Halloween is a fun time of the year and also an ideal time for you to give your loved ones and friends memorable gifts. Halloween is almost here and it’s time to start planning all your unique gift ideas. For girls, there are too many unique options, but for boys, things seem to be more difficult. Well, list of Spooky Basket For Him below is the best thing you should refer to.

What could be scarier but more fun than a spooky basket? Halloween is a costume festival, so when giving him gifts on Halloween, you should choose unique, fancy, creepy, and spooky gifts that match the meaning of this day! Here are our spookiest gift basket ideas for him.

29 Best Spooky Basket For Him That He Will Love

Discover the perfect spooky basket for him, combining the enchantment of Halloween with captivating surprises. Delight the special man in your life with a bewitching assortment of spooky-themed goodies, from hauntingly stylish apparel to mysterious treats and thrilling games. Embrace the spirit of the season and create unforgettable memories with this captivating gift.

1. Sweet Water Decor Hello Pumpkin Coffee Mug

Pumpkin Coffee Mug spooky basket for him

Pumpkin Coffee Mug is the first item in the spooky basket for him. Right now, let’s liven up the Halloween atmosphere by giving him this iconic gift. For example, a lovely orange mug with the words “hello pumpkin” printed on it. This mug is reusable so it is very economical and environmentally friendly. Surely, your friend will be surprised when pouring hot or cold water into this mug.

2. Horror Character Skinny Tumbler


Sometimes you don’t need something too expensive, just the little things in life make the other person happy. And among them, a thermos bottle is a necessity every time you go out, especially to work, business or school. When buying a thermos as a Halloween gift, the Horror Character Skinny Tumbler can be a perfect choice. The product is made of stainless steel and insulated copper wrap to keep drinks hot for up to 6 hours and cold drinks for up to 24 hours. A gift that’s both spooky and convenient, right?

3. Bulk Assorted Fruit Candy

Bulk Assorted Fruit Candy

According to Western custom, on Halloween, people often share sweets to show affection. Children can knock on the door of any house to ask for candy and receive meaningful wishes. So you can buy Halloween candy as a gift for your little guy. This Bulk Assorted Fruit Candy has many different varieties: Swedish Fish, Airheads, Sour Patch Kids, Starbursts, Twizzlers, Skittles, Jolly Rancher, Sour Patch and Haribo Gold Bear Gummy. Put everything in a spooky basket for him, and you have a very cute gift.

4. Halloween Toys

Halloween Toys

Your son often loves to dress up as cartoon characters. These Halloween Toys will suit little ones as a fun Halloween gift. It has many different shapes such as pumpkin, witch, death, Satan, clown, Batman,…Each small toy is designed with the right size to fit his finger. With outstanding high-quality materials (made from soft, durable and non-toxic vinyl) that meet US toy safety standards, children can enjoy using it. Try looking at these Halloween toys, he’s sure to love them.

5. Stuffed Animals


Stuffed animals are very popular toys for little ones. Help your little boy add a unique and cute Halloween stuffed animal like this to the spooky basket for him. Products are made from special materials that are very safe for the health of users. The inside of the Halloween stuffed animal is 100% pure white cotton which makes it very soft, smooth and creates a very cute puffy chubby appearance. He can also use this item to display or decorate his bedroom.

6. Halloween Picture


Pictures of colorful Halloween scenes with mysterious images such as ghosts, smiling pumpkins, moons, bats, witches, mysterious castles will be a good suggestion for you to make an indelible impression on your boyfriend or husband. You can paint your own unique one-of-a-kind painting or buy this Halloween Picture at a price that suits your pocket. This spooky basket for him will create a surprise. This year’s Halloween will be memorable for him.

7. Spooky T-Shirt


The most interesting and characteristic part of Halloween is probably the costume part. So an impressive and outstanding festive outfit is also an appropriate gift. It will become a creepy accessory, contributing to bringing the Halloween atmosphere closer. If you are looking for unique and impressive costumes for your boyfriend this Halloween, surely this Spooky T-Shirt will be the most practical gift for him to wear in the carnival. Or he can wear it as a casual outfit which is also very reasonable.

8. Halloween Bracelet


This Halloween bracelet will make his Halloween costume even more attractive and magical. The necklace is designed in a creepy skull style, exuding a cold look, which is a very suitable gift for your boyfriend on this occasion. When choosing a gift for him, you also buy 2 to combine into an impressive “spooky couple” on Halloween.

9. Spooky Candles


One gift that you can add to a spooky basket for him is this funny candle. This will be a beautiful, unique gift that exudes an attractive scent such as top natural essential oils, cool cider, or vanilla voodoo. It seems quite scary to light this Halloween gift in the night, but in fact, they are too cute and the person receiving the gift must love them too!

10. Halloween Keychain


Keychains are a hugely popular and never out of date Halloween gift for your best friend or guy. The lovely, funny, mysterious or magical shapes are all loved by young people. For your guy, find a pair of double keychains for both of you. He can easily hang it on his car keys, house keys, backpack or phone. This is sure to be the perfect gift to show your love, and respond to the atmosphere of this special festival.

11. Fun Halloween Bath Bomb


This Bath Bomb has a pretty appearance, but when dropped into the bath, it will surprise the user. The product is made from high-quality ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin. It is completely handmade by mothers. It’s grain-free, gluten-free, phthalate-free, non-toxic, non-GMO, doesn’t stain the tub, and is eco-friendly. Why don’t you give this Fun Bath Bomb as a Halloween gift to your loved one to give them a big surprise, making them remember that somewhat spooky relaxing time!

12. Halloween Storage Basket


This Halloween, the kids want to get more presents? Of course there must be a gift bag. Halloween Storage Basket will be a unique gift for your son. The product is made from thick felt fabric and has a lovely print on the outside. This Storage Basket can be easily folded when not in use, so it saves space. In addition to his bedroom or toy room, you can place it on the balcony, the toilet, living room, hallway, and kitchen. This pretty design is the perfect home decor to keep your home clean and tidy.

13. Pumpkin Halloween Chocolate Basket


One more storage basket that you can give your son or grandson is this Pumpkin Halloween Chocolate Basket. In addition to the compact, lightweight, and easy-to-carry element, this product also has an eye-catching design and brings a little devilish carnival atmosphere with the shape of a pumpkin. He can store large quantities of candy, fill it with popcorn or even put a dozen toys in it. This adorable gift will make the upcoming Halloween night even more colorful.

14. Halloween Books


In addition to the costumes, the adorable pumpkin or the witch’s cape, mask and hat, you can give your son a Halloween-themed book if he’s an avid reader. How to Catch a Monster is one of the much loved Halloween Picture Books for Kids. It has an adventure style, with funny details suitable for the psychology of young readers. The spooky basket for him this year will definitely cause a lot of excitement.

15. Fuzzy Socks


When choosing Halloween gifts for men, women often skip socks because they think they are very familiar and meaningless items. However, this is a great gift for you to give your boyfriend on this special occasion because it will show your affection, care and sophistication. There are 5 interesting designs to choose from: Beetlejuice flashing sign, The infamous Snake, The wedding scene, The handbook for the recently deceased and The ghost with the most. 

16. Halloween Gloves


These skeleton and skull-patterned gloves are made of premium materials – a great accessory and decoration for men during Halloween. It can glow in the dark so he will stand out and impress even on the street. With a warm, soft and breathable inner lining that wicks away sweat, it’s a fun gift for teens and adults alike. As you can see, these gloves are super warm and spooky to put in your guy’s Halloween basket.

17. Halloween Blanket


If you’re looking for a men’s gift that’s both comfortable and spooky, this Halloween Blanket is the perfect choice. It is made of super soft fleece material, so it will bring absolute comfort. With this blanket, the recipient will not be able to leave the bed or sofa because it is so soft and cozy in all seasons without being too heavy like other fabrics. This cool item is sure to slowly put him to sleep after a long day of work. Perfect for a spooky basket for him!

18. Spooky Spider String Lights


Spooky Spider String Lights would make a great addition to the spooky basket for him. The purple light along with the lifelike spiders make it look creepy. So you can scare off any strong man. He can use it in a lot of places in the house or can wrap it on a hat to make a Halloween costume more unique. He can also easily adjust the brightness and flicker of the lights. With a smart design, it also has a built-in timer to help him save energy when not in use.

19. Halloween Self-Care Products


Who says only women need skin care? Men should also take care of their skin. Halloween is coming, so you can choose this Halloween Self-Care Product – both for the right purpose and at the right time. This pumpkin face mask is rich in vitamins A & C which helps in skin healing, antioxidant and free radical fighting. This product is also rich in minerals to help reduce clogging of pores and skin look younger and more radiant. In addition, it does not contain parabens and sulfates, so it is extremely safe to use on the skin. 

20. Witch Cauldron Mugs for Halloween


The Halloween party will become more spooky with this Witch Cauldron Mug. These mugs are perfect to use as party supplies for Halloween night. Fill the cake, candy and many other treats and display it on the table. Anyone who comes to your house can see the fun Halloween atmosphere. What a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit, isn’t it? In addition to using it in your own home, add it to your spooky basket for your friends!

21. Halloween Tea Towels


In the loving kitchen of every family, towels are an indispensable item. Not just one, but many homes have at least two to three kitchen towels in a variety of shapes and colors. If your guy loves to cook, don’t miss this Halloween Tea Towels. Inspired by the famous Halloween festival, these cute little items will easily coordinate with the rest of the decor in his haunted house. They work well for drying dishes, drying hands or kitchen utensils. 

22. Puzzles


This product is made from non-toxic recycled materials combined with soy-based ink, so it is very friendly and safe to use. To make it easier for players to solve puzzles, it comes with a detailed instruction poster. Puzzles are made up of different thick and tight pieces. This is an exciting game for both children and adults. What could be more wonderful than having a meal with the family, enjoying a spooky Halloween night with this interesting puzzle.

23. Hand-Cranked Musical Box


This Hand-Crank Music Box is a great ideal gift for any occasion including Halloween. It is exquisitely crafted from wood with classic, rustic lines. When you turn the crank on the music box, it can play the spooky tunes of the song This is Halloween – from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. This beautiful little music box is sure to impress children as well as adults with its vibrant design and sturdy construction. 

24. Bathroom Signs


Bathroom Sign is a very subtle and cute way to remind other members of bathroom habits and rules. It can be hung anywhere such as the bathroom door, bathroom handle, bathroom, hallway, restaurant, hotel, bar,…Looks lovely and novel! If not for yourself, this product is a great gift for any family member and significant other. A small gift can decorate their house.

25. Decorative Basket for Bedroom


This Decorative Basket for Bedroom is made of durable polyester, and is easy to clean (just gently clean with soapy water – machine wash not recommended). It can be folded when not in use and has a carry handle that makes it comfortable to carry. This product keeps household items neat and organized. Add it to a spooky basket for him as a special gift for the upcoming Halloween!

26. Picnic Bag Lunch Box


Your friend is a lover of backpacking trips or experiential travel. During the transportation, they often bring cold water or cold beer for refreshment. But how to keep drinks cold for a long time? Picnic Bag Lunch Box Polyester is a great help. It has quite a large capacity so it can hold a lot of food and drinks. It is designed with 1 zippered pocket and 1 side compartment, 2 side mesh pockets for extra storage. With waterproof and heatproof features, this product can keep food fresh for 12 hours. The cooler bag is also easy to carry as it is equipped with a comfortable handle and adjustable straps.

 27. Stationeries


For Halloween, there are plenty of spooky-themed stationery gifts to choose from. One of them is this adorable Pumpkin-shaped Notepad. It can be a mini scrapbook, it can be a daily memo or it can be a cheater as a substitute for candy. A simple but extremely suitable gift for the year-end holiday, isn’t it? You can give it away and the recipient can use it as a decoration for Halloween or other special occasions.

28. Disney Spooky Basket

Disney Spooky Basket Spooky baskets for him

Introducing the Disney Spooky Baskets for Him, captivating and thrilling gifts that combine the enchantment of Disney with the excitement of Halloween. This meticulously curated basket is designed to delight and bewitch the special man in your life, transporting him to a world of spooky magic and whimsical adventure.

Here’s how it’s done: Fill a couple crates with spooky goods such as felt puppets, a nice Mickey blanket, Halloween cookie pops, a reusable cup, and other gifts. If Mickey isn’t your cup of tea, consider characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas or Hocus Pocus.

Get the tutorial at here.

29. Self-Care Spooky Basket

Self-Care Spooky Basket Spooky baskets for him

The Self-Care Spooky Basket for Him features a collection of thoughtfully selected items that promote relaxation, mindfulness, and well-being. Each item is infused with a touch of spookiness, creating a unique and captivating self-care experience.

Inside this carefully curated Halloween box are custom scented candles and lotions as well as cute details like Halloween chocolates, plastic spiders, and a small skeleton.


Spooky baskets for him make Halloween much more interesting and memorable. So get a little creative and add a personal touch to the spooky basket. With 25+ unique and impressive gift suggestions from giftOMG, we are sure you can surprise your friends or loved ones on the upcoming Halloween. Wishing you and your loved one always have a happy and meaningful time together. Don’t forget to keep reading for more useful articles from us!

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