Are you looking for 30th birthday gifts husband? Don’t skip this article because you will likely discover some exciting birthday gifts for your endearing hubby! 

30th birthday is among the most remarkable landmark birthday of a lifetime. We would have the “Sweet 16”, the “Young Adulthood 18”, and the “Settle Down 30”. Your husband’s 30th birthday is undoubted a considerable milestone, marking his journey, and that is why the husband 30th birthday gift ideas would be something more meaningful than some presents given before and afterward. 

You may wonder what you can give as 30th birthday gifts husband actually loves and appreciates. The answer to this will be revealed in our upcoming sections. There will be a list of up to 28 options, from which you may consider taking into your shopping carts. We have done some research and figured out what items can be the best for your husband 30th birthday ideas. 

30th Birthday Gifts Husband That She’ll Actually Love

Our principles for choosing birthday presents, including the husband’s ones, would first be a sense of application in his daily routine, matching points with his hobbies, and the gift can be an item from his wishlist. So ladies, pay close attention to the wishlist of your husband since it will be handy for such an occasion. 

1. Shirt May The 30th Be With You


A shirt saying May the 30th Be With You is our top recommendation, regarding the list of 30th birthday gifts husband may fall in love with. The shirt is made of 100% cotton with 8 sizes for you to select. Also, you can choose to have both sides printed with a plus of 5 dollars

2. Shirt The Man – The Myth – The Legend


Another garment choice for your 30th birthday husband gift ideas is the shirt The Man – The Myth – The Legend. Shirts having these words of honor on them are definitely meaningful and mentally supporting gifts for his upcoming journey. The shirt is available in sizes S to 5XL with choices of side printing as well.

3. Card Welcome To Your 30’s


Cards are wonderful added gifts in a pack. If you are looking for additions, consider having cards. The card “Welcome to Your 30’s” is one compatible item as a 30th birthday gift for your hubby. The card comes in an envelope. It is 4.25 inches in width and 5.5 in length. Besides, no watermarks would come along once the card has arrived. 

4. Card Bad News You Are 30


More options for cards are coming right below on our list of 30th birthday ideas for husband. The next card you can consider taking into your shopping cart is the “Bad news you are 30”. The card is simple but funny and intimate enough for couples. It is the size of A6. This card takes the shortest to be shipped to the UK, and the longest to other parts worldwide, which can be up to 10 days.

5. 30th Birthday Photo Collage


Photo collage is a great way to show your partner your love and caring. With this photo collage, you can collect up to 20 pictures saving your memories together. The quantity of the pictures added can alter as you change the size and shape of each. If they are square, you can have up to 20 images as mentioned. 

6. Shirt Level 30 Unlocked


The next shirt option as a 30th birthday husband gift is the “Level 30 unlocked” one. The shirt is 50% cotton and 50% polyester. It can be machine-washed without concern. The shirt has 6 sizes and 9 color variants. If you are sharing the same 30th birthday with your husband, you can order this item as couple shirts because it is available for females as well. 

7. Shirt I Don’t Care Because I Literally Do Not


The next funny shirt as one among the 30th bday ideas for husband is the “I’m 30 and I don’t care”. The shirt is available in earth-toned colors, which are trending this year. The shirt is handmade with 100% of cotton, allowing excellent softness and breathability. Size options vary from S (for about 86/92 cm of chest and length) to 2XL (127/132 chest and length).

8. Mug So Happy I’m 30


The 8th suggestion on our list of  30th birthday ideas for husband is the mug “So Happy I’m 30”. The mug is only available in one white color, but it certainly has a thick layer of ceramic. It is suitable as a coffee cup for your husband with a capacity of 12 oz, which is equal to approximately 350 ml. 

9. Personalized Chop Board


Chop boards appear to be a strange concept among your ​​30th birthday gifts for him, but they are truly workable. This chop board is personalized with names and birthday age, which is 30 in our case. It is made of wood with a thickness of 1.8 cm. The board is entirely handcrafted. However, the board isn’t dishwasher safe and must be hand washed. 

10. Card A 30th Birthday Wish


Our tenth recommendation is an environmentally friendly card option. It says “A 30th Birthday Wish” on the cover with love quotes in the lower section. The reason why we call this one an eco-friendly option is that it is created from recycled paper. It comes in an envelope as well as a handmade bracelet. Looking for the best 30th birthday gifts husband, consider this one.

11. Funny Scratch Birthday Card


Funny 30th bday ideas for husband are the best ones. A scratch birthday card with a dark sense of humor is just what you need for the upcoming 30th birthday celebration of your husband. This card is pretty naughty and quirky to gift him, but it would eventually make him burst out in waves of laughter. 

12. Wine Glass Is You 30


Wine glasses are not a bad choice for the husband 30th birthday ideas since wine glasses are elegant and can stir up the romantic atmosphere between you two. Our suggested wine glass would make a humorous one with the question printed on it. The total capacity of this glass is up to 15 oz, and it is perfect for several occasions, including birthday parties, or weddings. 

13. Birthday Poster 30 Years Ago Back In 1992


Should you be looking for something more extraordinary, check out the birthday poster just for the milestone of 30 years old. This poster definitely makes the list of 30th birthday gifts husband may fall in love with. The poster features the appearance of the Daily Times, a famous newspaper with all the trends and popular information back then in 1992.

14. 30th Birthday Prank Toilet Paper


Prank toilet paper is not a usual birthday gift, and that is what makes it unique. This prank toilet paper as an idea for 30th birthday gifts for him is surely making him laugh every moment he uses it in the bathroom. This toilet paper would be coming with a birthday gift box as you purchase it. 

15. Things-to-do Scratch Poster


The milestone of 30 years old in life is one huge mark during a lifetime. At this age, anyone, including your husband, still needs a things-to-do list. What if you can have a poster that already lists out all the ideas for things to do in the future? Scratch poster having things to do is the most exciting gift, allowing your husband and you to plan together what projects or trips you can carry out later on

16. Pint Glass I’m 29+


Pint glasses are not necessarily used for only what it is entitled to. It can be used for numerous other beverages, as long as your husband is comfortable with it. A funny and more “specific” pint glass for your husband’s 30th birthday celebration would not a bad choice at all.

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17. Retro 30th Birthday Candy Box


Retro vibes are among the best ones for birthday gifts, especially when the vibes are in alignment with the year when your husband was born. If you want to gift your husband with a memory-recalling present on his 30th birthday, consider the retro 30th birthday candy box. It can not be so practical, but definitely mentally pleasing and emotional. 

18. Vintage 1992 Coffee Tumbler


Among the husband 30th birthday gift ideas, a coffee tumbler can be a realistic and caring item you can have for your hubby in his 30th milestone celebration. The tumbler is made of stainless steel with three color options black, white, and blue mint. It is up to 16 oz and is ideal for morning coffee. It is portable for takeaway and home use.

19. Whiskey Glass


Whiskey lovers are going to fall in love with this gift, including your hubby should he be one of them. Whiskey glasses are not so significant, in terms of capacity, but this feature saves them a glance of elegance. This whiskey glass is a limited edition from the makers, which makes it appear to be extra special and undoubted perfect as a 30th birthday gift for him. 

20. Beer Glass


Here is another Vintage 1992 item, which is a beer glass, to be specific. On the glass, there will be notes of popular singers, famous songs, the world population, and several other facts back then. This beer glass has up to 20 oz of capacity. Also, it is safe for dishwashers. It would be a big hit on your list of 30th birthday gifts husband.

21. Socks I’m 29+


Socks are not always the most basic things to gift for husband 30th birthday, except when they are just plain, boring socks. In this case, the socks you purchase as a gift for his thirtieth birthday would be printed with the quote I’m 29+ on the front side and a funny question on the beneath. 

22. Pop-up Birthday Box With Amazon’s Gift Cards


Pop-up cards once made a trend and drove people craving for them. Should you not search for a simple card, you can choose pop-ups as an alternative. In this pop-up card, your husband would get Amazon’s gift cards and purchase whatever he has ever wished for on this 30th birthday.

23. 30th Birthday Keychain


Among the 30th birthday ideas for husband, you certainly would not want to miss the idea of keychains. Keychains as presents are classic but never go out of style. A silver keychain with all the most lovable words for your hubby on this 30th birthday celebration would make a heartfelt and adorable present. 

24. 30th Birthday Decoration Set


One of the 30th birthday gifts husband would fall in love with is a party with glamorous decorations around the house. Having a heartwarming and cozy party at home with his closet people, along with eye-pleasing decorations everywhere is absolutely would put a smile on your husband’s face. This birthday decoration set includes balloons, banners, cupcake toppers, a birthday sash, photoshoot props, and a crown headband, all in the golden black 30th vibes.

25. Do Your Whiskey Infusion Set


Another wonderful 30th birthday gift choice for whiskey lovers is the “Do Your Whiskey” set. This set is for DIY brand-new whiskey flavors. Your husband can now make his own whiskey with self-chosen ingredients and portions. There are 12 types of wood chips and botanicals provided, along with 6 whiskey stones.

26. Cooking Apron For Men – Unique 30th Birthday Gift Ideas For Him


If your family usually holds BBQ parties with the chef, or so-called your husband, a cooking apron for his 30th birthday should be seriously considered. The cooking apron is thick enough to spare the user from any grease or dirt. In addition, it has two big pockets for phones and wallets if needed as well. 

27. Grooming Kit For Men


Complete grooming set for men to groom themselves at home is a pretty ideal choice as a gift for a 30th birthday celebration. This pack of grooming tools would have everything he needs for beard grooming at home. They come as a gift box, and the purchase would give your husband an E-book as well. 

28. Birthday Card With Real Donald Trump’s Voice


Our last recommendation on the list of 30th birthday gifts husband may fall in love with is a birthday card for his special day, featuring the real voice of Donald Trump, saying Happy Birthday. This is undoubtedly among the most creative birthday cards, which can light up your day with a moment of surprise and perhaps laughter. 

29. 3 in 1 Charging Station


Consider a wireless charging station that supports the iPhone’s wireless charging feature. Look for a model that has a designated spot for the iPhone, along with additional charging spots for other devices like AirPods and an Apple Watch. Make sure the wireless charging station is Qi-certified to ensure compatibility with the iPhone. When selecting a 3-in-1 charger, consider the design, durability, and functionality. Choose a charger that fits your husband’s preferences and complements his style. It’s also important to verify that the charger is compatible with the specific iPhone model he uses.

30. Charging Cord Bracelet


A charging cord bracelet can be a unique and practical gift for your husband’s 30th birthday. These bracelets are designed to double as charging cables, allowing your husband to charge his devices on the go. When choosing a charging cord bracelet, ensure that it is compatible with the specific devices your husband uses, such as iPhones, Android devices, or other gadgets. Verify that it supports fast charging if that is an important feature for him.

31. Funny 30th Birthday Gift Mug


A funny 30th birthday gift mug can be one of the lighthearted and enjoyable funny 30th birthday gifts for him. A funny mug can serve as a daily reminder of his special birthday and bring a smile to his face every time he uses it. A funny 30th birthday gift mug can be a lighthearted and enjoyable gift for your husband’s 30th birthday. Also, it will serve as a daily reminder of his special birthday and bring a smile to his face every time he uses it.


Birthdays are special landmarks for an individual and some of which are even among the most remarkable during a lifetime. The 30th birthday milestone is known as the one for “settling down” in the journey of maturity. When gifting your husband on this extraordinary occasion, it’s time to get down to his hobbies, favorite colors, and items on his wishlist. One last note is that presents should always come with love, affection, and care that you have for one another. 

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