When a friend or family member is feeling under the weather, sending a thoughtful get well gift becomes a heartfelt way to show your care and support. Whether they are recovering from illness, surgery or just need a little joy, the right gift can make a significant difference in brightening their spirits. In this guide, we’ll explore many creative and thoughtful get well gift ideas that are sure to bring comfort and joy to those in recovery. From cozy care packages to nutritious treats, discover ways to show your loved ones that you’re thinking of them on their recovery journey.

29 Get Well Gift Ideas To Show How Much You Care

Discover thoughtful get well gift ideas to uplift spirits and promote recovery. From soothing teas and cozy blankets to spa kits, our curated selection brings comfort and warmth during challenging times.

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1. Get Well Messages

Get Well Messages get well gift ideas

In times of uncertainty, a simple yet impactful gesture is sending a get well soon card. These cards serve as tangible reminders of the care and support surrounding your loved one, offering comfort during challenging moments, especially during surgeries or extended hospital stays. While a low-cost option, the sentiment conveyed through a heartfelt message can be immeasurable.

2. Gift Cards to Their Favorite Restaurant

Gift Cards to Their Favorite Restaurant

Bring joy to your loved one’s palate by gifting them a meal from their favorite restaurant. A gift card to a local haunt allows them to savor the flavors they love without the hassle of cooking, providing a delightful break from hospital food or home-cooked meals during their recovery. One of the get well gift ideas, this one is a great option. 

3. Paramount+ Subscription

Paramount+ Subscription

Level up their entertainment experience with a Paramount+ subscription, providing access to an extensive library of popular shows like Yellowstone and blockbuster movies such as Top Gun Maverick. This subscription ensures that your friend not only has access to quality content but also enjoys a diverse range of captivating entertainment during their downtime at home, making their recovery period more enjoyable and engaging.

4. Books and Magazines

Books and Magazines get well gift ideas

If your loved one is confined to bed rest, consider uplifting their spirits with a thoughtful get well gift idea such as books or the latest issue of their favorite magazine. This not only offers a welcome distraction but aligns perfectly with the realm of get well gift ideas. Providing a variety of activities beyond television, these reading materials can be a source of both entertainment and comfort during their recovery journey.

5. Care Products

Care Products get well gift ideas

Treat your loved one to a pampering experience with care products they might not typically indulge in. Fragrant lotions, moisturizing lip balms, face masks, and luxurious shower gels create a soothing oasis, adding a touch of indulgence to their recovery journey. Enhance their self-care routine with these thoughtful and comforting essentials.

6. Sips By Get Well Soon Tea Kit

Sips By Get Well Soon Tea Kit

Help your friend tackle any ailment with these thoughtful get well soon ideas – a tea kit designed to soothe and comfort. This kit features loose leaf tea blends crafted for various ailments, from sore throats to headaches. Complete with a charming heart-shaped tea infuser and a mini honey bear, it’s the perfect remedy to lift the spirits of a friend feeling under the weather. This thoughtful and personalized gift is sure to convey your warm wishes for a swift recovery in a delightful and comforting way.

7. Bed Head Let’s Do Brunch PJS

Bed Head Let’s Do Brunch PJS

Bring serious brunch vibes to her bedside with these adorable pajamas – an ideal addition to your collection of get well gift ideas for her. Cozy and adorned with charming graphics of croissants, coffee, champagne, and all the necessary mid-morning delights, these PJs make for a stylish and comfortable gift. Show your thoughtfulness and care with this delightful and feminine get well gift idea designed to bring comfort and a touch of style to her recovery.

8. Spoonful of Comfort Man Cold Care Package

Spoonful of Comfort Man Cold Care Package

Add a touch of humor to recovery with this tongue-in-cheek care package designed to cheer up any man feeling a bit down. Customize the package with comforting choices like mac and cheese or soup, accompanied by rolls or bread bowls, and a half dozen cookies of your choice. Complete the package with fuzzy socks and a cold kit featuring Ricola and tissues.

9. Honey Gift Set

Honey Gift Set get well gift ideas

Delight their taste buds and provide natural soothing for sore throats with a carefully curated “honey flight” package. Offering an assortment of flavors like clover, wildflower, and orange blossom, this gift set turns the act of enjoying honey into a flavorful and comforting experience. Each flavor is a story to savor, turning moments of indulgence into a sensory exploration that contributes to their overall well-being.

10. Chicken Nugget and Fries Oodie

Chicken Nugget and Fries Oodie

Bring comfort and humor with these unique get well gift ideas after surgery for her – a sherpa fleece wearable hooded blanket adorned with adorable cartoon versions of chicken nuggets, fries, and dipping sauce. While chicken nuggets and fries may not be on the feel-better diet, they can certainly be a part of your sick-in-bed wardrobe. This cozy and lighthearted gift is designed to bring smiles and warmth during the recovery journey, making it a thoughtful and entertaining choice for someone on the mend.

11. Mindfulness Dice

Mindfulness Dice get well gift ideas

Turn self-care into an engaging and meditative experience with mindfulness dice. These unique cubes offer 36 practices across six blocks, providing thousands of possible prompts. From positive mantras to journaling and easy movements, the mindfulness dice offer a creative and personalized approach to setting healing practices for the day.

12. Tiny Pies Gift Box

Tiny Pies Gift Box get well gift ideas

Spread joy with delightful get well gift ideas – a box filled with a dozen tiny pies. These adorable four-inch mini versions of favorite pies, such as cherry, apple, pecan, and the signature Texas two-step (brownie and pecan pie), come beautifully packaged in a Get Well box. This sweet and comforting treat is a perfect addition to any recovery journey, bringing warmth and cheer to your loved one on the path to wellness.

13. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser get well gift ideas

Provide a sanctuary of relaxation with an essential oil diffuser. This soothing device not only emits a fragrant mist for up to seven hours but also features dimmable lights, allowing your loved one to create a tranquil atmosphere tailored to their mood. The calming benefits of essential oils can help boost their mood, reduce stress, and contribute to better sleep—a perfect addition to any get well care package.

14. Sumo Citrus Gift Box

Sumo Citrus Gift Box get well gift ideas

Boost your loved one’s recovery with a thoughtful get well gift idea—a heavy dose of Vitamin C in the form of Sumo citrus. This five-pound package of large, easy-to-peel, seedless mandarins is not only delicious but also the perfect addition to your collection of get well gift ideas for a speedy recovery. Providing both nutrition and delightful flavors, it’s a refreshing and health-conscious way to show you care during their healing process. 

15. Calm Shower Steamers

Calm Shower Steamers get well gift ideas

Transform their shower into a therapeutic spa session with calming shower steamers. Infused with essential oils like lavender and geranium, these tablets release soothing scents that can help create a relaxing and rejuvenating shower experience – a perfect way to unwind and de-stress during recovery.

The aromatic experience is not just a shower; it’s a sensory journey, contributing to a holistic approach to well-being. Each steamer dissolves stress, enveloping them in calming fragrances that linger, creating a sanctuary for moments of self-care and renewal.

16. Zingerman’s Get Well Gift Box

Zingerman’s Get Well Gift Box

Recharge and regain your pep with this thoughtfully curated get well gift box. Indulge in Moroccan spiced tomato soup paired with Potter’s Wisconsin cheddar oyster crackers, complemented by scones, turmeric ginger tea, and a bag of ginger chews. This meticulously crafted package is more than just food—it’s a real feel-better box designed to lift spirits. Explore the world of comforting and nourishing get well gift ideas that go beyond the ordinary, bringing warmth and comfort to your loved one’s recovery journey.

17. The Herbivore Calm Experience Gift Set

The Herbivore Calm Experience Gift Set

Elevate the home spa experience with The Herbivore Calm Experience Gift Set. This ultimate self-care kit includes a clay cleansing bar, soap dish, soaking salts, body scrubber, a candle, and matches. Infused with notes of rose, geranium, and vanilla, this set stimulates the senses, creating a serene and indulgent atmosphere for relaxation and rejuvenation at home.

Get Well Cookie Gift

Send a cute, sweet, and delicious message of care with this two-cookie box shaped like a prescription pad and a sprinkle-filled pill bottle. Packaged in an adorable “Get Well, Eat Well” red and white box, it’s a delightful treat for a friend on the mend. Whether you’re looking for  get well gift ideas for her or get well gift ideas for him, this one is a good choice.

19. Manhattan Fruitier Get Well Hamper

Manhattan Fruitier Get Well Hamper

Put a smile on anyone’s face amid sneezes and coughs with this well-rounded package. Featuring bottles of clementine juice from Spain, fresh fruit, a trio of feel-better cookies, and an adorable picture book of cuddly animals, it’s precisely what the doctor ordered for a speedy recovery.

20. Soup Gift Basket

Soup Gift Basket get well gift ideas

A bowl of chicken soup is not only good for the soul but also a classic comfort food. Make their recovery easier by sending a gourmet soup gift basket, providing them with a selection of nourishing and delicious soups that are ready to enjoy whenever they need a comforting and hearty meal. The diverse flavors and gourmet quality of the soups ensure a culinary experience that not only supports their well-being but also brings a touch of warmth and care during their healing journey. 

21. Breakfast Bed Tray

Breakfast Bed Tray get well gift ideas

Make mealtime in bed mess-free with these genius get well gift ideas. The easily foldable tray provides a makeshift meal setup, perfect for those times when bed is the only (or desired!) option during recovery. This practical and thoughtful addition to your get well gift ideas ensures that your loved one can enjoy their meals comfortably and conveniently while focusing on their healing journey.

22. The Crispery Marshmallow CrispyCakes 4 Pack

The Crispery Marshmallow CrispyCakes 4 Pack

Bring nostalgic and comforting vibes with these next-level marshmallow crispy treats from The Crispery in Little Rock, Arkansas. Choose from a variety of flavors like sprinkles, S’mores, chocolate caramel, or cookies n’ cream, all neatly delivered in a box with a bow—ready for gifting to anyone on the mend.

23. Heart-Shaped Tea Bags

Heart-Shaped Tea Bags get well gift ideas

For the tea aficionados, add a sentimental touch to their recovery with heart-shaped tea bags. With a total of 15 bags, including English breakfast, earl grey, and white berry tea, this gift provides a warm and soothing beverage for moments of relaxation and reflection. The heart-shaped design adds a charming touch, making each brewing experience a heartfelt ritual. As they sip on these carefully selected teas, your thoughtful gesture becomes a comforting companion, bringing a sense of tranquility and warmth to their healing journey. 

24. Slip Silk Pillowcase

Slip Silk Pillowcase

Recognizing the crucial role of sleep in the healing process, a silk pillowcase emerges as a luxurious and thoughtful addition to your collection of get well gift ideas. Beyond providing extra comfort, this pillowcase is hailed as “life-changing” by Alex Drummond for its remarkable benefits to both skin and hair. This carefully chosen gift not only promotes restful sleep but also indulges the recipient in essential beauty rest, contributing to their overall well-being during the recovery period. 

25. Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blanket get well gift ideas

Crafted for ultimate relaxation, weighted blankets emerge as a perfect addition to your array of get well gift ideas, offering the ideal solution for much-needed R&R. Choose from three weight options and four colors, allowing customization to individual preferences. This thoughtful gift provides a soothing and cocoon-like experience during the recovery period, offering not only physical comfort but also a sense of warmth and security.

26. Homedics SoundSleep White Noise Sound Machine

Homedics SoundSleep White Noise Sound Machine

Enhance sleep quality with the proven benefits of white noise. The compact and portable Homedics SoundSleep machine offers six relaxing sounds, mimicking the natural environment. It can play continuously all night or be timed for intervals of 15, 30, or 60 minutes, promoting a restful and uninterrupted sleep experience.

27. Lavender Sleep Mask

Lavender Sleep Mask get well gift ideas

A silk sleep mask is a thoughtful addition to your collection of get well gift ideas, serving a dual purpose. Beyond simply blocking out light for restful sleep, it is also gentle on the skin. Its compact design, coupled with a convenient travel case, makes it an ideal companion for those on the go or receiving care away from home. This practical and luxurious gift ensures a comfortable and undisturbed sleep environment, contributing to the overall well-being of the recipient during their recovery. 

28. Hug Wine Tumbler

Hug Wine Tumbler

Send comforting vibes with the Hug Wine Tumbler, a delightful gesture to accompany their favorite pinot or chardonnay. This adorable tumbler not only keeps beverages perfectly chilled but also doubles as a versatile companion for enjoying hot drinks. It’s a heartwarming way to let them know you’re thinking of them.

29. Gripper Slippers

Gripper Slippers get well gift ideas

Level up their spirits and keep their feet warm with these Gripper Slippers, a perfect addition to your get well soon ideas for a friend. The wool blend ensures a heavenly walking experience, while the no-slip grip provides stability. What makes these slippers even more special is that, with each purchase, the company donates a pair to charity. It’s a gift that not only brings comfort but also spreads kindness and warmth to those in need.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the perfect get well gift ideas involves considering the individual’s preferences and needs. Whether it’s comfort, nurturing, entertainment, or a combination of these, your thoughtful gesture is sure to make a positive impact on their recovery journey. Choose a gift from giftOMG that shows your care and consideration, and see it bring comfort and joy to your loved one on the path to wellness.

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