Jamie Fraser, a romantic Scottish Highland warrior, is the main character of the popular Netflix television series Outlander. Gifts for Outlander fans are the perfect way to celebrate. It’s a gift that honors the spirit of their preferred time-traveling love story.

After Droughtlander concluded, Outlander fans truly earned the right to celebrate. There is no doubt that everyone can appreciate Outlander, so give them the ideal Outlander present her or Outlander gift for him to keep the enthusiasm of the narrative alive. The tale of Claire and Jamie!

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for gifts for Outlander lovers, since GiftOMG has spent a lot of time gathering the best, most original, and frequently romantic Outlander gift suggestions available.

32 Gifts for Outlander fans That Will Make Your Heart Swoon

Get ready for the most epic adventure yet as Outlander fans gear up for season 5! Find out what they’re looking forward to the most.

1. Outlander 4-Copy Boxed Set


This box set featuring the first four volumes of the Outlander series would be a thoughtful gift if the Outlander fan in your life hasn’t read the books yet or would prefer their very own copy. Here are the first four novels of Diana Gabaldon’s New York Times blockbuster series that introduced fans to the clever Claire Randall and the brave Highlander Jamie Fraser. The tales blend rich historical fiction with thrilling adventure and a truly epic love story.

2. The Official Outlander Companion Cookbook


The recipes in this book are delectable. You may pledge to ship their kitchen to the Scottish Highlands and give fans of Outlander the official Outlander cookbook. Black Jack Randall’s spicy oyster stew, dark chocolate chips, and roasted buckwheat pancakes are the highlight items that bring to mind Outlander. This lovely cookbook contains the most comprehensive and classic cooking instruction.

3. The Outlandish Companion (Revised and Updated)


The first four volumes of the series—Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, and Drums of Autumn—are fully illustrated in The Outlandish Companion. The ultimate Outlander fan won’t be able to get enough, with everything from cast horoscopes to book synopsis to a dictionary of Gaelic terminology. Diana Gabaldon provides a guided tour of what lies within for anybody who wishes to spend more time with the Outlander characters and the world they live in.

4. Outlander’s Scotland Paperback


For those who sincerely love and wish to continue enjoying the Outlander series, the Scots Paperback version of Outlander will be a wonderfully emotional gift. Fans of the novel and television series Outlander have been lured to Scotland’s wild highlands and precipitous castles. Now that this paperback is available, you may help them learn new things by following in Claire and Jamie’s footsteps.

5. The Making of Outlander S1 S2


This is one of the gifts for Outlander fans to help them explore a new and interesting side if you’re looking for the most unique gifts for them. The first two seasons of the well-liked Starz television series based on the Outlander books have all of the behind-the-scenes footage gathered. The cast, writers, producers, composers, costume designers,etc., describe the numerous adventures and obstacles they confront to bring this epic narrative to life on film in The Making of Outlander, which brings viewers inside the production and right into the action.

6. The Official Outlander Coloring Book


This intricate adult coloring book has 45 pages of pictures with many of the most well-known characters, settings, and incidents from Outlander. You may give it to fans of Outlander so they can freely create the most remarkable and one-of-a-kind scenarios to experience the series’ tales. This entertaining coloring book has all the vivid scenes and the most notable characters.

7. Outlander: Season One Original Soundtrack


The music has a significant role in how quickly viewers can recall the film’s stories. Give this heartfelt present to your loved one if they are so enamored with Outlander that they frequently hum its tunes. It will provide both Season 1 and Season 2’s top and most enduring soundtracks for Outlander. The movies they have viewed would make them feel like living life passionately.



Fans of the television series Outlander cannot possibly be unfamiliar with the picture of Claire and Jamie’s wedding ring! Many of Claire’s fans are grateful for this present, which is the wedding ring she wears. It is composed of SAE 304 stainless steel and is of the highest caliber and durability. Because every detail has been carefully carved, it will give your loved ones the most genuine sense of romantic affection. Give this ring as Outlander jewelry and sastify your Outlander lovers in your life.

9. Officially Licensed 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


A really useful gift idea for Outlander enthusiasts is a jigsaw puzzle. It enables people to spend more time producing things about the subjects they find interesting. They will put together these 1000 pieces to make a romantic scenario with Claire and Jamie having a picnic on a Scottish Highland mountaintop. They are able to recreate the grand romance of Outlander via it.

10. Popfunk Classic Outlander Craigh Na Dun Traveler T Shirt


Buy your Outlander fans this classy design that most people won’t recognize unless they’re also lovers of the series, rather than giving them a t-shirt with “Outlander” on it. The elegance and significance of this shirt can only be appreciated by true fans of Outlander. This is a wise gift idea that you should refer to when looking for gifts for Outlander fans.

11. Call Me Sassenach Mug


Fans of Jamie Fraser and the Outlander series would love to receive this mug as a gift. They may use it every day to read Tales of Outlander while drinking hot tea or coffee. This is a really useful present to go along with them in this enthralling tale. On the best mugs, the text is printed, and it won’t fade with time or heavy usage.

12. Sassenach Dragonfly Gaelic Scottish Glass


The glass cup serves as a literal depiction of the Outlander tale. The glass’s body has a well-known illustration of a dragonfly. Outlander fans will undoubtedly love the delicate and beautiful way the word “Sassenach” is carved on the glass. On the list of gifts for Outlander fans that you should think about, this one is the most recognizable.

13. Celtic Knot Cross Pendant Earrings


These lovely earrings, which include a Celtic knot, a dragonfly, and amber—all significant symbols from the series—are perfect for an Outlander fan with pierced ears. Because they are composed of an alloy and are nickel-and lead-free, these earrings are highly safe to wear. This present is ideal for girls who are enthusiastic about Outlander.

14. Thistle Dragonfly Charm Bracelet


Many Outlander fans want this bracelet to symbolize their affection. A Celtic knot, a dragonfly, and Scottish thistle charms are included on this bracelet. It’s not only the ideal present for Outlander fans—a rare delight for everyone who appreciates Scottish culture. It is extremely safe for your loved ones because it is composed of high-quality stainless steel and has no harmful ingredients.

15. Popfunk Classic Outlander Sassenach Women’s T Shirt & Stickers


For women who adore the Outlander series, the “Sassenach” themed blouse is ideal. This t-shirt combines a high-weight cotton material with a classic style to create the all-season graphic t-shirt of her dreams. She may effortlessly mix and match the motifs on the shirt to express her distinct individuality.

16. Outlander Collectibles Jamie and Claire Fraser Shot Glasses


These two glasses are ideal for partners who share a passion for Outlander. The Outlander characters, Jamie and Claire Fraser, created stunning artwork for both glasses. Like this couple’s romance, they will cherish these lovely memories of their own love. Special lovers will like this unique present.

17. Sassenach Heart and Thistle Gaelic Outlander Shirt


This t-shirt is the ideal option if you’re looking for Outlander-themed gifts for loved ones. It is made of 100% cotton and is available in plain colors, making it quite comfortable to wear. Outlanders or outsiders are referred to as “Sassenach” in Scottish Gaelic on the shirt. They may wear this lovely Sassenach t-shirt to proclaim their passion for Scotland. Additionally, the heart-melting Scottish national flower, the Celtic thistle, is a stunning way to display their admiration for Scottish culture.

18. Scottish Dinna Fash Sassenach – Romantic Room Wall Art Decor


Especially if they fully stuck to the Scottish motif in their design, these four Outlander-themed prints would look wonderful on the walls of a fan’s home. You may offer them this item so they can satisfy their love of collecting Outlander-related goods and fully experience this romance. This is one of the gifts for Outlander fans that is extremely cute and practical.

19. Outlander Inspired Sasenach Inspired Necklace Dragonfly


This necklace is a wonderfully sweet present for girls who love Outlander. The novel and television series Outlander served as its inspiration. A charming dragonfly and an amber bead are used to design this Ivy & Clover necklace. The romance of Scotland’s most adored couple, Claire and Jaime, has Outlander fans sucked in. This unique necklace will serve as a reminder of their enduring love and their amazing love tale.

20. Outlander Jamie Fraser Tartan Premium Wool Scare


A high-quality wool scarf may make your loved one feel cozy, especially if they are fans of Outlander. The scarf is connected to the lovely recollection of a Scottish character from a passionate love story. True Outlander fans will undoubtedly be familiar with this unique scarf and will be overjoyed to get this gift.

21. Sassenach Outlander Merchandise Coffee Travel Mug


Fans of Outlander will find a mug with a unique design that was inspired by the series to be a really special present. The mug has special designs printed on both sides that won’t fade or scratch. The words “Put On a Kilt and Call Me” and “Sassenach,” which capture the spirit of the romantic tale, are printed on the body of the cup. It is extremely safe to drink and healthy because it is made of stainless steel.

22. Sing Me A Song Makeup Bags Dragonfly Gifts


Fans of Outlander will like this bag. The label on the bag reads: “Sing Me A Song Of A Lass That Is Gone, Say, Could That Lass Be I? Merry Of Soul She Sailed On A Day Over The Sea To Skye” together with the dragonfly logo that is distinctive to Outlander. Fans of Outlander may use this bag to safely store all of their cosmetics. If a traveler wants to take all of their accessories with them, this is also a great present option.

23. Outlander Theme Dragonfly Bracelets

Outlander Theme Dragonfly Bracelets

The Outlander bracelet with the message “Sing me a song of a lass that is gone. Say, could that class be I? Merry of soul she sailed on a day over the sea to Skye” is a one-of-a-kind gift for Outlander fans. The dragonfly symbol is engraved in detail and meticulously to create its own mark. Surely, your loved one will appreciate this gift.

24. Sassenach Inspired Jewelry Sassenach Keychain


The simplest and most meaningful gift for any Outlander or Scottish culture lover will be this keychain, which is called a “Sassenach.” They may take it with them and think back on this Scottish romantic story. Because it is made of premium stainless steel and is free of lead and nickel, it won’t corrode and is safe for users. Anyone who enjoys Outlander, regardless of gender or age, can get this gift from you.

25. Outlander Dragonfly in Amber Paperweight


The second book in the Outlander series is titled Dragonfly in Amber, which also alludes to a wedding gift Claire received in Scotland. Fans of the series will undoubtedly appreciate having their own rendition on display. A dragonfly that Outlander fans are likely familiar with resides inside the spherical object.

26. Sassenach Dragonfly Thistle Gaelic Socks


These warm socks are ideal for an Outlander fan who also happens to be a Sassenach! The socks are embroidered with amusing quotes, a dragonfly, and a Scottish thistle. If you offer this simple present to a loved one, it will also mean a lot to them. With these lovely Sassenach socks, you can express your love for Scotland as Sassenach is Scottish Gaelic meaning outsiders.

27. Art of Tea | Outlander The Series Collection


The limited-edition Outlander collection contains two 3-ounce boxes of tea: Scottish Highlander is a robust, full-bodied black tea in the manner of Scottish Breakfast, and English Rose is a morning-refreshing combination of loose green tea and rose petals, inspired by Claire Fraser. Just like Claire and Jamie, these mixes are a perfect match. This excellent present will be appreciated by true Outlander fans.

28. Outlander Gift Outlander Fan Gift Bookish Candle


Owning candles with an Outlander theme is the greatest way to experience the mood of the story. Those who like this story can think back on a romantic scenario with the help of this gift. It had the aroma of a burning longing for piercing blue eyes and a head covered in coppery locks. It’s fantastic that people may enjoy the unfinished Outlander narrative while lighting this iconic, fragrant candle.

29. Outlander Jamie Fraser Collage Blanket


For friends or relatives who enjoy the TV series Outlander, this is the ideal present. The attractive Jamie and Claire decorative blanket’s vibrant color scheme and simple pattern make it easy to match with other decor. Fans of Outlander will be able to fully enjoy the imagination, history, love, and adventure, as well as the courtship of attractive Jamie and stunning Claire.

30. Dinna Fash Sassenach Mug Parody for Outlander Fan


When looking for a gift, high-quality mugs are the ideal and most practical option. The word “Sassenach” is printed on the mug with a bright rose pattern on a black backdrop. The ceramic container is quite safe for consumers to sip on their preferred beverage. Anyone can be attracted to it by its elegant design.

31. Outlander Bookends

Outlander Bookends Gifts For Outlander Fans

Searching for the perfect gifts for Outlander fans ? Look no further than our captivating Outlander Bookends. These exquisite bookends are inspired by the beloved Outlander series, featuring intricately designed motifs and characters from the story.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, they serve as both functional book supports and stunning decorative pieces. Whether displayed on a bookshelf, desk, or mantel, these bookends will transport Outlander enthusiasts into the enchanting world of Claire and Jamie.

32. A Tartan Backpack

A Tartan Backpack Gifts For Outlander Fans

Discover the perfect Outlander gift box with our stylish Tartan Backpack. Inspired by the rich Scottish heritage depicted in the series, this backpack features a classic tartan pattern that pays homage to the show’s iconic setting.

With its spacious compartments and durable construction, it’s both practical and fashionable, making it an ideal companion for everyday adventures or Outlander-themed events. Let the Outlander enthusiast in your life carry their belongings with a touch of Scottish flair.


The incredibly significant gifts on this list of gifts for Outlander fans have been carefully chosen by GiftOMG. Those who like Outlander will undoubtedly enjoy and desire to acquire these gifts. To let your loved ones fully enjoy their passion, choose the thing that you genuinely adore and give it to them.

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