Finding a perfect gift can sometimes be a tricky task. There are many things that you have to think about. The best gift should be bought at a reasonable price, but it also should be interesting enough for the person you buy it for. The gift choice becomes harder when you are buying it for a streamer. In that case, you should probably consider the gift ideas to be useful and interesting at the same time. We will make you one of the best gifts for streamers, and we’re sure that it will help you to choose the best gift for your streamer friend.

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35+ Gifts For Streamers You For Any Occasion

From practical items to fun items, we have a wide range of unique gifts for streamers to celebrate their day. Pick the best one as a birthday gift or special day to your streamer.

1. Hue Lights

gifts for streamers

A stream setup encompasses a portion of a room, or the whole room if the streamer can help it. The lighting of a setup is very essential since staring at a poorly-lit room won’t be good for the eyes. Hue lights allow you to modify the lighting hue just as you like it. Purple or pink, you won’t run out of options anytime soon!

2. Stream Deck


This allows the streamer to preprogram everything to her or his liking, setting special buttons for the right occasion. For example, a button could be programmed to play a cool sound when there is a new subscriber. Some streamers can use a deck for funny effect or practical uses. You can either program a button to play comedic sounds, flashing lights, or open a certain program.

3. Twitch Pillow


Some streamers don’t just play games, they provide some music, conversation, or even eating content to their watchers instead. This usually involves sitting on a chair gaming for a longer period. As we all know, sitting down too long will ache, so a pillow can be helpful. Hug it, use it as a back foundation, or even just place it in the background. Pick this one if you don’t know what to give gifts for streamers.

4. Microphone


The microphone is so vital to the streamer that without one, everything will sound awful through other less-professional devices. Ideally, a microphone will make oration clearer to the audience and raise the professionalism of the stream. Due to this, a microphone is surely going to make a streamer’s year if they get one for their holidays.

5. Twitch Color Changing Mug

gifts for streamers

These kinds of mugs are also must-have things. It is also one of the gifts for streamers that are always welcomed. As you already know, a color-changing mug can easily change its color depending on whether your drink is cold or hot.

6. Twitch Clothes


These clothes are trendy and help any streamer look so cool and fashionable to the viewers. Supporting the Twitch brand also helps your company improve its platform easier. Whether it’s a jacket, socks, cap or anything else, you can help any streamer look more great for the holidays!

7. Large Bottles


One of the best These bottles from HydroMATE are enormous, so you won’t have to refill them approximately ten times a session. Fill them up with sodas, energy drinks, or just plain old water so any streamer can stay healthy and hydrated. Constant hydration, exercise and proper eating will help in the long run! One of the best gift ideas for streamers, this bottle will be appreciated. 

8. Strip Lights


Some streamers have no choice but to work with a smaller structure with less room. This necessitates measures such as reducing minimalism and cluttering layouts. Don’t let her or him be limited by space so much though, so get one of these instead of larger lights. It would be a big hit on your list of gifts for streamers

9. Webcam


You can skip this one if you know a streamer who prefers to keep her or his face out of sight. If not, we recommend a webcam for any streamer, since displays matter very much. Stream layouts and setups do too, but being able to view a streamer’s face can be enjoyable and entertaining for the audience.

10. Go XLR Mixer


A mixer made for streaming like this will make your audio sound fancy and professional, even industry-standard. Do note that free software like Voicemeeter are still very productive, and not everyone can bear to get one for their stream setups – these GoXLR alternatives are really worth checking out. Such is one of the fantastic gifts for streamers you don’t miss!

11. Key Light

Key Light gifts for streamers

Versatile and adjustable, this key light is compatible with mobile devices and computers. Who said streaming was for PCs only? Sometimes portable streaming setups are made up of a few other things only and tablets.

12. Second Monitor

Second Monitor-gifts for streamers

A range of streamers have more than one monitor, as this helps remain the stream less cluttered and they can multitask discreetly. If you know a streamer with only one monitor, watch them dance in sheer joy and give them another one!

13. Green Screen


Blending in with the video game will help with the stream’s quality since it allows the audience to focus on both the streamer and the video game. To do this, a green screen is placed in the background and green clothing is evaded (unless a comedic effect is called for).

14. Gaming Mouse


Engineered with esports in mind, which are an extended way to get into streaming, the Logitech G PRO X Superlight is just that too: super light. This allows for reliability, speed, and precision when it comes to delivering an optimum show. 

15. Corsair K100 Keyboard


There’s a huge number of reasons to pick up a keyboard, and it’s a difficult gift as a result. In general, it’s too hard to go wrong with the Corsair K100 Keyboard. It’s one of the best gaming keyboards on the market, where well-built, responsive and customizable just aren’t tag phrases but legitimate adjectives.

16. HyperX Quadcast Mic S


HyperX is another name to trust and know, and its Quadcast Mic S delivers on that name. It comes with all of the whistles and bells like its own anti-vibration mount, LED status indicator, tap-to-mute option, and a variety of dynamic effects and RGB lighting. When it comes to getting garish in a stream, the HyperX Quadcast Mic S actually won’t let the streamer down.

17. Razer Kiyo Camera


The Razer Kiyo Camera is designed with streaming in mind, capable of catching high-quality video while cutting back some of the more complex work that goes into a stream. Furthermore, its attached light ring makes it easier to ensure quality lighting and everything else that goes into becoming a good video capture.

18. Ring Light


Smaller size than the key light, and more practical for that. However, it doesn’t mean that the ring light comes with a bad light. Streamers will be excited with this small, but powerful gadget because it provides full professional lighting that all streamers need.

19. Boom Arm


A Boom Arm is a microphone holder that can help you to move around without hurdles. You can find a decent Boom Arm from 40 dollars or even more. The smaller ones have a pop filter. No matter which Boom Arm you choose, it makes a beautiful couple together with the Blue Yeti microphone.

20. RGB Lighting


The RGB lighting is also one of the best gifts for streamers. Professional streamers use them a lot, and everyone wonders how their lighting is exquisite from each corner. The answer is in this great stream tool. Although many people find them more expensive, you can find decent ones for just under 50 dollars.

21. Disco Ball Party Lights


They have seven adjustable colors, and three play modes and it is easy to use. Their sound active mode provides your favorite music list to change lights together with beats. This is not just one of the best gifts for steamers, but also for many other occasions like pool parties or birthdays.

22. Tumbler with Straw and Flip Lid


Modern, simple, and necessary gift for streamers. Don’t let my favorite streamers dehydrate! keep them safe and sound, just like their streams. This is one of the gift ideas with which you just can’t go wrong. It is very useful, and everyone needs it.

23. Cute Soft Touch Bunny Ears Headband


If you are a fan of streamers who like streaming for the young generations, and making them laugh, then these are probably useful gifts for them. Although it is not everyone’s need, this Bunny Ears Headband can look very adorable in live stream, and it also can be used to provoke annoying watchers.

24. USB Streaming Podcast PC Microphone


This is one of the gifts that look vẻyr professional that you want to buy it directly for your favorite streamers. Besides a quality headset, a good microphone is so important in streaming. Many streamers give a lot of money for their microphones, but here’s one whose price is just fine compared to its quality.

25. LED Game Neon Sign Gamepad


Gaming streamers will be into this amazing detail on their walls. Although the LED power energy is low, it can be denied as one of the great gifts for streamers. Gaming streamers can use it to decorate the background and to involve some captivating details in streaming.

26. BusyBox Smart Sign


As an experienced Twitch streamer, I know how crucial it is to focus on your streaming, a video game, or interaction with the other viewers. This gift is the best way to let people know that you are very busy and that you are in the middle of something.

28. Gaming Chair


Gaming chairs are always appreciated when it comes to the best gifts for streamers. Many streamers pass so many long hours in front of the screen. So, of course, that gaming chair is an excellent gift for streamers. Being a streamer is a great feature, but you have to pay attention to your posture and there are places that you can’t avoid like sitting.

29. Gaming Headset


Gaming is a sturdy job, so streamers always choose the best headphones they can find to keep the communication among audiences alive. When you want to buy a good pair of gaming headphones, you should choose one of the best with surround sound and memory foam pads to make a streamer’s communication comfortable and clear.

30. HDMI Switch


This special gift is practically a lifesaver for these streamers. It allows a smoother transition by switching audio and video content. It is perfect for many streamers who balance between a console personal and a PC.

31. 8BitDo Pro 2 Bluetooth controller


Your streamer will love this Bluetooth controller. It can help their hands off when playing. The controller features 2 pro-level back buttons, rumble vibration, motion controls, USB-C, 20 hour rechargeable battery. Also, it works well for iOS, Android, macOS, Nintendo Switch and more.

32. Smart Waterbottles – Best Gifts For Streamers


It’s a fantastic gift for streamers because it’s critical for them to maintain proper hydration and intake when they’re immersed in gaming. The HidrateSpark App uses Bluetooth to connect to the LED smart sensor puck, which tracks your water intake and glows to signal when it’s time to hydrate. The bottle’s rechargeable battery and quick charging wire ensure that you won’t miss a beat!

33. KontrolFreek FPS Thumbsticks


These have a contoured design that gives players a more competitive advantage over their rivals. These are among the best presents for streamers and work with any console. This is one of the great presents for streamers you shouldn’t miss!

34. Demon Horns for Headphones


One of the unique streamer gift ideas, this headphone will impress your giftee. Get your gamer these attachable devil horns instead of the trendy cat ears that everyone else has been using lately! Additionally, bunny, cat, and bear ears are made in this shop. These are a set of little, lightweight horns that you can attach to your headphones to make any basic, uninteresting headphone into one that is special to you.

35. Stream Deck Mini


The Elgato Stream Deck is a super-useful piece of gear for streamers, but if it’s beyond your budget you can still make them happy with this mini version! It can help easily control your favorite tools and platforms. With 6 Customizable LCD Keys, so you can instantly trigger actions with a tap.

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