up.
  • And she’s also very purr-suasive.
  • Enjoy every meow-ment.

Meow Puns to Meow Over

Sure, here are some meow puns for you. I hope you enjoyed these meow puns!

  • “I’m not kitten around, I really love cats.”
  • “That’s the purr-fect idea!”
  • “I’m feline good today.”
  • “I’ve got cattitude.”
  • “I’m a cat-chy person.”
  • Meow you’re talking!
  • Here and meow …
  • Any minute meow …
  • “This is the cat’s meow!”
  • “I’m not lion, cats are awesome.”
  • “I’m claw-some!”
  • “I’m not sure if I’m a cat person or a people person, but I definitely meow-ve both.”
  • “I think I’m just gonna paws here for a minute.”

Cat Birthday Puns That Will Leave You Feline Fine

Cat Puns Jokes

If cats can send birthday cards… they can’t. But even so, cat puns are a great way to personalize cards and text for your cat lovers. Our gift for you: party-worthy cat puns jokes to celebrate another year around the sun.

  • Wishing you a truly meowgical birthday!
  • You’re how old?! You’ve got to be kitten me. 
  • Have a paw-some birthday! 
  • Have a pawsitively purrfect birthday!
  • Happy birthday! Have a pawsome day – hope you make it one to remember!
  • Hope your feline like celebrating coz it’s your Purr-thday!
  • Have a cat-tastic birthday! 
  • You’re how old? Well anything is pawsible!
  • Meow is the time to party!
  • Happy birthday to one cool cat. 
  • Happy birthday! You look purrfect in cat years!
  • Best fishes and have a mice day!
  • Another birthday?! Not pawsible!
  • Happy birthday to mew!
  • Turn up the mewsic and let’s get this pawty started!
  • Celebrating mew right meow!
  • Happy purrrthday! 

Best Cat Puns And Wordplay for Instagram Captions


We love all cat puns jokes, but these suggestions are especially cat-tastic. If you’re a cat lover and want to look for some funny saying to post on Instagram, use these cat puns.

  • Meow you doin?
  •  I’ve got felines for you 
  • A cat’s life: the purrsuit of joy.
  • Don’t want to work, just want to play with cats, I’m pro-cat-stinating
  • Time to put on my thinking cat and figure out a good pun
  • I’ve got a feline…that tonight’s going to be a good night
  • Lookin good and feline fine
  • Tabby or not tabby? that is the question.
  • I’m litter-ally not kidding.
  • A cat’s purr is meowsic to my ears.
  • Hmm..something here seems pretty fur-miliar
  • Sit up straight! Remember good paw-sture.
  • Living for this mew-ment
  • Don’t be such a copycat
  • It ain’t easy being purrfect
  • I’ve got a feline…that tonight’s going to be a good night
  • It was meant to be – it was kitten in the stars.
  • I’m so fur-tunate to have such a great cat!
  • Living in a gangsta’s purr-adise
  • My cat should be here any minute meow.
  • The idea of getting a cat is pretty purr-suasive
  • Do your own thing. Don’t be a copycat.
  • My cat hates to work. She always does the bare mew-nimum.
  • Let me tell you a tail.
  • I’m feline great.
  • Don’t make me call claw-enforcement.
  • Paw-don me.
  • I’m as good as mew.
  • Meow you doing?
  • Anything’s paw-sible if you try

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Funny Cat Puns and Cat Jokes

Cat Puns Jokes

Looking for cat puns jokes? You’ve landed in the right place! These punny punchlines are sure to make laugh out loud (and/or eye rolls) from even the grumpiest cats. 

  • Why are cats so good at video games? – Because they have 9 lives, of course!
  • How do you know a cat is agitated? – He’s having a hissy fit.
  • What’s a cat’s favourite colour? – Purrple.
  • How is cat food sold? Usually, purr the can
  • Why are cats bad storytellers? – They only have one tail! 
  • When cats need to go to the airport, who do they call? – A tabby.
  • Why cats are afraid of trees? – Because of their bark!
  • If lights run on electricity and cars run on gas, what do cats run on?- Their paws
  • Where do cats go when they die? – Purrgatory.
  • Why do cats always win video games? – Because they have nine lives.
  • What do you call a cat that loves bowling? – An alley cat.
  • What do cats do after a fight? They hiss and make up
  • Why couldn’t the kitty see well? –  He had cataracts.
  • What do cats wear to bed? – Paw-jamas
  • What’s smarter than a talking cat? – A spelling bee..
  • How did the engineers determine the dog was in a cat fight? – Simple claws and effect analysis.
  • Someone made a joke about my three-legged cat – Huge faux paw.
  • What do you call a fluffy male cat asleep on sofa? – Himalayan.
  • Why do cats always win video games? – Because they have nine lives.
  • What’s a cat’s favorite magazine? – Good Mousekeeping.
  • Someone made a joke about my three-legged cat – Huge faux paw.
  • What do you call a pile of kittens? – A meowntain
  • What do cats love to do in the morning? – Read the mewspaper
  • What’s a cat’s favorite dessert? – Chocolate mouse
  • What’s a cat’s favorite TV show? – Claw and Order
  • Which day of the week do cats love the most? – Caturday
  • What’s a cat’s favorite sports car? – A Furrari
  • What word do millenial cats overuse? – Litter-ally
  • What’s the best medicine for cat allergies? – An anti-hisstamine
  • Why don’t cats like online shopping? – They prefer cat-alogues

Now, there’re some paws for thought! That’s the collection of our top favorite cat puns jokes! Hopefully, you will find the best ones that you’re looking for!

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