How do I give a surprise gift? Gifts make everyone happy, no matter what their age is. And nothing makes people smile (or scream with delight) like receiving an unexpected surprise gift. 

But the joy does not stop there; giving a surprise is also a lot of fun, even though organizing one is not an easy chore. It is a combination of many steps: planning a gift, looking for a location to hide it, and preparing a surprise. And the most important and difficult thing is trying to keep it a secret no matter how excited you are.

Consider these ideas from giftOMG for unique ways to boost your gift-giving experience as you brainstorm new ideas.

How Do I Give A Surprise Gift?


You’ve chosen the ideal gift for that particular someone, and you can’t wait to watch their response when they open it. While you may be tempted to simply hand it over if you truly want to impress them, make the gift-giving experience as unexpected and memorable as the item itself.

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The Stranger

This is the first option for you when considering: How do I give a surprise gift? If there’s a big event or celebration coming up, the receiver is undoubtedly expecting a present from you. So why not surprise them by having someone else deliver it? 

Find someone the recipient would never expect to get a gift from. The obvious first choice would be a little child, perhaps your own, but the job could also go to an obedient pet who isn’t afraid of having a small box connected to its collar, or a neighbor who can pretend he accidentally received your mail delivery. Make it enjoyable in any case!

Fake-Out Packaging

Our second suggestion is ideal if you have a history of giving poor-quality presents. The trick is to plant seeds of disappointment. Repurpose an empty box from something you know the giftee will be disappointed by – office supplies, cleaning items, hardware tools – and hide your jewelry inside. 


When they open your gift expecting something conventional and routine, they will be taken aback. Just keep encouraging them to dig! You’ll quickly witness their disappointed expression turn to sheer happiness.

Puzzle Pieces

Make a drawing or print one. This image or photo can be a representation of the actual gift, a word, a hint as to where the gift is hidden, or a conundrum to solve. Cut into 20 pieces, much like a jigsaw puzzle. 

The type and style of the puzzle can be whatever you choose. The more difficult the puzzle, the greater the suspense. If they want the gift, they must work for it! If you’re feeling particularly inventive, you might add some text or a picture to the jigsaw below and cut it out for them. 

We would recommend just cutting on your own, but this looks more authentic. If you are planning a journey, you can use a puzzle to announce the location.

A Treasure Hunt


This method requires a little more effort, but it can also serve as a group activity at a party. The idea is for the receiver to figure out where the gift is by answering a few questions or following a few hints. It is entirely up to you whether you want to make this treasure search for the surprise gift as long or as short as you want.

You can have a few hints or go all out with a long adventure all over the house or even the neighborhood. You may have each hint relate to anything about the individual or your relationship, or you can just make them entertaining and challenging. 

Of course, the final clue will reveal the location of the genuine gift for him, so make it difficult. If the player is unable to figure out the correct answer, you may provide an additional clue. This will keep the treasure quest from unraveling.

Balloon Notes

Make a message or card and cut it into many parts. Fill each component into a balloon, inflate it, tie it, and present it as a balloon bouquet. The recipient must pop all of the balloons and arrange them together in order to read. This is also an excellent method to present cash as a gift!

The Unexpected Discovery


Instead of presenting a gift, try hiding it somewhere where the receiver will find it by chance. Whether wrapped or not, place the gift somewhere out of the ordinary where you know he goes every day. When they visit these locations expecting the ordinary, they will be blown away by your unique gift. Just be careful not to conceal your gift so well that it is overlooked, misplaced, or washes away.

Drive Them To A Surprise Event

While it is customary to schedule a surprise party at the recipient’s home so that they are surprised as soon as they come in the door. To make it more surprising, avoid planning the party in their home.

Pretend you don’t have anything special scheduled for the day. Request that a family member or a friend assist you throw the party at their home. Allow the person to be a little miserable before taking them to the BEST party in town!

A Surprise Picnic Party 


You can plan a picnic with a twist for their special day. Take them on a picnic and have all of their relatives and friends arrive gradually with their picnic baskets. The bigger the crowd, the better the surprise. If it’s a birthday surprise, have one of the attendees bring in a cake to make the surprise even more delicious!

Try Delivering Your Gift To Your Friend At Work

The last option will help you answer the question: How do I give a surprise gift? This will be a great way to surprise if the recipient goes to work on their birthday. Instead of giving the gift in person as is usually the case, you can hand it over to a courier and have it delivered to the recipient at their office. 

Gift recipients will be very proud of their colleagues when they receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a lovely gift box from someone. You can put a happy birthday card with loving wishes!

Tips For Planning A Surprise Gift


Now, the techniques above are all useful in planning a surprise gift. Even if you followed all of the instructions above, there is still a potential that your surprise present will be a disappointment.

1. It’s usually not a good idea to trick them with gifts on their special day in a bad way. For example, you’ve surely seen the amusing iPhone gift video online, in which someone receives an iPhone box as a gift, but when they open it, all delighted and yelling, it turns out to be something that isn’t even remotely as thrilling as an iPhone.

2. You shouldn’t constantly tell them how delighted you are for their special day in advance. They’ll probably find out what’s cooking. Hold back your excitement before or on the big day. Simply be your usual self.

3. Make sure you research your friend thoroughly before buying a gift. You should know the person’s preferences: colors, souvenirs, entertainment, books, … to be sure they will like the gift you give.

What Should I Say When Giving A Surprise Gift?

You can’t just give a gift in silence. What you say when giving a gift will make the recipient remember it longer. Check out our tips!

Tell Them Why You Chose That Specific Gift For Them

It is very meaningful if you show your care in the gift you give. It will just be a normal item if you give it and say nothing. But if you tell the reason why you spent a month choosing that gift, the recipient will appreciate it many times over. For example, if you’re gifting a spa set, say, “I’ve noticed that you’ve been feeling tired lately, so you should use this gift to pamper yourself!” or something like that.

Be Honest About How You Are Feeling

You don’t have to rummage through happy birthday greetings templates to choose the best and most unique. Sincere words from your heart are the most meaningful. The recipient will definitely understand the thoughts and feelings you put into the gift.


Above is the answer to the question: How do I give a surprise gift? Giving a gift and then watching your loved one’s reaction can be just as enjoyable as receiving one. It’s always a good touch to add a little zing to your gifts by putting some consideration into how you deliver them. A clever or unusual gift demonstrates to someone that you made an effort. To increase the element of surprise, try coming up with creative ways to present your gift.

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