Easter is coming and you can’t find out Easter gifts for kids? If this is the case, then you are in the right place. Your kids certainly are excited when they think of what is the Easter gift they will receive this year. Chocolates and candies used to be popular for kids on this special occasion in the past. But what’s more?

On our list here, you will come across a lot of fun, educational, and surely adorable Easter gifts for your children ranging from babies to teens. The price of those items also varies which ensures you can find the one which is fit your budget. Let’s check out the article below and look for a decent one!

Easter Gifts for Kids: What to Give Your Children This Easter?

Easter is a time when families gather together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Every child loves this holiday, so on this holiday, why treat them to one of these fantastic Easter gifts for kids?

1. Rainbow Magic Scratch Paper


It only takes a simple scratch to reveal the magic patterns and bright color hidden beneath the black matte surface paper. That’s why this present takes a very high place on our list of Easter gifts for kids. When your children scratch the paper, it will open a new world in their eye and stimulates their artistic thought.

2. Karaoke Microphone Machine


This is a suitable item if your kids love listening and singing. The microphone is built in aluminum allow, which is durable and can’t be transformed by crashing, impact, or fall. In addition, this item is equipped with a certified battery that is proven to be safe for kids to charge and use. So buy one and leave your kids to enjoy their hobby!

3. New Stomp Rocket Dueling Stomp Racers


Your kids are too lazy and you want them to be more active? So this present should be the perfect one for you. The game requires the kids to jump up if they want to start their race. You will be amazed at how attractive the game will be. As a result, it will give a lot of fun and energy to your kids since this one gets people joining in.

4. Easter Egg Toss

Easter Egg Toss easter gifts for kids

The present is suited for toddlers, preschoolers, or even 3-year-old children. The egg toss comes with a feeling of a softy and amusing sound “Fx”. This is a very useful trick to get your kids off their couch and make more social interaction with their friends. Just hold and pass it to another one, again and again, then a smile will appear on the children’s faces.

5. Crayola Build A Beast Shark


Make your kids amazed and interesting with this shark craft kit! Unlike the traditional ones, this present includes a skeleton that allows your kids to put clay on it. When the creation is finished, the shark tail can move lively. The gift is also highly educational since it comes with some interesting facts about sharks that make the kids feel excited and want to share with their friends.

6. Remote Control Car STEM Toys


The boys will be happy if they receive this car toy not only on Easter day but also on every occasion. At first, the car toy seems a quite difficult task to build, but there is a step-by-step guide in the box that is simple enough for your kids to follow on their own. The car toy also features a realistic sound making your kids’ experience more fun.

7. Palace Playset with Unicorn and Yeti Kids Toys


This palace playset lies in our list of Easter gifts for kids since the gift comes with a gorgeous palace that is home to a blend of delightful yeti and magic unicorns. Your kid’s creation will be expanded when using the 3 scribble scrubbie markers included customizing their unicorns and yeti.

8. Educational Insights BrainBolt Brain Teaser Memory Game


Actually, I can say that nothing is more addictive than this BrainBolt game. The game requires you have sequential skills and a great memory to remember the sequence of light when it moves. You can either play it alone or enjoy it with your friends to see who has the best memory at all.

9. Cotton Pajama Set


The set comes with 6 pieces of pajamas that are both short and long, so the set is suitable for all seasons. Featuring 100% cotton with elasticized waistbands and banded cuffs, the pajamas will certainly bring the most comfortable to your kids. Let’s choose the kids’ size and click the Add to Cart button!

10. Kidnoculars Binoculars


Binoculars are built with the size of eyepieces more than 3 times compared the ordinary ones. It makes the kids stay curious and more active as gets them outdoor play and explore the world. Kids normally have the most inquisitive minds, which makes this item perfect for a kid gift on Easter day. It will suitable for Easter gifts for 10 year old boy.

11. Wikki Stix Sensory Fidget Toy


If you are thinking of one item that brings a lot of fun and expands your kid’s imagination, then you come to the right place! The toy has 24 Wikki Stix that can be easily changed into many shapes. The gift is a helpful tool to relax after stress time. It also comes with a QR code that gives you a lot of ideas about creative art and craft making the kids immersive!

12. Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad


Your kids are too attractive to TV or smartphone, and you can’t take them out? Then you can take advantage of this tracing pad as a useful tool to grasp their attraction. The toy can be played with both indoors and outdoors, and it will entertain your kids as well. Over 100 traceable images in the box are more than enough to satisfy the kids’ imagination.

13. Skillmatics Card Game


The reason why we put this card game on our list of Easter gifts for kids is the many great skills that kids may learn when they engage. By joining the game, everyone must get their device off and carefully observe to become the champion. This leads to the development of logical reasoning and observation skill which is good for kids in their life.

14. LEGO Creator 3in1 Deep Sea Creatures


The Lego comes with 230 pieces that can build into many animal figures like sharks, crabs, fishes, etc. Especially, with this set, you can make a lifelike shark that has reflective eyes, moveable joints, pointy teeth, and other lively kinds of stuff. The creatures will make your kids engaged for hours and expand their imagination.

15. Educational Learning Games


The Osmo game will teach your kids how to run a lifelike business on yourself. It will give them many helpful skills like solving problems, social interaction, observation, and more. Hence the kids will have interesting experiments as they can play a role of an owner of a true business. Don’t miss this one if you’re looking for Easter gifts for 7 year old boy.

16. Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Animal


The stuffed animal is an adorable and delightful present for kids that you can choose as a gift on Easter day. Featuring a rabbit with long soft ears and floppy fur, this gift can make your kids happy and get their device off to play with the cute stuffed animal.

17. Disney Princess Royal Collection


Including 12 Disney princesses with many accessories that relate to their stories, this collection is a perfect gift for kids who love watching Disney film. The princesses are so beautiful and gorgeous with skirts or pants that shine brightly with many gems. A great Easter gift for both boys and girls!

18. Easter Activity Book


The activity book comes with many fun and imaginative pictures that will put a smile on your kids’ faces. The book also includes up to 30 fun activities that make your kids excited during Easter day. Since each page only has a picture, so you can tear out and show off your child’s work!

19. Crocs Kids’ Classic Tie Dye Clog


The crocs are made from versatile materials – Croslite foam, which gives a feeling of light and comfortable when wearing. As it features various bright colors, the crocs are perfect to add a groovy look to any style of your kids. As a result of being easy to wear and an interesting look, this one can be used to go to school, go on a picnic, or anything else.

20. X-Wing Fighter T-Shirt


The T-shirt comes with 3 options of colors, which can fit almost everyone’s interests. On the surface of the item are a Star Wars logo and an image of an X-Wing fighter, which will attract the attention of young fans of the movie and satisfy their hobbies. In addition, as it is original from 100% cotton, so you can be free of sweat and uncomfortable feelings!

21. Moon Torch Projector


We can surely state that when you pick this one as a gift for your children, they will feel very excited and come with a happy smile. Using the projector to come out with a realistic image of the moon on any flat surface. Enjoying the beauty of the moon for hours might be an interesting thing to do for many kids.

22. Disney Minnie Mouse Watch


The watch is a meaningful gift as the kids can follow the time when using it. It is also a great method to remind the kids about the importance of being on time in life. When your kids are a fan of Disney magic world, then this present is a perfect one for them to express their love for the Minnie mouse character.

23. Garden Tool Set Toy


Your little gardener will learn a lot about gardening, plants, and nature with this set. The garden tool set includes 4 pieces of tool, which are made from high-quality real metal and come with a hardwood handle. The kids will be more fun and active with this set as it requires them to be outdoor and work alongside on their own or with their parents.

24. Regal Games


The regal game includes many timeless, fun graphics that will certainly attract the attention of all ages. Especially with kids, the game will teach them about numbering, reading, and coloring. Hence their mind will be sharper while enjoying funny of the game.

25. Active Life LED Bike Wheel Lights


Riding in your own style is the thing that almost everyone dreams of. There you have it – a wheel light with many bright colors and a long-lasting battery built-in ensuring a cool, long ride. With no tool required, you can make no effort to install it on your bike, then enjoy a chill ride with a new look on your bike!

26. Original Tamagotchi – 90s


Anyone who was born 10 years ago will realize this Tamagotchi Digital Pet. When it comes to the 20s century, this item is really rare. Luckily, we have one for you with the exact original programming. This will bring fun to your kids as they can take care of and discipline the pet whenever they are bored.

27. Insect Lore


The lore features 11.5 inches in height and a feeding dropper, which is a perfect habitat for insects growing up. With this one, you can have a chance of viewing closely the most spectacular transformation in the world – the process of turning from pupa to adult butterflies. The lore is an amazing and educational present for the kids on special occasions, which will give them interesting scientific experiences.

28. Interactive Globe with Talking Pen


With this interactive item on hand, your kids can explore the world without leaving home. In the box is a smart stylus pen that can speak a lot of amazing facts about the world when you touch it on the globe. Those facts include information about oceans, animals, cities, continents, etc that give your kids a great deal of knowledge about the world!

29. Marvel Titan Hero Series Action Figure


The set comes with 6 figures of iconic Marvel characters. Give this gift to your kids if you want their imagination to be expanded. With the real, interesting look of many comic-inspired figures, the kids will imagine a battle for the fate of the world between many heroes.

30. Unicorn Coloring Book


A variety of unicorn images in this book make it a great gift for your kids who love this cute icon. They will come across many beautiful, happy, and smiling unicorns with detailed backgrounds in this book. This is a good way to improve your kids’ pencil grip skills and develop their imagination.

31. ArtMinds Ceramic Mug Painting Kit


One of the best Easter gifts for 10 year olds, this kit is suitable for anyone of any ages. Your kid will be free to create what they like and draw on this mug. They will be delighted with the results after they are done.

32. Yaylabs Softshell Ice Cream Ball


Sciece, ice crea, and outdoor activity in one, this ball is super fun for kids. Just add cream, sugar and flavoring on one end and add ice and rock salt at the other end. Give your kid as Easter gifts for girls or boys and make them happy.

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