Intelligence, wisdom, and creativity are great Ravenclaw virtues. The members of this house are known for their rich knowledge and outstanding creativity. Therefore, the best Ravenclaw gifts are those that are creative and attractive items.

Maybe your friend or loved one is the true Ravenclaw – intelligent and creative people like Luna Lovegood. It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for them. Because, in addition to the inherent intelligence, Ravenclaw members are also very thoughtful.

If Ravenclaw in your life has an important occasion coming up, we’ve rounded up the best Ravenclaw gifts list here. You’ll find a ton of things Ravenclaw likes, including homewares, jewelry, clothes, etc. Most of the products we select are available in blue and silver – Ravenclaw’s representative colors. Along with that, they are also decorated with eagles – the official mascot of the Ravenclaw house.

32 Unique Ravenclaw Gifts For Harry Potter Fans

Whether they’re a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw, we have something for everyone on their holiday shopping lists. Check out Ravenclaw gift guide below:

1. Ravenclaw bookmark


It’s almost a guarantee that a Ravenclaw really enjoys reading. Or they have to because they are so dedicated to their academics. The bottom of the bookmark is not a ribbon as you might think, it’s made of hard plastic. That will keep it from bending or entangling anything. This is something that a lot of Amazon customers are happy about.

2. Ravenclaw bag


If your Ravenclaw is considering a new bag, forget about the regular bags. Instead, send them a gift that’s stylish and sophisticated. This Harry Potter-inspired bag features a cool blue color that represents smart people’s homes and their logo.

3. Ravenclaw wallet


The light blue wallet looks amazing with the words “Wisdom Wit Learning”. These are the best words to describe a true Ravenclaw. Each wallet has metallic silver studs or copper studs on the front. It also has a zipper and a pocket to hold a lot of stuff, but it’s still compact enough to take with you.

4. Ravenclaw scarf and beanie

Ravenclaw scaft and beanie-Best Ravenclaw gifts

This Ravenclaw scarf and beanie set will take your recipient’s style to the next level. Each set features a scarf with an embroidered crest and a stunning beanie. This is a super soft, very long, and thick towel. They will protect them from the cold Hogwarts winter.

5. Ravenclaw pullover hoodie Quidditch


When most people think of Quidditch, they immediately think of the dramatic battles between Gryffindor and Slytherin, but Ravenclaws are also pretty good at it. So, cheer up the Ravenclaw team’s seeker with this gorgeous unisex hoodie. This hoodie is available in two colors navy and royal blue. They are very warm and comfortable for the one you love.

6. Ravenclaw robe


Who doesn’t wish they had authentic Hogwarts robes? Well, good news – you can actually buy authentic film copies of Harry Potter capes online. They have them for every home, but the best Ravenclaw gifts are the Ravenclaw set. The set includes a hood and a light blue satin lining, a Ravenclaw embroidered patch, and a leather clasp.

7. Ravenclaw necktie


The necktie is an integral part of any Hogwarts school uniform. So if you want to impress the recipient with a fun gift, a Ravenclaw-themed tie would be a great choice. They will be able to fulfill their dream of becoming a student witch.

8. Ravenclaw pin


While every house would certainly argue they have the best animal symbolism, we’d say the wise Ravenclaw eagle is our favorite. If your recipients also love Ravenclaw eagles, then consider buying them some of these cute eagle-embossed pins.

9. Ravenclaw caudron ceramic


This cauldron holds 20 ounces of liquid. It has a very mystical appearance. It will give you the impression that you are making your magic potion. The mug displays Ravenclaw’s iconic house logo. Surely the Ravenclaws will be happy and excited to receive it.

10. Ravenclaw throw blanket


This warm blanket will be a practical gift for the upcoming winter break. It is very warm and soothing. Ravenclaw’s crest stands out against a mysterious blue fabric that exudes the power of wisdom. So if you are still looking for the best Ravenclaw gifts, don’t pass up this idea.

11. Ravenclaw notebook


We’re pretty sure your Ravenclaw friend has a lot of ideas in mind. Therefore, why not give him/her this notebook as one of the best Ravenclaw gifts? So that they can write down their wonderful ideas in this sweet Ravenclaw notebook.

12. Ravenclaw keychain


A gift that the recipient can take with them wherever they go. The Ravenclaw family crest keychain is meticulously crafted to every detail. It also comes with a lobster claw clip, so it’s convenient to hook it to a costume or backpack.

13. Ravenclaw backpack


When it comes to the best Ravenclaw gifts, backpack with image of symbol of RavenclawThe studious Ravenclaws need a backpack to hold all the books for their classes. And mini backpacks are very popular today. The backpack is made of Pu leather material which is very luxurious and fashionable. It also includes a cute tassel on the front.

14. Morphing Mugs Heat Sensitive Clue Mug


This mug has to be one of the greatest gifts you can buy for someone. Before adding your hot drink to it, it is a black cup with a Sorting Hat on it. When you add hot liquid, it will transform into a magical blue and the eagle mascot will appear on it. You can tell your loved ones about this little secret or let them be surprised and delighted with their reaction.

15. Luna Lovegood spectrespecs


Who says Ravenclaws have to study hard and boring? Put on a great pair of Spectrespec, worn by Luna Lovegood, and see the world from a slightly different perspective. Plus, they act like actual sunglasses, to complete any Harry Potter-inspired ensemble.

16. Lost Diadem of Ravenclaw


This diadem may not really boost your brain power like Rowena Ravenclaw’s lore, but it will make any Ravenclaw feel beautiful at the events they attend. It is handcrafted and does not contain any pieces of Voldemort’s soul. It is very durable and always shiny for a long time.

17. Rowena Ravenclaw necklace


Rowena Ravenclaw’s tiara has always been something every Ravenclaw wishes to have. And you can help your lovely friend make her dream come true with this necklace. This beautiful necklace features an eagle and vibrant blue color that goes well with any outfit.

18. Ravenclaw bracelet


These stylish Ravenclaw bracelets can be worn separately or together. The set includes a blue beaded bracelet with Ravenclaw Crest, two blue chainrings, and a metal bracelet with the words “RAVENCLAW” on it. It goes perfectly with any outfit you choose.


Cufflinks do more than just keep your sleeves neat. They will add more sophistication and style to the suit. You can show off your personality and love for Ravenclaw through these shiny cufflinks. The exquisitely crafted Ravenclaw crest cufflink goes perfectly with any event you attend.

20. Ravenclaw vinyl sticker


Most Ravenclaws probably spend a lot of their time on magazines, folders, notebooks, laptops, etc. This Ravenclaw-themed sticker vinyl pack is the perfect backup for the creative wizard who needs to distinguish one notebook from another.

21. Don’t Worry You’re Just As Sane As I Am t-shirt


Those who are passionate about the Ravenclaw house style will find this shirt quite suitable. It quotes the famous line that Luna Lovegood once said to Harry: ” Don’t Worry You’re Just As Sane As I Am “. It includes 5 neutral colors: black, navy, purple, heather black, and royal blue.

22. Ravenclaw sock


Ravenclaw socks are for those who want to be a true wizard. Made from polyester, spandex and nylon, these socks provide a comfortable and warm feel. You’ll receive five pairs of socks to start your collection, which also makes them perfect for gifts.

23. Ravenclaw blanket with sleeve


The next option I want to recommmend in this of Ravenclaw gift ideas is Ravenclaw blanket. It is designed to be the perfect soft and comfortable blanket. It is made of 100% polyester fiber, creating a pleasant feeling for sleep. It comes with sleeves that are long enough to curl around the neck but still stay warm. The open-back design makes it easy to wrap and warm up, whether you’re lying down or sitting. It’s the perfect warm addition to a Ravenclaw’s home.

24. Ravenclaw lanyard


Although Hogwarts students do not need to use a lanyard, when the owl letter has not been received, a lanyard is still indispensable. This stunning lanyard is exclusive to the Ravenclaw family. It comes with an ID card holder even though you don’t see it in the product pictures.

25. Ravenclaw smartwatch band


Personalize your Ravenclaw friend’s watch by giving your friend this smartwatch band as one of the best Ravenclaw gifts. The band of this smartwatch is manufactured on premium printed silicone with a stainless steel buckle. This smartwatch band is compatible with all versions of the Apple Watch and other smartwatch brands like Samsung, Fossil, etc.

26. Ravenclaw pillowcase


Add a touch of fantasy to your room with our super soft and vibrant pillowcase. This pillowcase features Hogwarts Castle in a starry sky. This Harry Potter pillowcase is made from super soft microfiber. The fabric is durable and won’t fade after washing.

27. Ravenclaw headband


Headbands are great items to accentuate an outfit. This satin blue striped headband will make you look cute and stylish all the time. It is always smooth and does not cause discomfort when wearing. It’s perfect when paired with a Hogwarts uniform. Don’t miss this one on your list of Ravenclaw gifts.

28. Ravenclaw coloring book


Pick up your crayons and enter the fantasy world right away. The coloring book includes 64 pages for you to unleash your creativity. The book contains all the important moments from the Sorting Ceremony, Yule Ball, parties, etc. This coloring book is filled with special designs and scenes that every savvy Ravenclaw will love.

29. Ravenclaw lunchbox


Lunchtime will be magical with this Harry potter lunch box. It has a beautiful design with the eagle badge of the smartest wizards. The inside is insulated and zips to keep the heat or cold inside to keep things fresh. Use the top handle of this lunch bag for easy carrying wherever you go. Consider this lunch box if you’re wondering the best best Ravenclaw gifts.

30. Charmed Aroma Harry Potter Scented Candle


Your special Ravenclaw friend deserves this beautiful birthday gift. This wonderful gift includes a scented candle with a gentle and seductive scent. In particular, this product also includes a surprise necklace in each candle. This bracelet is committed to 925 silver, so you can be assured of its durability and brightness.

31. Ravenclaw Keyring/Keychain


Ravenclaws tend to take pride in their homes, so if you want an affordable yet thoughtful little present, a cute Ravenclaw keychain will be just the right fit. For example, this one is a very cute, minimalist animal with the Ravenclaw crest. It would be one of the best Harry Potter ravenclaw gifts you shouldn’t miss. 

32. Ravenclaw pillowcase set


If your recipient is really crazy fan of Ravenclaw, you might want to consider getting them some special this pillowcases… you know, to guarantee sweet dreams. Featuring a cool design on the front and back, this Harry Potter pillowcase features your favorite Hogwarts house, Ravenclaw from the famous movie. Give them this set as gifts for Ravenclaws and make them happy.

Final word

The unique list giftOMG have put together above will help you find the best Ravenclaw gifts on Amazon. The list ranges from Ravenclaw t-shirts, and fancy bracelets to quirky coffee mugs, there’s sure to be something for everyone. So let’s start entering the magical world now.

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