A housewarming party is more hilarious with this list of 28 funny house warming gifts!

Someone will certainly pass out during the party from laughing so hard they fall out of their chair if you give friends or family one of these humorous housewarming gifts. Moving into a new home is a lot easier when your sense of humor is in the van with you rather than being packed off in a box. The housewarming celebration will be delightfully lit up if you furnish their home with humorous items, even if there is still unpacking to be done. From the funny coffee cup in their cabinet to the funny doormat on the porch, everyone will want to get their oven mitts on these items and will be intrigued about them.

Roll down to see the list of funny house warming gifts and pick out the best you preferred. 

28 Funny House Warming Gifts Will Put A Smile on Their Face

Moving to a new place is always exciting. If you have significant someone who is on the move, consider these funny house warming gifts to help them feel more welcome when they arrive.

1. Funny Kitchen Towels


Not sure of the perfect housewarming present to offer your loved ones? The best idea would be a set of amusing and functional dish towels! You can keep surfaces and tabletops dry by using these humorous tea towels. The amusing kitchen towel may be used to dry dishes and wipe cooked items of extra oil. All of the tea towels in our collection are made of cotton.

2. Pizza Blanket


Your friends will be astonished as you wrap yourself in the large pepperoni pizza blanket, which has a gorgeous single-layer design and a more genuine pizza pattern. The extremely soft, lint-free, non-fading hilarious blanket may be used in a variety of settings, such as a bed blanket, sofa blanket, wearable blanket, and travel blanket. It will make your friend’s transition into their new home better and easier. It’s so unique and hilarious, so add it on your list funny house warming gifts.

3. Bunny Slippers for Women


You need to get some new slippers for the new house! There are six exquisite colors available for these slippers: pink, light gray, light gray, white, and yellow. They are soft on the skin and keep your feet warm and comfortable all year long. The anti-slip design, which features a lovely animal pattern, will make you feel as though you are walking on soft cushions, and your tired feet may relax.

4. Aim High To Do List Notepad

Aim High To Do List Notepad - Funny Housewarming Gifts

The bold and vivid objective notepad is a terrific alternative to traditional stationery since it adds color and happiness to your daily calendar or goal-setting list. 50 lined sheets, labeled “Super Important,” “Then, Do This,” and “Chill, This Can Wait,” are handed to you. Make It Happen is the motivational saying that appears at the top of every page. This to-do list will remind your friend with things to do in the new home.

5. Dish Towel


One of the funny house warming gifts, this dish towel will contribute to bringing delicious meals and happiness to the new home. The fading writing and artwork of a dog wearing a bandana on the strong cotton dish towel will make you smile. Because it was made of durable, high-quality cotton, this dish towel will last for a very long time.

6. Scented Candles Gift Set


These candles make wonderful gifts. Beautiful candles in the boho style are packaged in a wonderful gift box. With a variety of natural-based soy candles that are beneficial. Depending on how you’re feeling, you can choose a different fragrance. You may ensure that your friends’ new homes always have a garden-like aroma and encourage relaxation by sending them candle gift baskets.

7. Vino Corkscrew & Bottle Opener


The new house will be filled with fun parties with friends. What you need is a good champagne opener to open bottles with ease. But if the wine openers on the market are too mediocre, give a bat-shaped wine opener to the housewarming party. These funny house warming gifts with its unique design will surprise your new homeowner friend.

8. Doormat Go Away


This must have been bought as a housewarming gift for friends who are introverted or frequently have unannounced guests. The “Go away” doormat, which discourages new invaders and is constructed from sustainable, eco-friendly natural coconut fiber, is the perfect addition to your friend’s front porch.

9. Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass


This gift is born for wine lovers! With this unique and amusing wine glass, which is 11.5″ tall by 3″ wide, you may have a drink of wine whenever you like. Wash your hands after finishing your one drink so you may use them again later. You may use this lovely novelty wine glass for a variety of events. Give it as funny house warming gifts and make everyone laugh out loud.

10. Spatulart Smiley Nylon Flex Turner


By using this novelty head to flip pancakes, eggs, French toast, grilled cheese, and other items, you can bring fun and joy into the kitchen and make everyone grin in the process. Your friend’s kitchen aims to be both visually beautiful and useful by employing vibrant colors and creative design. This turner will have your friend flipping out to prepare more delectable delicacies with this simple gadget since it combines novelty pleasure and practicality.

11. Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner


What’s more fun than angry mom microwave oven steam cleaner for your new home? With this microwave cleaning set, cleaning as well as deodorizing the microwave will be easier. Plus, designed in the shape of an angry mom, this gift will remind your friends to keep the microwave clean so she doesn’t yell at them.

12. Smiley Face Pancake Pan


A great way to start the day is with funny smiley face pancakes. With this pancake pan, you can make 7 different types of funny smileys. This pan will be one of the funny house warming gifts for your loved ones, helping them start their day with joy and energy.

13. Cat Shaped Ice Cube Tray


You’ll have plenty of entertainment for hours with these cat-shaped ice cubes. This tray will appeal to the cat enthusiast in your life since it is both humorous and adorable. In addition to making ice cubes, this tray may also be used to make cocoa, chocolates, jams, soaps, and other pleasures.

14. Creative Resin Banana Duck Garden Gnomes


This lovely duck statue works well in terms of waterproofing and robustness to both hot and cold situations thanks to its solid resin structure and hand-applied UV-resistant paint, making it substantial and long-lasting. Additionally, color is used creatively to embellish it. Placing it on your work desk, business desk, or nightstand in your bedroom may help you feel considerably less anxious due to its attractive appearance.

15. Cotton Lake House Fish Oven Mitts


For frequent usage in the kitchen, even for those who like fishing, this present is at the top of the funny housewarming gift. When working with hot materials, oven gloves safeguard your hands and wrists. Handmade and washable, these strong 100% cotton oven mitts are made.

16. Skeleton Gothic Bathroom Decor Toilet Bowl Brush Set


You’re trying to come up with a special housewarming gift for a buddy who is moving into a new home, or you’re having trouble coming up with a housewarming gift for a friend who enjoys the beach. You won’t be disappointed with this assortment of skeleton toilet brushes. The matching skeleton toilet bowl brush is included with our free-standing skull toilet brush holder, which is hand-cast from durable acrylic resin and genuine crushed stone.

17. Pasta Monsters and Salad Servers


Does your buddy favor pasta over a supper of crisp vegetables? Are you having trouble coming up with housewarming or new house gift suggestions for your loved ones? Serve spaghetti and salad to your loved ones using these humorous serving tools. The salad fork and spoon are extremely sturdy and dishwasher-safe. These gorgeous utensil servers are useful for meals in addition to being beautiful.

18. Novelty Shower Curtain Set


Fans of Snoop Dogg may love this amazing design to transform their bathroom into a work of art. The 100% polyester fabric of the shower curtains is really comfy. Each curtain has dimensions of 71 by 74 inches and was designed to suit a standard-sized bathtub or shower. This shower curtain is a must-choose if you want a funny housewarming gift for your friend’s new home. 

19. Tentacles Octopus Beach Toilet Paper Roll


You don’t know what to give as a housewarming gift to your ocean-loving friend or you want to find a unique gift for your friend’s new home. Give your steampunk Kraken-loving friend this deep-sea octopus sculpture as the most useful practical joke ever, or use it to hold toilet paper in your friend’s new bathroom.

20. Light Up Electronic Plug-in Word Clock


At first glance, it could seem to be a word problem, but as soon as the LED display lights up, it becomes clear that the object is both a functional clock and a modern work of art. Thanks to its sleek black finish and substantial yet manageable 7.75″ x 1.13″ dimensions, this appealing accent clock is the perfect size for your workstation, nightstand, or desk.

21. Spoon Rest Holder Silicone


A spoon holder will suit homeowners who love to cook. Made from silicone, these spoon holders are heat resistant, easy to clean, and durable over time. Plus, they’ll add color to the new home’s kitchen with their bright color design. Bring joy to your friend’s new home by giving them one of the funny house warming gifts.

22. Dollar Bill Collection Non-Slip Rubber Back


Your home will look better and feel brighter with this colorful carpeting. It features a blue, green, gray, gold, and green pattern like a $100 bill. Its timeless style may be incorporated into some different home decorating themes. Any home will draw attention to this unique carpeting.

23. Home Bessie Patterned Velvet Cow Ottoman


Anyone wishing to add a unique piece to their homeroom will like this humorous cow ottoman. The use of the finest velvet and sturdy birch wood legs make this pet look fantastic in your home. This cow is not only exceptional but also attractive.

24. Retro Vinyl Coasters


These retro coasters would make a great housewarming gift. Inspired by music, more specifically vinyl records, these coasters will attract the attention of any guest who comes to the house. In addition to being used as coasters, you can also give them as a decorative gift for music-loving homeowners.


Grab the balloons on Carl Fredricksen’s house whenever you need a boost to enhance the lift on this metaphorical cookie jar and earn yourself a reward. Disney and Pixar served as the design inspiration for this cheerful kitchen. This is the most suitable funny housewarming gift for any Disney fan.

26. Udderly Cow Mug with Non-Skid Silicone Feet


Among the assortment of gifts for admirers of this beloved farm animal as well as rustic design, the udder cow mug stands out. You may enjoy your new home and have a great day with a hot beverage in this mug, such as coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

27. Cute Snail Soap Dispenser


The liquid-spitting bionic snail has an interesting and practical design. It is easy to build, take apart, reuse, clean, and maintain. Applying an ointment that is too thick or sticky risks clogging a pipeline. Your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom may gain natural energy from this item by being beautifully decorated.

28. Skeleton Hand Ring Holder & Jewelry Stand


Use this beloved skeleton hand and gothic jewelry holder to showcase magnificent gems and raise jewelry organization to the hereafter. The perfect gothic environment for someone with a wicked, unsettling side. Instead of jewelry boxes, give male receivers gothic decor or female recipients skeleton decor. If you accept this gift, beware of a necklace organizer you’ll surely never forget.

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For everyone, moving into a new home is a significant life event. To help them celebrate the beginning of this new chapter in their lives, provide them with these funny house warming gifts from giftOMG.You may be able to select the perfect gift for their housewarming party if you are familiar with their sense of humor, and any of the products on this list look amusing.

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