A year is full of birthdays of friends, relatives, colleagues or special holidays. Indeed, this also causes you a lot of headaches when you want to choose a gift that is unique and meaningful, and at the same time conveys the message of the giver and brings joy to the recipient, right? The following article will suggest you 25+ unique and strange gifts that start with U to prepare the most favorite and unforgettable gift for your loved ones.

25 Gifts That Start With U For Everyone on Your Shopping List

Whether you’re searching for a gift for a friend, family member, or colleague, “Gifts That Start With U” can provide a fresh perspective on gift-giving. This unique approach to finding a present can help you think outside the box and discover something unexpected that your recipient will love. So, why not try “Gifts That Start With U” for your next gift-giving occasion?

1. Ukulele Kit with Beginner Accessories


This set includes a ukulele, a strap, a digital tuner, two spare picks, a How-To-Play songbook, carrying bag and more. This great traditional soprano ukulele is the perfect combination of basswood, solid wood & blackwood – very durable and eco-friendly. It has many strings, each one a color, representing a different musical note. Is your child or grandchild starting to have an interest in melodious music? This is sure to be one of the most impressive gifts that start with U.

2. U Shaped Full Body Pillow

U-Shaped-Full-Body-Pillow gifts that start with u

This Pregnancy Pillow for Sleeping is made of long silk cotton, providing the perfect balance between comfort and support for every part of the body including head, neck, back, hips, knees, legs. It also helps to relieve pain, bring comfort and good sleep to pregnant mothers. This u-shaped pregnancy pillow is quite flexible and can be changed in many different positions such as watching TV, breastfeeding, reading, etc. Designed for pregnant women but suitable for everyone.

3. UNO Card Game – Gifts That Start With U

UNO-Card-Game gifts that start with u

Since its appearance, Uno has quickly spread around the world and become the most popular game of all time. Anyone can play the Uno game, even small children. This Uno game is a unique combination of colors and numbers, so it will attract children. The Uno deck is compact in size so it’s easy to pack up to take anywhere. Therefore, you can play Uno while at home, traveling, in a coffee shop, or even on the beach. This will be a game to increase cohesion and stir up the atmosphere in the family during the holidays.

4. Umbrella

Umbrella gifts that start with u

This umbrella features a steel shaft with a classic curved handle design that is wind and rain resistant, keeping you dry no matter the weather. This transparent umbrella does not obstruct the view, so you can see everything in sight. Besides, this umbrella also embellishes your personal style. From walks, weddings, proms to keeping your hair & makeup on your way to work, this stylish umbrella lets you shine. A surprise gift for your loved one or friends on any occasion!

5. Umite Chef Kitchen Cooking Utensils Set


This kitchen set includes a flexible spatula, spatula turner, soup ladle, tongs, 10 hooks, measuring cup and spoons, silicone mat and more. Each item is made of food-grade silicone, BPA-free, odorless, warp-free and rust-free – it can be used in any food and meets all your kitchen needs. This set is sturdier than other common kitchen tools for daily use for a long time without wear. One of the great gifts that start with U for kitchen lovers!

6. Unicorn Plush Toy


Looking for a gift starting with U for a girl? This Unicorn Plush Toy is sure to make her extremely happy! It is made of soft cotton fabric and good elasticity (80% improvement over other regular stuffed toys) which makes this unicorn stuffed toy won’t deform even if she plays for hours. This Unicorn plush toy is washable – the perfect companion for little girls. A best gift on your daughter’s birthday that shouldn’t be missed!

7. U Letter Coffee Mug


The mugs are simple but very sincere gifts, showing your care for your friends and relatives, especially for your lover. Because, every time they use these lovely cups, they will always remember you. Do you want to find a cup that is both unique and cute but also suitable for girls to use everyday without being criticized as too “cheesy”?Then Letter U Coffee Mug will definitely be a memorable gift choice for her!

8. Unicorn Night Light


The unicorn symbolizes bravery, luck, purity and nobility. This cute Unicorn night light has 16 single color & color breathe modes to soothe baby’s emotions, banish nightmares & protect her every night. The unicorn night light is a reliable companion for children, as well as a great bedroom decoration for them. This night light will more clearly show your love and care for your daughter or granddaughter. When the kids receive this cute night light, you will see their sweet & warm smile.

9. Uranus Keychain


This Uranus Keychain made of stainless steel is hypoallergenic and won’t tarnish or rust. Both sides of this key are high quality polished. Size 5*1.2cm – durable and lightweight, perfect for everyday wear! Stamped with the phrase “I love you to Uranus and back”, this is an adorable love gift for a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband or best friend. The recipient will surely be delighted and surprised!

10. Under Armour Zip-up T-shirt


This 100% Polyester long-sleeve T-shirt helps men keep warm, retain heat well and create an impressive dressing style. Compared with elegant suits or office uniforms, this T-shirt brings a feeling of lightness and comfort more than ever. When wearing it, they can comfortably move in many different environments without worrying about crawling or discomfort. A practical gift that starts with U for boyfriend, husband, brother, friend or colleague!

11. Unicorn Blanket


Super soft flannel surface and warm Sherpa lining make up this cute blanket. This Unicorn Blanket is made from 100% high quality materials – super soft, plush and skin & environment friendly. This breathable and comfortable unicorn blanket is a great sleeping blanket for both kids and adults. This 50×60″ throw blanket also contains a beautiful pattern making it a perfect decoration for your home. A gift idea for a birthday or on Halloween, Easter, Christmas, New Year’s Day or any other party.

12. Ursteel Old English Initial Necklace


Ursteel Old English Initial Necklace is a classic way to affirm your interest in your girlfriend. This is also a good gift to let her know that she is as close to you as this lettering is. When she wears this necklace, she will have a reminder that you are always with her. This necklace is made of 14k gold, waterproof, nickel & lead free, never fades, won’t rust, yellow & turn blue. Suitable as a birthday gift, Christmas gift, anniversary gift or other special occasion gift.

13. Upgraded 3 in 1 Star Projector Night Light


This Upgraded 3 in 1 Star Projector Night Light can create a vivid starry sky with 16 different colors to create a relaxing atmosphere that lets you enjoy the beauty of nature. Soothing music pre-set 8 different white noise sounds (summer night, twinkling little stars, streams, birds chirping, rain, ocean waves, lullaby, and campfire) can help babies & children easily go to sleep more. It is also a soothing tool to help adults relax and fight insomnia. A unique gift that starts with the letter U would suit any bedroom space, right?

14. Uni-Posca Paint Marker Pen


This Posca Paint Pen is meticulously and thoughtfully designed and manufactured in Japan – non-toxic, alcohol-free like other markers, waterproof and still colorfast. This product is designed for people with aesthetic taste or a creative mind. It can be used for photo decoration, hat decoration, t-shirt design, writing on glass, rock painting, potted coloring or anything else. This 15-digit Posca marker set is the perfect gift choice for professionals, amateurs, and all art lovers.

15. USB C Hub


This USB C Hub is compatible with and Android smartphones/laptops (not for iPhone/iPad). With this device, you can easily transfer photos, back up files, download high-resolution videos, and conduct online group meetings faster. It also provides up to 100W fast & safe charging power for the latest USB-C smartphones, laptops or tablets. One of those gifts that start with U perfect for photographers or designers!

16. Unicorn Bath Bombs


This Unicorn Kids Bath Bomb Set includes 6 bath bombs packaged in an eye-catching box that can be used as a magical treasure chest. Made with 100% safe, gentle, color-free and all-natural ingredients, they help soothe, moisturize and delight your baby. Drop these bath bombs into the water, kids will be able to see magical colors and a fun unicorn toy! Imagine the look on your child’s face as this colorful bath bomb gradually deflates, he/she will surely scream with joy!

17. Ultra 10-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker


What do you think about a multi-function kitchen appliance? Too great, right? 1 pot has up to 10 functions: Pressure cook, sous vide, slow cook, sauté pan, food warmer, sterilizer, cake baker, yogurt maker and steamer. Developed with the latest 3rd generation technology, this Ultra 10-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker helps to monitor pressure, temperature, and adjust heating intensity. It’s easy to use, simple – can serve up to 6 people, perfect for families!

18. U Letter Charm Bracelet


This graceful bracelet is made from premium stainless steel, is highly polished, never fades, is lead free and hypoallergenic for everyday use – great for teenage girls & adult women. The bracelet is housed in a sturdy velvet bag. Very perfect for your wife, girlfriend, sister, mom, daughter, granddaughter, niece, friend, bridesmaids on Valentine’s day, Christmas, wedding, mother’s day or other holiday.

19. Unisex Sunglasses


These Unisex Sunglasses have a simple look, impressive shape, comfortable feel and fashion. They include 100% UV protected lenses with lightweight yet durable acetate frames to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. The shape and curvature can be customized to fit the face. It also comes in a variety of colors to choose from, based on personal preference. Each pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses comes with a high quality carrying case and soft eyeglass cleaning cloth to clean & protect them from scratches.

20. Umbra Tesora Jewelry Box


This Tesora jewelry box uses unexpected materials to create a look that is both beautiful and functional. It features a plated metal lid, measures 4-1/2-inches high by 5-inches in diameter, and features a sturdy two-tier plastic case design – a fun way to keep your favorite jewelry ( rings, brooches and any other accessories) safe & organized. It also serves as a beautiful display tray in your living room or bedroom. Very suitable as a gift that starts with U for friends or relatives!

21. Ultimate Snack Care Package


This Ultimate Snack Care Package includes 40 snacks that are perfect for any snacking occasion. The ultimate snack care package features cookies, crackers, popcorn, chips, nuts in an impressive variety of savory & sweet flavors. It acts as a health care package for your loved one. Individually packaged so you can eat on the go or share with friends and family. Perfect as a care pack for military personnel, office colleagues, college graduates, kids camping, etc.

22. Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner with Digital Timer


Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ve got at least a few pieces of fashion or jewelry in your closet, right? Then, surely, you will need this Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner with Digital Timer! It can generate 42,000 Hz ultrasonic sound waves to clean dirty jewelry, watches, eyeglasses, utensils and more in minutes with just tap water without harming your valuables. There are 5 preset cleaning cycles of 90, 180, 280, 380, & 480 seconds – extremely safe & easy to operate. 

23. Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter Vase


This Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter Vase has a simple, elegant design and is a personality addition to any space. This is a fun way to add some color and liven up your home with plants like small succulents, faux sedums, faux succulents, air plants, mini cactus, other small plants or flowers. It is made of high quality molded plastic & plated metal wire in various sizes for unique home decoration, office decoration, bathroom decoration.

24. U Wireless Headphones


The headphones are luxuriously designed, soft & light. The 12mm speaker unit delivers crisp, clear and high-quality sound. When purchased, it will come with a number of accessories such as: charging cable, backup headset and user manual. With noise reduction and echo reduction technology, you can enjoy your music anywhere without being affected by your surroundings. In particular, the two magnetic earphones help users comfortably participate in sports activities. 

25. Unicycle with Alloy Rim


Unicycle is a unique circus art. This sports car has only one wheel. The vehicle moves and balances thanks to the skill of the driver. It is an effective means of training self-focus, balance, independence and patience to overcome challenges & achieve success. Learn to ride a unicycle through three basic steps: Practice getting on and off the bike, Practice standing on the bike and Learn to walk with your hands on the wall or railing. One of the ideal  gifts that start with U for someone who loves adventure!

26. Unisex Real Leather Messenger Bag


The Unisex Messenger Bag is made from naturally treated goat leather with a sturdy fabric lining on the inside – perfect for holding this document, laptop, netbook or iPad. In addition to anti-shock functions for electronic devices, a stylish handbag also becomes an accessory to help you assert your personality and personal style. Great to use as a messenger bag for men leather, leather golf bag, messenger bag leather, laptop bag leather, messenger bag for women leather, leather bags, leather crossbody bag, leather camera bag, messenger bags leather or business leather bag.

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Is there a gift that is more meaningful and precious than these? These must be gifts that start with U that bring many surprises, your love for the recipient, right? Hope these suggestions from giftOMG will bring you the most unique gift ideas. And above all, when giving the above birthday gifts, do not forget to send the most sincere words to your family, friends and relatives.

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