What surprises do guys like?” is a question that some women are curious about and spend a lot of time finding the answer. Appropriate surprise ideas for your partner can be a wonderful way to spice up your relationship because surprises are enjoyable and exciting.

You constantly want to keep the romance alive with your boyfriend by surprising him. Even if it seems like a difficult task, you can make your relationship more fun by giving your guy surprises. Just make an effort, give it some thought, and keep coming up with fresh, original methods to show your lover how much you care. 

Don’t worry if you’re unsure of how to surprise that special someone; we’ll provide you with some of the best and most well-liked options. You can find everything you need for him right here, from useful gifts to simple acts that will surprise and show your partner how much you love them.

Do you guys like surprises?


Yes, most guys enjoy surprises since they give them a lot of excitement and fun. Men, however, frequently keep their preferences for surprises to themselves. Women must observe and understand more about this.

Even though love is often simple, relationships need surprises to keep things interesting. Coming up with unique ways to express your partner’s importance to you and how much you care about them requires time and careful planning. Surprises are among the nicest ways to express affection.

Guys will feel surprised and romantic when you do something unexpected for them. The relationship will reach a new level of sublimation. Furthermore, this will astound the guys and make them love you even more. We’ll make a couple suggestions for “What surprises do guys like?” You can consult and create plans right now to surprise your guy and enhance your relationship.

What surprises do guys like?

Small, unplanned acts of love can be carried out quite easily, but complex surprises call for much planning. There are a few things you can do to create the ideal surprise to surprise your sweetheart, even though you can’t control everything. See some great suggestions for surprising your partner right below!

1. Romantic dinner prepared by yourself


Because food is the route to a man’s heart, romantic dinners are amazing. Ask his mother or other family members what his favorite foods are, then prepare them. Additionally, you can look for recipes online already.

Spend time decorating the romantic dinner when you finish cooking. Order dishes on lovely ceramic tableware and have a special supper with your partner. When he notices how much effort you put in, he will respect you.

What could be more beautiful than coming home from a long day at work to a romantic supper you prepared yourself? He will be overjoyed and grateful for your love for him.

2. A surprise present for no reason


On their birthdays or other special occasions, everyone enjoys receiving gifts, right? However, you should know that giving your partner a surprise gift for no reason whatsoever would just increase his excitement.

You don’t need to arrange these presents in an elaborate manner. Many things will surprise him, even if they are small but necessary items that he may use every day. Giving him a shirt or tie with a meaningful message will make him happy all day. 

3. Sweet handwritten letter


Contacting one another via electronic messaging is becoming more common due to the rapid pace of modern life. Romantic, handwritten letters will therefore delight him and increase his sense of love.

The best recommendation for you would be to decorate your apartment with “I love you” letters that are written on lovely little sticky notes. He will feel surrounded by affection when he returns home following a long day at work! He’ll feel like he’s at a welcome-home event reading your love letters!

It serves as a reminder to him that you value him, that you care about him, and that you love him. The most authentic expression of your feelings for him will be in the words you write.

If you and he are in a long-distance relationship, send him a sweet and heartfelt message.

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4. Last minute surprise date


A romantic evening with your partner doesn’t have to wait for birthdays or anniversaries! Make plans for a random date and surprise him. The pub will be a great spot to go on a date if both of you enjoy crowded areas. Go to the beach with a bottle of wine and some bread if you and your date are both quiet people. Your relationship will improve only by talking to each other and spending time together.

5. Give him a ticket to his favorite show

A ticket to an event will surprise him if he enjoys watching music performances, sporting events, stand-up comedians, game shows, etc. Discover his interests, then wow him by surprising him with tickets to “something” he loves. He will feel happier and more in tune when you go with him.


It’s so much fun, you can be sure he’ll smile when you give him the ticket! It’s crucial to enjoy yourself in a relationship. It keeps things fun and exciting! Giving him the ability to do something he truly enjoys is a sweet way to show him how much you care.

6. Prepare a movie night at home


If you and he both enjoy watching movies, consider making a romantic home movie session soon. He will undoubtedly be astonished and intrigued by this preparation of yours. Install the projector and speakers, make the room comfortable with pillows and other decor, buy some popcorn, and get ready to watch his favorite movie. You will have a romantic, private place to watch a movie. The couple will have a closer and more loving relationship.

7. Give him a sweet compliment


Give your lover a flirtatious surprise compliment! Being the center of someone you love’s attention is incredibly gratifying. In this relationship, he will feel valued and appreciated. Although it won’t cost you anything, a compliment from you can make him feel appreciated and happy.

You might praise him for what he does best as a sign of your affection and support. For instance, if he plays badminton very well, you may compliment him on both his talent and playing style to help him feel more appreciated and encouraged.


Should there be surprises in public?

Anywhere, even in public, might be the setting for a surprise. However, you must ascertain whether your man enjoys being surprised in public. Some guys enjoy surprising a crowd because it makes them feel important and valued. On the other hand, some other guys experience extreme shyness as a result of these unexpected circumstances.

Is it best to surprise guys every day?

Relationships become more intriguing and fulfilling when there is an element of surprise. The best way to go about it is not to surprise him every day, though. His perception of the unexpected events you give him will be enhanced by the reasonable frequency of surprises. Additionally, there are many surprises every day, which will eventually cause you to run out of original ideas. That will make whatever you provide for him dull and typical.

What’s the most important thing to surprise a guy?

The most important factor in surprising a guy is to show him how much you love and care for him. The goal is to let him feel your love and heart, not how many surprises you may give him. An hidden string that ties the two emotionally together and strengthens the connection is the message concealed in the surprise.


In this helpful post, giftOMG have shared in detail, “What surprises do guys like?“. These adorable, flirtatious, and seductive boyfriend surprises are certain to increase his admiration for you. Try one of the ideas above if you want to express to the special man in your life just how much you care.

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