This year, let your holiday become more special and cheerful by making DIY Christmas ornaments as gifts to give your beloved ones. It’s never too late to start that Christmas tradition to celebrate and cement your relationships. 

It doesn’t matter anyway if you’re an amateur or artistically-inclined professor, either. 

To help you get started, we – giftOMG created a list of dozens of the most creative DIY Christmas ornaments and the tutorials for your crafternoon. You can find every skill level of DIY Christmas ornament ideas to follow up. It is the funniest activity that everyone of all ages from tand oddlers, preschoolers to teens and even full-grown adults can engage in. Hope you enjoy it!

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30+ Ideas Of Diy Christmas Ornaments As Gifts That’ll Personalize Your Tree

Personalize your tree or as a present for your loves one with these ideas of DIY Christmas ornaments as gifts. They’re unique and easy to make, so prepare ingredients and let’s get started!

1. Leather Gingerbread House Ornament


These pretty adorable leather gingerbread house ornaments would be a great choice in case you want to create something permanent and recyclable. By using sharp scissors to cut simple silhouette house leather scraps exploited from old clothes or handbags then grabbing some white paint by a thin paint brush, and getting to work decorating your favorite pattern, you’ll have your own masterpiece. A perfect option for a group project for family bonding. 

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2. Snowman Hoop Ornament – Easy DIY christmas ornaments

diy christmas ornaments as gifts

Snowmen are one of the most essential signs of the Christmas holiday that you shouldn’t miss. An embroidery hoop will add a lovely dimension to this cute Christmas craft. These ornaments are super fun to make. Just by some stages of practice, you definitely have your own beautiful ornaments to decorate your house and give it to your family and friends as well 

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3. Rudolph Ornament – Cute DIY Christmas Ornaments As Gifts


If you are not too skillful at DIY, this ornament is perfect for you because it has a very simple way of doing it. Even toddlers can easily create them. Parents can choose this template to work together with their children to make this year’s Christmas season more meaningful. There are only three simple supplies: paper, paint and red glitter to make these Rudolph-inspired decoration come to life.

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4. Printed Photo Ornament


Printed photos of your family and best friends is an absolutely wonderful idea to pull our focus to beloved ones and the memories we have shared together. And it makes the perfect celebration to welcome the new year as they reflect on how much we’ve grown. Once you select the images you want, just simply print them onto heavy-duty photo paper and stick them onto your Christmas tree’s branches.

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5. Pine Cone Ornament


One of the easiest DIY Christmas ornaments as gifts ever is this pine cone decoration. It is created by a flocked snow-covered pine cone covered with beautiful red and green berries and finished with a red velvet bow. Just in a few easy steps with easy-to-find materials and tools, you have an extremely beautiful and cute item for this Christmas holiday.

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6. Christmas Tree Twig Ornament


This ornament is inspired by a natural Christmas tree that combines twigs with some fun fine motor work and makes these yarn wrapped around. Just gluing, wrapping and sticking and you’ll get your own handmade tree twig ornament as cheerful gifts for Christmas. All the materials can be gathered up when going on a natural walk and a house walk. This in itself is a fun creative activity! 

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7. Mason Jar Ring Wreath Ornament


In case you have metal rings and want to transform them into sweet little wreath ornaments, this tutorial is perfect for you. Just wrap them in ribbon, evergreen or even fabric and decorate with seasonal embellishments, lovely mason jar ring wreath ornaments are completed. Also, this is an awesome way to recycle any spare metal rings into useful items instead of throwing them away. Add this idea to your list of DIY Christmas ornaments as gifts.

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8. Clothespin Reindeer Ornament


This clothespin reindeer ornament is so cute and really simple to make as well. All you need is a clothespin, a red pom pom, a pipe cleaner and little googly eyes. It costs about 5 minutes to make each one and the kids can probably design this craft on their own creativity so it is extremely helpful to boost up their imagination to have a happy Christmas day together. 

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9. Concrete Ornament – One Of The Best DIY Christmas Ornaments As Gifts


Have you ever thought about making Christmas decorations from concrete? We bet you’ll love this idea if you don’t mind cleaning up after finishing. With only easy-to-find tools and materials, and a little creativity, you will immediately have the most meaningful and unique ornament as a gift this Christmas. This design is a bit heavy, but when hung up, it has a beautiful drape and everyone will certainly appreciate them. 

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10. Kids’ Artwork Ornament


Let’s make your Christmas bright with this sweet ornament. It’s a keepsake decoration using your kids’ artwork on material of wood rounds. This DIY Christmas ornament is created by a joint effort between you and the childs. Have them draw a seasonal picture and your task then is to transfer it onto wooden slices using a decoupage technique. Such a great Christmas gift for beloved people, especially grandparents.

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11. Hanging Planter Ornament


Seriously, this super simple DIY ornament is even easier to take care of than any houseplant because it’s fake. Ha! But it looks like you have a tiny plant baby hanging from your tree and that’s pretty cool. This would be a fun gift or a really easy craft project for the night. They only require a handful of supplies and around 30 minutes or less to complete!

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12. Wood Bead Snowflake Ornament


This snowflake ornament made from wood will be perfect for an evergreen Christmas tree or any decoration. Its unique point is threading metal wire with wooden beads and bending the whole thing with the natural wood color. You can also paint on to have colorful wood bead snowflakes for giving DIY Christmas ornaments as gifts for friends, coworkers,… 

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13. Paper Flower Christmas Tree Ornament


The handmade paper flower ornaments for hanging on the Christmas tree are absolutely the perfect craft for this special holiday. You don’t need any modern crafting equipment to make these textured balls but just a shaped hole punch as well some straight pins to stick into foam balls. Besides, you can combine multiple colors of little flowers into a ball as a rainbow to achieve unique ones. 

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14. Multi-Colored Pom-Pom Ornament


Pom poms are fantastic and if any gorgeous ornament can stand alone, it’s definitely a multicolored pom. Follow this tutorial to create them to hang out your tree or give as a cute gift for your beloved people. You can also customize their colors, materials, shape or whatever to match your holiday. 

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15. Buffalo Check Christmas Ornament


Brighten up your beloved ones’ Christmas day with these buffalo check ornaments, which you just need 10 minutes for five easy steps to make from some simple supplies. Although these do not contain much complicated skillfulness, they are definitely made by your own effort. Then, you can exploit the back side to write your wishes to light up their day. 

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16. Rolled Paper Ornament


These rolled paper ornaments completely represent a signature style with vintage touches and patterns galore and are so much fun to make too. Just use your patterned scrapbooking paper and add any favorite color theme/scheme you like. You can hang them on a tree or use as a unique tag on a gift for special ones with your own personal style. 

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17. Dried Citrus Ornament


Dried citrus is a common thing that is mostly used for decor. And of course the ornaments of dried citrus are always welcome on Christmas holiday. These are super easy to make, completely natural, inexpensive and compostable. For a natural way to do up your tree, your house of a gift, just dry some slices of citrus and into easy-to-make decorations.

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18. Stained Glass Ornament


These tumbling block ornaments are actually so easy to create, it is a whole new world of crafting. You don’t really need any glass to make these cool and multicolored ornaments but just plexiglass, paint and lead strips. However, they may demand your patience and dedication but the result is extremely wonderful and priceless. This would be a nice project for a craft night with your friends too.

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19. Evergreen Clay Ornament


We suppose this is one of the cutest DIY Christmas ornaments as gifts that you shouldn’t ignore. The simplicity and clear lines of this item are ideal for the modern farmhouse atmosphere. To make this Christmas décor that you can reuse many times after the tree comes down, these evergreen clay ornaments are a must. Although this ornament needs you to be very meticulous when creating, the result is so great.

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20. Thread Spool Ornament


To showcase beloved Christmas, this vintage-spool-look ornament is just too adorable. On the little scrolls, you can print whatever you like on, such as a “Naughty & Nice” list for Santa, a Christmas song, a wish or a message. Then, hang them on walls, doors or send them as a gift for your friendscoworkers,… as a celebration of this special day. 

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21. Embellished Ribbon Ornament

diy christmas ornaments as gifts

This is a combination of ribbons and bauble to create a wonderful ornament for Christmas celebration. You can customize your own greetings by purchasing ribbons already printed with personal messages. With distinctive vibrant colors, this will definitely be one of the most impressive DIY Christmas ornaments as gifts that you should give for your loved ones.

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22. Printable Christmas Sign Ornament


Craft this printable Christmas sign ornament with a festive message of some merry words for your beloved ones. The content in these ornaments can be changed flexibly according to your request. In addition, you just need to find the favorites which the patterns, colors and styles are also based on your preference and print it to hang on. Everything is easy as pie so just do it and enjoy your achievement. 

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23. Gumball Machine Ornament


This retro gumball machine ornament will certainly look great on a novelty tree, including pale pink or while color. This lovely ornament would be a perfect gift idea for giving children and young people on this holiday. With eye-catching colors and cute designs, the recipient will surely feel your heart and thoughtfulness. Let’s do it right now!

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24. Striped Hoop Ornament – DIY Elegant Christmas Ornaments


Perhaps this is the most meticulous and sophisticated ornament when looking for DIY Christmas ornaments as gifts that you should not miss. Although it requires a certain ingenuity and patience, the result is extremely beautiful. With vintage-inspired stripes, tiny pine cone and twine bow, this ornament is surely the definition of homespun charm for Christmas. Just watch the provided video tutorial carefully, we are sure you can do it perfectly. 

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Have you ever thought of using beautiful cakes to make ornaments? It’s such a cool and novel idea, isn’t it? Not only is it a pretty decoration, but it also has a very delicious taste, so giving these Christmas gifts is extremely wise and meaningful. Once baked, decorated, add a ribbon and hang them on your tree. Everyone will definitely love them and appreciate your creative idea. 

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26. Wood Bead Wreath Ornament


This is another great idea of making DIY Christmas ornaments as gifts from wood beads. Just a few wooden craft beads, wire and string to make up this Scandinavian-style, a lovely wreath ornament is done. You can do it together with your family, friends too for a cozy atmosphere this Christmas. It is especially perfect for the children to help craft.

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27. Jingle Bells Christmas Ornament


This sparkling ornament will make the Christmas tree more eye-catching than ever. Or it can also be a super unique gift tag made by you. The things that need to be prepared are not fussy at all, you just need a few bells, a hot glue gun, ribbon and pipe cleans. Very simple and quick to create made-by-you ornaments.  

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28. Melted Crayon Ornament


These tumbling block ornaments are actually so easy to create, it is a whole new world of crafting. You don’t really need any glass to make these cool and multicolored ornaments but just plexiglass, paint and lead strips. However, they may demand your patience and dedication but the result is extremely wonderful and priceless. This would be a nice project for a craft night with your friends too.

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29. Beaded Candy Cane Ornament


Here’s an ornament idea that you and your little ones can make together. Created with beads and pipe cleaners, these fun ornaments have a primitive twist that is perfect when being on the Christmas tree, tucked into a gift basket or tied to a present. It will definitely make everyone be on cloud nine if they received this gift from you as a Merry Christmas!

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30. Fireplace Ornament


Stain craft sticks, then glue all together into a square shape, this fireplace craft is so simple and festive for every kid to create for Christmas ornament. It can be made at home, at school or even with a small group for a play date. We are sure to provide an afternoon full of smiles and fun for participants. Consider this one on your list of DIY Christmas ornaments as gifts.

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31. Wood Slice State Ornaments


Preserve your family’s travels with decorations that have state decals on each slice. We’re sure these also make the perfect gift for friends or family who travel often — and it doesn’t have to be limited to the states!

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32. Confetti Ornaments – Best DIY Wooden Christmas Ornaments


Christmas is colorful, so when it comes to unique handmade Christmas ornaments, consider this cute idea. Add extra glitz on your Christmas tree by these confetti ornaments. It’s easy to make, you only need four items to make these confetti ornaments. They would make a beautiful gift to others or to yourself!

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33. Marbled Nail Polish Tree Ornaments


One creative and festive idea for DIY Christmas ornaments as gifts is to make marbled nail polish tree ornaments. You’ll need little screw eyes, ribbon, and wooden miniature trees for this project. You’ll also need several colours of green nail paint. Pour two distinct nail paints into a cup of cold water. Turn your wooden tree upside down on a cloth after dipping it in the mixture to stop it from dripping. You can then let it to dry upright. Enjoy the process of creating these beautiful ornaments!

34. Craft Stick Gingerbread House Ornaments


Craft stick gingerbread house ornaments are a delightful and whimsical DIY project that can be given as Christmas gifts. They are easy to make and can be personalized with different colors and decorations. Craft stick gingerbread house ornaments are a charming addition to any Christmas tree and make wonderful handmade gifts. They are a great project for both adults and children to enjoy together. Get creative with your designs and have fun making these festive and adorable ornaments!

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These are the DIY Christmas ornaments as gifts that we believe everyone can do perfectly, no matter how skillful you are. Hopefully, they would bring joy and inspiration to enjoy the cozy moment for you with your beloved ones. Christmas is almost here, let’s start making them and give them to your loved ones right away. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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