Prior to your wedding, are you looking to reward your groomsmen with some funny groomsmen gifts?

The costs associated with a wedding seem unending. When it comes down to it, it can be tempting to cut and snip things whenever you can. However, there are some things that you simply must purchase with money. One of these is a present from the groomsmen.

These presents can also be given as a straightforward thank you, which is a more fundamental justification. Being engaged is a difficult and stressful time, as is the process of organizing and hosting a wedding. It needs the assistance and support of every single groomsman. No matter how big or tiny, they will all contribute in some way.

We’ve compiled an extensive list of hilarious groomsmen presents that are sure to be a hit because not all gifts for groomsmen need to be sentimental. Additionally, many of them are truly useful and can be used long after your special day. So, scroll down for a list of the top funny groomsmen gifts that we know they’ll adore.

23 Funny Groomsmen Gifts That Surprise And Impress Everyone

We have some great ideas on what to buy your groomsmen as a gift. From funny onesies to hilarious t-shirts, these are sure to bring a smile to their faces. Check out our funny groomsmen gifts now!

1. Collins & Co. Groomsmen Gifts Set Bundle

Collins-_-Co.-Groomsmen-Gifts-Set-Bundle- Funny Groomsmen Gifts

With these groomsmen presents, you can make your group feel especially valued on your special day. It comes with six can coolers, bottle coolers, steel straws, and sunglasses.

A stylish glow-up for you, the guys, and their beers – all in one handy bundle! This package is essential if you want to finish your groomsmen gift buying in one sitting. These koozies can keep your beverages chilled and stylish thanks to their tuxedo style!

2. 8oz Flasks For Liquor For Men


A humorous gift for the significant man in your life would be this amazing 8 oz flask. Straightforward and brief – exactly how the ideal funny guys’ gift should be! This jerk will undoubtedly be put to good use during bachelor party antics and (likely) for years to come. 

By giving the guys these gifts, you may let them know how much you value that.

3. Groomsmen Proposal


These playing cards express a common sentiment. Great icebreakers for the guys! Okay, so these cards are more useful than humorous, but we’re sure your groomsmen will find them amusing on your wedding day. They are absolutely the best funny groomsmen gifts ever!

4. Golf ball Shot Glasses


These amazing golf ball shot glasses are an obvious choice for a present if you and your groomsmen like playing golf together. They are useful and entertaining at the same time.

They are made entirely of borosilicate and are not simply a joke present. In Minnesota, each glass golf ball is manually examined. They work well with your preferred pint glass, beer mug, rocks glass, and tumblers.

5. Groomsmen Proposal Cards


This amusing groomsmen card will reflect your straightforward yet jovial character. Send your favorite friends a creative and enjoyable proposal.

Printed on heavyweight Kraft cardstock of the highest quality. Any bridesmaid cards and wedding theme ideas will go well with them. This humorous Groomsman “proposal” card can be appreciated by your groomsmen if you and they get along well and have a laid-back relationship.

6. 6 in 1 Multitool Tech Tool Pen


The multi-tool pen makes a wonderful present for men who enjoy doing their own home improvement projects or who are wanting to add more pocket tools to their toolbox. 

It comes with 8 tech tool pens and 20 refills and is strong, clever, and portable. The tech tool pen has six very useful features, including a stylus with a refill, a level gauge, a ruler, a slot, and a cross screwdriver.

7. Custom Men Toiletry Bags


Amazing Products Customizable toiletry packs in leatherette and weatherproof canvas are ideal for your groomsmen.

Canvas and leatherette, both known for their lightweight and robust properties, are used to create an amazing toiletry travel bag by Emissary. Due to its water resistance, this particular material is suitable for usage in moist areas. This is the ideal travel dopp kit, shaving bag, and bathroom bag.

8. Personalized Pocket Knife for Groomsmen


An excellent wedding gift for the groomsmen. Tactical knives with custom engraving make excellent gifts that can be used for many years. 

They felt sturdy enough to withstand daily usage because they were made of real wood, had a decent weight to them, and were made to last. They are knives of good construction and light to a medium utility application.

9. Personalized Groomsmen Flasks w/Optional Gift Box


You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re looking for a classy gift for your guys to commemorate your engagement, bachelor party, or wedding. These flasks will be greatly appreciated by the recipients because they are customized with specific information about each gift recipient.

You have the option of choosing a gift box with a funnel simply or going all out with a gift box that includes a funnel and four shot glasses.

10. Wooden Bottle Opener Cap Opener


The ideal present for the best man, father, boyfriend, and spouse. Fits standard-sized beer and beverage bottle caps found in bars, restaurants, and homes. The beer bottle cap may easily be removed with only a little pressure. These were of a far higher caliber than I had anticipated.

11. 12 Gauge Shot Glasses Set


These four-shot glasses are fashioned after 12-Gauge Shells and will look excellent in the mancave.

A shot glass weighs two ounces and is made using superior polyethylene and comes in a lovely box that is ideal for gifts. The fact that the glasses are plastic is acceptable because they are durable, have a good design, and were made with quality craftsmanship.

12. Personalized Groomsmen Beer Glasses


These gifts are perfect for the entire group at the bachelor party or on the wedding day. Everyone, including the groom, groomsmen, ushers, and best man, may wear their own spectacles. 

You can add names, wedding roles, and a date to make it unique. Additionally, as you purchase more, the price per glass automatically decreases. Each one can hold 12 ounces of your preferred beer and is exquisitely etched. 

13. Bachelor Party Shot Glass Set


With these groomsmen and groom shot glass set for guys, raise your glasses for a toast with your squad. Each set comes with 12 elegantly designed party shot glasses that hold 1.75 oz. 

These team groom bachelor party favors feature a sophisticated design that endures multiple items of washing. With excitement, slam your groomsmen’s gift-proposal glass to the ground and revel in every moment! Consider this one to your list of funny groomsmen gifts.

14. Groomsmen Gift Bags


Make one of these groomsmen gift bags and plan a surprise for the best men. This gift bag is ideal for the bridegroom, groomsmen, father’s birthday, anniversary, wedding guests, or any special event. They’ll be overjoyed. These Gift bags for the groomsmen are constructed of kraft paper and are very good quality.

Your guests will be surprised since the bow tie, cuff links, and three-dimensional neckline pattern make the bag look like a real tuxedo.

15. Steel Matte Black Travel Tumbler


The tumbler’s dimensions of 6.85 inches tall by 3.66 inches in diameter make it suitable for most cupholders of a similar size. It is perfect for drinking coffee on the way to work in the morning. The cup and lid are dishwasher safe, manufactured of 18/8 food grade stainless steel, and free of BPA. 

The design won’t wash out or fade after washing because the exterior is powder coated for a long-lasting smooth appearance.

16. Personalized Compass Sundial Engraved Compass


This is a perfect antique gift that can be customized for any occasion along with the free hand-carved and handstitched leather case.

On the reverse of the compass of your choosing, any text can be engraved. It is applicable for simple measurements. The compass’s one side can be inscribed. Approximately 180–200 characters, or even more, can fit with smaller font sizes.

17. Groomsman Proposal Wedding Party Box Set


Motivate your groomsmen for your special day! The package comes with a chic hip flask, a can cooler, a gift bag, groomsmen sunglasses in the 80s style, and a stainless steel straw. 

All forms of alcoholic beverages fit well in the 8 oz. stainless steel hip flask. It comes packaged in a classy wooden gift box and has the option of being engraved to add a personal touch. 

18. Yoption 10Pcs Stainless Steel Credit Card Size Beer Bottle Opener


A charming novelty item, the Credit Card Bottle Opener is little but strong and resilient enough to open any bottle cap. Your beer and drink bottles will open with ease.

They can easily be tucked away in a wallet or similar compact area. You may access it whenever you need to. It’s the ideal gadget for your favorite beer enthusiast. They are excellent for BBQs, traveling, and giving as a gift.

19. Groomsmen Proposal bags


This set of drawstring bags has all the components needed for groomsmen proposal gifts. The bag is composed of rope that is pulled at the bundle’s top to change its size and enhance its aesthetic appeal. 

The lower two corners are constructed using abrasive, difficult-to-destroy triangular skin drilling technology. Grooms tribe, groom tribe drawstring bag, singles party, beach, pool, wedding favors, survival kits, or hangover kits are some examples. It’s really good idea for funny groomsmen gifts.

20. SoBoho 8oz Stainless Steel Maple Flask


Need suggestions for groomsmen’s gifts? Have trouble thinking of unique gifts for men? Asking your buddies to serve as groomsmen becomes necessary. 

These liquor flasks made of stainless steel are ideal as groomsmen proposal gifts, best man proposal gifts, or even as his and her flasks. These flasks are printed with a water transfer wood effect. They are the ideal fusion of a genuine wood appearance and the robustness of a stainless steel flask.

21. Wedding Party Paper Gift Bags


These elegant and succinct paper favor bags are ideal for weddings, bachelorette parties, and bridal showers. Stylish design and Rose Gold foil printing on both will make your wedding favor bags stand out from the competition.

The bags are simple to fill and carry thanks to the open design and comfortable handles. They can pack heavy stuff like water bottles, micro champagne bottles, clothing, goods, souvenirs, etc. If you’re looking for funny groomsmen gifts, these bags are a great option.

22. Groomsmen Proposal Cards with Mustache


An elegant and humorous approach to inviting your groomsmen to your wedding while showing off your sense of humor. Sure, you may just call your guys, but a creative proposal concept will make the occasion photo-worthy and will express your gratitude for each man’s support in advance. 

Ask them if they want to be your groomsmen, and tell them you “mustache” them. Mustaches come in a variety of unexpected shapes.

23. Ties for Wedding Groomsmen Pack


Even the biggest bridal party will have enough slim ties thanks to this bulk pack of groomsmen ties.

The groomsmen’s Crenstone neckties are made of superior satin-finish cloth that resists wrinkles. These are the ideal additions for outfits or gift bags for the guys.

24. Personalized Pocket Watch


One of the unique funny groomsmen gifts, this Personalized Pocket Watch is a unique and thoughtful way to show appreciation to your groomsmen while adding a playful twist to their accessories. This pocket watch is not only a practical timepiece but also a conversation starter that will bring laughter and camaraderie to your wedding party.

Crafted with attention to detail, this pocket watch features a sleek and elegant design that exudes timeless charm. It can be customized with each groomsman’s name, making it a personal and cherished memento of your special day.

25. Personalized BBQ Set


Looking for funny and practical groomsmen gifts? This personalized BBQ Set is the perfect choice! This unique gift will make your groomsmen chuckle while they master the grill. Each BBQ set can be personalized with their names, adding a special touch to their grilling adventures. With high-quality stainless steel tools and a custom-engraved carrying case, this funny groomsmen gift is both functional and amusing. Give your groomsmen something to laugh about and enjoy their future cookouts with our Personalized BBQ Set.

26. Groomsmen Underwear


These humorous underwear options feature clever and amusing designs that will make your groomsmen smile. Whether it’s funny phrases, quirky patterns, or playful images, our Groomsmen Underwear is a light-hearted and entertaining gift choice.

Give your groomsmen a giggle and a comfortable pair of underwear with this funny twist on a traditional gift. Hunting for playful and funny groomsmen gifts? Our Groomsmen Underwear is sure to add some laughter to your wedding festivities.


Above is our recommendation of what giftOMG consider the best funny groomsmen gifts. Understanding why you offer these gifts to your groomsmen is crucial before we discuss the specifics of how to do so. You can select the most appropriate gifts by being aware of their significance and meaning.

Beyond the fact that etiquette experts advise it, giving groomsmen gifts is customary. It’s one of those little gifts that support the event as a whole.

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